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Group Name: Fit and Firm Friends
Members: 4
Location: anywhere 19147

Goals: Want to lose weight to be healthy, stong and happy. Must log in and post each day

Profile: Older woman who have a problem losing and maintaining their weight. It gets harder to lose as we age, but we can do it. Trying to get healthy to avoid health issues

Last posted: Monday, December 15, 2014, 11:56 AM

Other Info: Lets help each other to be the best we can be Only for those who are serious about logging and posting

Members profiles:
I am a medical professional who counsels others on health and diet issues so I have no excuse for not using this information for my own benefit.My weight has increased over the past 3 years. i am unable to fit my clothes and not in a financial situation where I can replace them!

I'm 70, live in Seattle. Have a husband and two children, one in Philadelphia with two children, the other here in Seattle.. I do a lot of volunteer work. I love theater, opera and traveling - and try to combine these when possible. Before the market crash I did a lot of traveling and found myself most at home in Central Asia. With luck things will improve! I was diagnosed 6yrs ago with type 2 diabetes and - being scared to death - dropped 40 lbs rapidly. Now it is a lot slower. A lot. Age? Better than nothing!

I'm 52, female, professional, live alone and work at home (telecommute). I was thin but never athletic as a youngster. I developed a binge eating problem in college, and my weight just kept going up until about age 35, when I weighed 235. In the past 15 yrs I've slowly improved many of my eating habits, quit drinking, and learned the joy of exercise, but I struggle constantly with emotional eating and I still occasionally binge eat. I was at 180 lbs during most of my 40s but when menopause hit I gained 10 lbs overnight (almost true) and now I can't believe I'm at 200 lbs. I'm 5'10".

Geographer, teacher, writer--67 years old, struggled with weight all my life, but at this age am unable to lose anything.

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