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Group Name: Investing in the Future
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Profile: A lot or a little to loose (In my case a lot!) what motivates me is the effect that those extra pounds may have in the my quality of life in the future. I believe in finding activities that I enjoy that happen to be exercise. It seems to have been so easy when I was in college and graduate school! Diets, no matter which one, are destine to eventually fail unless they are based in principles that become part of a lifestyle. To me this means that losing weight may not be the only consideration but also the long term health impact. Finally, I believe that feeling guilty is a waste of time and energy; taking responsibility for my actions and celebrating every victory --no matter how small-- is productive. Just a long way of saying that I enjoy people and that I believe that being active with others, sharing knowledge, and mutually celebrating our victories will help us stay the course and reach our goals. Some of the things that I like: Music Dancing Basketball Table Tennis Cooking Gardening

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