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Group Name: w3 girls to help motivate each other and workout together
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Location: Chicago, IL 60606


Profile: Need to lose 75+ lbs. I went thru depression after a miscarrage and before i knew it i ganed so much. I work out at Womens Workout World looking for someone that will motivate me and will allow me to help motivate them to continue working out and eating right. Imagine what we can do for each other. I have no problem being there at your weakest moments to help give you that boost to put away that cupcake as long as we all do it for each other.The more people the stronger we will be. So if your in chicago a member at w3 e-mail me lets go thru this together.

Last posted: Tuesday, October 04, 2005, 3:19 PM

Other Info: If you want a more private e-mailings e-mail me at

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