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Group Name: regenergized lapsed weight watcher
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Profile: A few years ago, i was facing the big 5-0 which galvanized me to join weight watchers and drop over 40 lbs. well, age 50 has come and gone but those 40 lbs have crept back. I want to go back to weight watchers but get lost in the crowd. still want to do the meetings but like to share MY feelings in a nurturing/supporting environment. I used to turn heads in my younger days. I know those days are gone, but I am convinced the body can be rehabilitated. Anybody want to join me in losing 50lbs.? Exercise not a problem--when my horse isn't waiting to be ridden 3-4X week, my two dogs are hauling me around on hikes in the fields every day. I just need to eat better. C'mon with me-- let's get our figgers back!

Last posted: Monday, March 13, 2006, 8:43 PM

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