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Group Name: starting over for the last 40
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Profile: i'm a 37 year old woman living with my boyfriend, dog and cat in seattle. i've lost over 100lbs in the past 2 years, but have been having a hell of a time finding the motivation to lose the last 40. i'm not currently following any specific eating plan, but tend to eat a lower carb diet in general. i work out with a trainer once a week and try to get in at least 2 other sessions of weight training as well as at least 4 days a week of cardio (30-60 minutes each) on top of my weekday lunchtime walk of about 3 miles. i feel like i'm doing alright in the exercise department... food is my big problem. i like eating and have a hard time with portion control. i'm also an emotional eater and am struggling with getting that under control. i don't have a specific weight goal, but i'd like to get down to 20% body fat, and i'm estimating that will put me somewhere between 150-160lbs. i'm currently weighing in at about 195 and i'm ready to get serious again!

Last posted: Sunday, November 20, 2005, 2:52 PM

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