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Group Name: Making time!
Members: 1
Location: haverhill, MA 01832

Goals: My goal is to do some type of activity for 20 min every day. I am also going to make sure i eat 4-5 mini meals each day and they all must have some type of protien.

Profile: Im 25, married, no kids. I eam on the eating right track, however, i do have trouble making time to workout.....which is why i created this group. I allow myself time.

Last posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 2:26 PM

Other Info: I would love to find a workout buddy but in the meantime, i need help with motivation to go workout.

Members profiles:
I'm 36, 5'3", engaged to be married 8/11/12, with weird weenie dog and an elderly cat. Cubicle rat seeking my next corporate adventure (hope it includes spreadsheets!). I'm trying to drop the 20 lbs I gained over the course of a bad depo experiment, failing employer and eventual 6 month unemployment. Cohabitation & craptastic contract job made it hard to do more than maintain. Enough with the excuses, I have a wedding dress to buy! I know how to eat to get the weight off and have done it before, it's just a matter of keeping myself on track and motivated.

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