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Group Name: bored stay at home moms
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Location: East Providence, RI 02914

Goals: My goal is to loose weight and feel good about myself.

Profile: bored stay at home moms who would like to lose weight

Last posted: Friday, November 18, 2005, 10:59 AM

Other Info: January, 2005 was a turning point for me. Like many years prior I made a New Year's resolution to loose weight. I was at my heaviest - just about 270lbs. I was very depressed with the way I looked and felt about myelf- I had zero self esteem. I started my new lifestyle by changing my eating habits and incorporating exercise. Then in Feb., 2005 I joined Weight Watchers with my friend from work. I was encouraged and it was wonderful to have the support of a good friend. I also set a goal for myself- I made a commitment to walk in the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer in NYC. In Oct., 2005 I walked for 2 days- 40 miles- I would not have been able to do that weighing 270lbs. Since joining WW I've lost approx. 60lbs. However, since my walk in Oct. I have been lacking the motivation to exercise. I changed jobs so I can't go to my WW meeting with my friend but I do go on my own- but it isn't quite the same. I am in search for some extra support and motivation.

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