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Group Name: AARP eligible women
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Location: New York, NY 10019


Profile: Fitness with out pain, diet without fads, support and encouragement for reaching goals.

Last posted: Friday, May 15, 2015, 6:37 AM

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First Name is Eileen. Computer consultant with desk job not helping with the weight problem.

My name is Fran. I am a 60 year old mom and grandmother. I am a registered nurse, and I manage a health information center for a large hospital system. My weight has been an issue most of my life. I have had times in my adult life that I have been a size 6 and times that I have been a 26.

I was born and raised in NY but have lived in Israel for the last 26 years. I work in high tech, which means long hours, lots of cookies in the office kitchen, and hunger attacks at 5 PM when I know i'm not leaving until 7. I'm married and have 2 stepsons. We all like to eat, way too much. update in 2009: now i rarely eat the cookies in the office kitchen.

58 years old, I have lost 12 lbs over the last 2 years and am working on the last stubborn 5 (or more). I have overcome a back problem and now work with an amazing pilates/crossfit trainer to build strength & mobilitynand stay in good alignment. I am skeptical of approaches that involve excessive exercise and/or food deprivation. I want to eat well, live well, and show off my increasingly fit body! My goal develop a "fat-loss lifestyle" as outlined in The Metabolic Effect: make non-starchy vegetables and protein the mainstay of my diet, limit starch and sugar. This approach balances hunger, energy and cravings and allows me to trust my body and listen to its signals, rather than try to control it and fail.

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