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Group Name: Close to Goal 5'3" Gals!
Members: 4
Location: Wake Forest, NC 27587


Profile: We are all 5'3" in height and within 10-15 pounds of our goal weights. Being the same height makes it easier to compare our progress as we cheer each other on toward the goal -- and help each other to keep from gaining beyond a healthy weight (yes, the all important "maintenance" stage).

Last posted: Monday, June 09, 2014, 11:30 PM

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I'm a 53-year-old married woman (my husband is retired) & work as Director of Clinical Research for a consulting firm that is growing its research business. So I work long hours & feel stressed a lot. I have trouble staying away from good food when traveling for my job. I make exercise a mandatory part of my day, however, like brushing my teeth, tho' it is often difficult to squeeze in.

Mom, personal trainer, lover of books.


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