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Group Name: Gardening For Life
Members: 3
Location: anywhere, SC 29079

Goals: To be healthy and enjoy life in the great outdoors

Profile: Would love to talk with others who enjoy working in the great outdoors on the yard or even if you are just a container gardener

Last posted: Monday, November 11, 2013, 5:14 AM

Other Info: Please join in for a few laughs

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I am 49 5'5" I did so good for so long and then when I started having back problems and then foot problems I had to quit running and the pounds just came rushing back on. Do not even want to talk about where my weight is now but I am addressing that.

I'm 61, married 28yrs to a very supportive husband who is about as wide as a pencil. We both grew up on farms and enjoy country living. I'm an avid horse person/rider who enjoys anything outdoors. Since retiring from FT to working 3 days a week I have been able to enjoy more gardening. This year I have plenty of containers and new flower beds because we did some major landscaping last year which required that I either put plants in containers or loose them. My hope is that I will use this site to loose weight and share info with other like minded people.

I'm a 32yr old female from England 5'4" and got to about 154 at my heaviest in Feb 2010- I do a lot of exercise but injured my back that winter and had to stop altogether - at the wrong time of year! I find it a constant battle to keep my weight in the healthy range, easily putting it on. I also accept that I definately drink too much, though I have a normal life. I lost 10-15lb but I have a habit of putting some on then coming back here!

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