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Group Name: Boomer Babes
Members: 4
Location: Sea to Shining Sea 89511

Goals: To encourage each other through the plateaus and setbacks and cheer the losses!

Profile: Approaching (or passing) 60, we're going to set up healthy habits for ourselves- eat well, exercise, and enjoy our lives. For people who know what to to - but have had trouble getting it done alone, and want to share the experience.

Last posted: Monday, May 30, 2016, 8:27 AM

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2015 - I am walking away from a job-for-life as a tenured professor at a major university. What a choice and what changes in my life --unfortunately not including any weight loss yet. I feel lighter, figuratively, but am hoping the future will make that literally, too. It is scary to have no job, but am exploring other possibilities, like writing and folk-music. May have to take any job whatsoever to get health insurance!

I am a 72 year old college teacher, with a wonderful husband who is a great cook. I have been weight conscious since I was 13, but managed to stay between the top edge of normal and below obese range until my 50s. I am a fallen-away lifetime weightwatcher and a relapsed Carbyhydrate Addict. I rejoined Weight Watchers (after around 15 years lapse) and regained my lifetime status after FOUR years of gradual, little by little losses and lots of plateaus. I am so happy to be just under "overweight", and want to lose 5 more lbs, gradually. So far, my weight loss is 40 lbs, and jeans went from tight 16s to roomy 10s.

I am a 63 year old schoolteacher, happily married, two grown kids. I am entering final phase of pre-retirement career, and have a goal of becoming more proactive in terms of what is happening with it.

Semi retired Artist and Teaching Artist. My occupation is flexible except when contracts to teach come up, This creates an overwhelmingly hectic schedule. This means business is good, it is also when I fail ar sticking to a healthy diet. I have done the vegan diet for health reason, then went off, now starting all over again.

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