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Group Name: Boomer Babes
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Profile: Approaching (or passing) 60, we're going to set up healthy habits for ourselves- eat well, exercise, and enjoy our lives. For people who know what to to - but have had trouble getting it done alone, and want to share the experience.

Last posted: Wednesday, October 07, 2015, 7:40 PM

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2015 - I am walking away from a job-for-life as a tenured professor at a major university. What a choice and what changes in my life --unfortunately not including any weight loss yet. I feel lighter, figuratively, but am hoping the future will make that literally, too. It is scary to have no job, but am exploring other possibilities, like writing and folk-music. May have to take any job whatsoever to get health insurance!

First Name is Eileen. Computer consultant with desk job not helping with the weight problem.

I am a 72 year old college teacher, with a wonderful husband who is a great cook. I have been weight conscious since I was 13, but managed to stay between the top edge of normal and below obese range until my 50s. I am a fallen-away lifetime weightwatcher and a relapsed Carbyhydrate Addict. I rejoined Weight Watchers (after around 15 years lapse) and regained my lifetime status after FOUR years of gradual, little by little losses and lots of plateaus. I am so happy to be just under "overweight", and want to lose 5 more lbs, gradually. So far, my weight loss is 40 lbs, and jeans went from tight 16s to roomy 10s.

I'm a 60 year old teacher, grandmother, sister and partner to a great guy! I love kids and animals. I enjoy gardening, swimming, skiing, walking, and reading. I'm married to a wonderful, supportive man - who thinks I'm beautiful just the way I am! (But he does agree that I could exercise a little bit more . . . for my health!) I am a true 'foodie'. I love food and wine - not just emotionally. but I truly love how it tastes! Even though I truly want to be healthy, I also want to look better. I know that I can do it. I just need to work on self-discipline and keep my goals in mind. And I would love your support.

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