Group details

Group Name: Belly Boot Camp 2
Members: 1
Location: anywhere 00000

Goals: Overall fitness with special attention to the midsection.

Profile: If you're somewhat active (or will be) but feel like your midsection is a special problem area, in this group we can not only complain about it, but also try to get ourselves and each other to work more intensively on reducing the fat layer and toning the muscle. The original Belly Boot Camp group stays full so it seemed like there should be another one, and now there is.

Last posted: Monday, April 07, 2014, 1:05 PM

Other Info: Since the first Belly Boot Camp group stays full, it seems like there should be another one.

Members profiles:
56/m, married, retired early in 2011 due to major vision loss (retinitis pigmentosa) which is progressive and continuing. That and several injury problems in recent years limit my choice of activities. I have arthritis in both knees and in my neck, and just had surgery on a tendon in my elbow. There's another issue, probably heart related, that seems somewhat controlled by meds. Working on controlling snacking and keeping up with exercise. I tend to feel stressed easily and react with compulsive snacking. I've never been pleased with my physical fitness - I don't have a lot of aptitude - I've mostly gotten past using that as an excuse, but I'm still inconsistent.

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