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Group Name: Philly Main Line Sports Crawl
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Location: Upper Main Line ( Philadelphia ), PA 19087

Goals: Get together as a group to do fun sports, regularly. Can be first time for some: cross country skiing, tennis, kayaking - fun ways to lose weight. And the standard mutual support stuff.

Profile: Exercise is more fun than dieting. Sports is more fun than exercise. Sports with others is more fun than sports alone. Men and women of all ages, pool desires and resources for doing sports, meet occasionally for various sports: hike the waterfalls at Ricketts Glen, tennis, raquetball, pick-up soccer games, cycling, cross country skiing. Share hints and formulas for success. Local treasures of delicious, non-fattening food - like Joe Gentille's Market, Margaret Kuo's. Laugh, drink (water) and be merry - tomorrow we diets - today we do some walking.

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