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Group Name: Winners and Losers @ Hopkins
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Location: Baltimore, MD 21205


Profile: I'm a graduate student at Johns Hopkins who has lost a tremendous amount of weight in the past and now has his final pounds to lose (30-40 lbs.) to achieve his ideal weight. I'm looking to work with active, motivated individuals at Hopkins and in the Baltimore community (especially in Canton, Fells Point, Butcher's Hill, Mt. Vernon), who would like to monitor each other's progress, motivate each other to attain our fitness goals, and encourage and participate in various activities to foster more than just weight loss, but the vibrant lifestyle such weight loss affords- group sports, clubbing, and lots of activities. I for one like soccer (want to improve my skills), racquetball, and love long-distance running. I've done two marathons (2001 and 2004), and would like to ready myself for another marathon in 2006. All who are interested are encouraged to apply.

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