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Goals: Embracing weight loss, overall fitness and healthier lifestyle.

Profile: Supportive, active posters. Current members are mature women over 40 years old.

Last posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 9:36 AM

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I'm 65 "plus" yrs. old (but younger than 70 :-) and 5ft. 8in. tall. I have a very busy schedule between working, volunteering and being involved with my church. I'm single with no children... but have a throng of nieces, nephews and God children. I love animals and at present have 2 cats.. (I like dogs too, but schedule too busy to give proper attention right now.)

I'm a 47 year old professional. I'm married w/ 2 kids, one in college and out of college and on his own. I'm 5'9" tall and have been overweight since my first baby was born in 1989. I took off about 40 pounds in 2005 when I did Slim4Life. Over the next 4 years I put about 15 of it back on.

I am mid-40s and returning to professional employment. I am establishing healthy routines and practices to maintain myself and ultimately lose 40 pounds. Currently, I live with my mother and young adult nephews. I love to eat and cook; right now, I cook more or less blue plate dishes for my Mom. I have participated in Peertrainer previously. The support is awesome. It is also where I learned to cook a variety of dishes in a variety of quick, healthier ways. My other biggest challenge right now is establishing myself in the community after being disconnected for so long; thus, the emotional eating.

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