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Group Name: Sticking to the plan
Members: 3
Location: 00000

Goals: lose 4-5 pounds of weight and maintain it.

Profile: to stay on track - motivate friends - make new friends - get new ideas - support!

Last posted: Saturday, May 16, 2015, 7:33 PM

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57/m, married, retired early in 2011 due to major vision loss (retinitis pigmentosa) which is progressive and continuing. That and several injury problems in recent years limit my choice of activities. I have arthritis in both knees and in my neck, as well as elbow issues. My left knee may need to total replacement if I don't improve as my current treatment ends. There's another issue, probably heart related, that seems somewhat controlled by meds, but I think the meds have reduced my metabolism also. Working on controlling snacking and keeping up with exercise. I tend to feel stressed easily and react with compulsive snacking. I've never been pleased with my physical fitness - I don't have a lot of aptitude - I've mostly gotten past using that as an excuse, but I'm still inconsistent.

47 year old wife and mother of a 12 year old son. Veterinarian, exercise instructor and avid horse back rider. Love to exercise but struggle with healthy, consistent eating habits. Keep busy so don't make time for "meals" like I should. Recently ruptured my peroneal tendon so am struggling to become more active again.

I'm an 18 year old female that loves music more than just about anything. I'm a worship leader at my church and I just graduated high school. I love hanging out with my friends and going to concerts and movies and such, but whenever I do I always feel different, like I shouldn't be there. Like I don't belong there. And recently I've come to realize that that's because of my weight and how I feel about myself as a result of it. My weight effects everything I do and honestly I'm sick of it controlling me. It's time for a serious change.

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