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Group Name: Dedicated Teachers Who Need to Lose Weight.
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Location: , NH 92615


Profile: I'm looking for a group of supportive people who will log in daily (or at least try to). I am a busy mom and elementary teacher. I'm organized and dedicated to losing the weight for good. I just need some support...those late-night binges are killing me!

Last posted: Friday, April 11, 2014, 10:33 AM

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I'm 41 and 5ft 4in and had my first baby on 30 Oct 2010 and my second on 31 October 2013. My lifelong goal is to continuously improve my physical, mental, and spiritual shape. This goal is intertwined with my desire to give my family the best years of my life.. Through this journey, I am going to focus on building cardio fitness, meditation, flexibility, and strength. I really love doing fitness challenges. It helps me focus even if I don't always meet my goal.

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