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Group Name: and YOU say You LOVE Exercise...
Members: 3
Location: Houston, TX 77002

Goals: get new ideas for exercise- try something new - share challenges- get out of bed every day and LOVE Life!

Profile: combining cardio, weights, and a variety of exercises to keep your body on it's toes - Mix-it-up !

Last posted: Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 4:48 PM

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Members profiles:
From beginner runner in August 2007 coming into PEERTrainer.
+First 1/2 Marathon: September 2007
+First marathon: December 2007.
+Marathon Maniac: March 2009.
+First Back2Back Marathon weekend: October 2009
+50 State Marathon Club member: December 2010.
+Marathon Maniac Diva: May 2011.
+Half Fanatic: September 2011
+First double (back2back days): October 2011.
+First ultra distance (50K): September 2012

*50th lifetime marathon completed: 11/11/2012*
@ the Outer Banks Marathon (NC)

26.2 PR: 2013 Wisconsin 6:17:50
13.1 PR: 2008 Kona 2:43.04

24 years old, work with disabled people. Began running around 18 months ago and it changed my life! Have run numerous 10k races since then and one half marathon but looking to do lots more. One day when my life is less full I will do a full marathon. Maybe more.

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