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Group Name: Fab Four
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Goals: Encouraging one another on our weight loss journey, sharing fitness and diet tips and just keeping in touch.

Profile: American women over the age of 50 who are losing or maintaining ideal weight.

Last posted: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 9:39 PM

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I'm 64, married 42 years with two grown children. I became a grandma in 2011 when each of my kids had a boy within a month of each other. The grand-daughters arrived in June and October of 2013 I've come through some serious health problems. I am now healthy and ready to lose. More detail on the health problems. In 1996 I caught whooping cough in August and it was really bad. I didn't laugh again without coughing until January. The coughing disrupted my sleep which I think was a factor in my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I was just starting to pull out of that when our neighbor used herbicides inappropriately and I was poisoned by lettuce I ate. On and on until 1998 when I decided I would give myself one year to see some improvement in my health or I was going to move on. I worked really hard on diet, exercise, sleeping, and mental health so by 1999 I did feel better. Had surgery on both knees and uterine fibroids removed in the 2000-2004 range. Thought I'd learned my lessons about slowing down and taking care of myself but no--In the spring of 2004 I feel and broke three transverse processes in my back. While lying around waiting for those to heal I decided to go back to school and study nutrition. I spent 2004 through 2008 getting clinical certification in nutrition and herbalism. Through this time I learned more about how to nourish myself and although I didn't loose a ton of weight I did come through much healthier. I feel good and strong and I don't take any prescription anymore. Currently I'm spending time taking care of my grandchildren. I also volunteer for our city as a naturalist, leading hikes and going to schools with presentations. I love to canoe and we try to get in at least one long trip per year. I think we are looking at Boundary Waters again this year. I have a "herb den" in my basement and give workshops to explain how people can make their on personal products, like lotions, deodorants, bath salts, etc. I make a few things to sell but I'm not interested in a big business. During June and July I go to Washington to pick herbs that I dry, make into oils, and tinctures. I sell the dried herbs to a local apothecary. The other two things I dabble in are a dream group and mandala group.

Married 27 years, one adult son, one four legged son. Have been physically active all of adult life, though slowing down considerably and have become very inconsistent . I used to be able to eat poorly and keep my weight in check with excersise and though I've been fairly healthy my cholesterol numbers are high and I'm usually stiff & sore, have stomach/digestion issues, and struggle with low energy and Idepression. I enjoy puttering around my home, reading, walking, yoga, travel, time with family and friends when I have the energy to do any of it. And I'm still optimistic that w/ a healthy lifestyle I'll be a much less cranky little od lady.

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