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Group Name: Fuhrman's plan (Eat to/Eat for books)
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Profile: Group to support, share and help lose weight using the Eat to Live and Eat for Health plan by Joel Fuhrman.

Last posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 2:07 PM

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LilySlim - Personal pictureLilySlim Weight loss tickers Met Dr. Fuhrman at the 1-day Texas Immersion in Austin on September 7,2013! I am 50- 6' tall, 175# - a Geoscience Technician; helping my boss, a Geologist, search for oil & gas. I have Hypothyroidism & Menopause: a new OBGyn that specializes in Bioidentical HR Therapy put me on bio-identical HRT Cream on Jan 18, 2012. This has made a huge difference in my energy, attitude, and moods- took about 2 months to kick-in. -Feel So Much Better! Back when I joined in Feb of 2009 I was 215, and lost down to 172#, and now since June or so of this year -2010- I have gained it back. ( I will explain more if you want to know)-I enjoy working out at 24 hour fitness, & love all the GroupX Classes. Hobbies include crocheting, learning to knit. Healthy cooking & entertaining for friends. Reading Dr. Furhman's books has CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! (Eat to Live, and Eat for Health). I have also read the Pleasure Trap, the China Study, Super Immunity & will read soon - The Life You Want, and New Rules of Lifting for Women. Hearty veggie soups & stews and Beans in the crock pot. - my weight has fluctuated between 205- 211-202 now is 201

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