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Wednesday, December 5 
cheryl's daily log

 Last posted Sun. Jun 25, 8:09pm

1. Eat at meals until I am 3/4 full
2. Eat mostly plants (including reasonable amounts of whole grains, red wine, & dark chocolate!)
3. Only eat half of any meal that is "dinner" (go to bed empty)
4. Fully enjoy three bites of anything that is a treat
5. Lift weights

Abbreviations: WW-whole wheat HM-homemade LO-left over dd-dear daughter (dh-dear husband, and so on)

my notes
weight still 154.
oh no, oh woe,
is it a plateau?

Atkins for me, I guess

evening report. went out to an afternoon movie. when we got out at 7 pm, I said I'm really not hungry (dinner in town was planned)
so, came home and had a slice of ww toast w cream cheese


egg, bacon, spinach
green tea
-----------------140 cal

greens, raw veggies, half can oil tuna, 1T mayo
3/4 c. progresso lentil soup
--------------------260 cal

apple & 1.5 oz cheese
4 choc chips
-------------------------225 cal

ww raisin bread w cream cheese
--------------200 cal

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