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Sunday, January 20 
lorelei7's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Aug 16, 1:33pm

To lose at least 35 lbs. this year 2013. (Hopefully by June?)First goal - zip and fit comfortably in my largest pair of jeans - size 12. IDK how many lbs that will be - but I WILL update and let people know.

my notes
FYI I am not weighing in except once a week. Sure am missing the regular soda... Trying to cut it out as much as possible. Also found out that the "hip pain" I had might very well be my hip flexor muscles. Before I lost my job- if and when I did walk- I didn't have this pain. NOW- after sitting around for months - I see what I took for granted AND how much it can affect my health...

Well- through even two days of logging- I am seeing these meal choices are not the best...

45 min brisk walking-1/5 of it jogging (WHOOHOOO), 2 sets of 5 ea sit ups- all I could muster- and 2 sets of 5 girlie pushups. I couldn't even do ONE real push up. and then 5 minutes stair stepping. Total was one hour with cooldown (walking normally) - I would like to have some WAY of gauging how many calories I burned...

Okay- burned I would say AT LEAST another 100 or more calories - hehe...

Just coffee again... 60 calories in sugar used.

1:30 pm TB cantina bowl w/o guac. - ate 75% round up to 400 cal - 90 cal tea
TB regular nachos- ate 4 chips w/ chz. est about 75 cal = 565 total
(Blackie at the rest)

30 oz water- another 12 - 42 oz total.
fruit cocktail in 100% juice 2/3 can - 160 cal wow

Well- blew supper- didn't even really make a good choice for fast food. THIS is going to be harder than I thought to get away from.
BLT grilled cheezeburger w/o mayo- 760
small ch/cz tot 330 and 4 oz haw punch.- 40 cal I guess I should be happy that I didn't buy a soda? or get mayo on the burger.

Total= 1170 I guess if I can not eat anything else- then I will still have registered in below the 2000 calories and upped my workout too...1695 tot ok - per I burned an estimate 183 calories today in exercise...add in 2nd workout easy 100 cal = total 283 TOTAL 1855

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