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Sunday, February 16 
lorelei7's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Aug 16, 1:33pm

To lose at least 35 lbs. this year 2014.

Doing squat challege:

Walking with sis to encourage her - currently 3 x a week (might be going to 4 times, 10 min each)

Taking steps at school - average about 83 steps a day, 5 days a week.

Lead, Follow or Get out of the way challenge on team progress not perfection:

CR (core rule) 1 : smoothie every day, mix it up and try new stuff
CR 2: 24 oz of water a day

my notes
Up - got to sleep in again - and got turkey broth back on the pot to simmer. Watching an online church service as I was writing a paper and looked at the time and my local one had already started.

Turkey broth done and got 10 3 cup bags out of it :)

rest day from squat challenge
holding off on pushup challenge - can't handle both now.
walking 10 min to encourage sis: DONE
sis walking 10 min: DONE


turkey and steamed left over veggies

1/4 "cereal" bowl oatmeal w cin and sugar - oats weren't done enough for me so soaking in fridge. water -- may have beans for supper... something different besides turkey.
A few bites of kettle chips

two roma tomatoes
Rest of oatmeal. 1/2 bowl.
A few bites of thawed strawberries from my inloves garden.

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