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Friday, March 6 
cheryl's daily log

 Last posted Fri. Mar 6, 5:35pm

TOP ISSUE RIGHT NOW - STOP EATING EVERYTHING MADE WITH FLOUR. I mean just stop. Cold turkey. Cravings for bread and the like have been controlling me, I need to control them.

1. Eat at meals until I am 3/4 full
2. Eat mostly plants (including reasonable amounts of whole grains, red wine, & dark chocolate!)
3. Only eat half of any meal that is "dinner" (go to bed empty)
4. Fully enjoy three bites of anything that is a treat
5. Lift weights

Abbreviations: WW-whole wheat HM-homemade LO-left over dd-dear daughter (dh-dear husband, and so on)

my notes
Weight too high this am, and overall fitness level is too low, I mean way too low. I can't run up stairs two at a time

Kudos to me for staying out of the work refrigerator today (of course there was nothing particularly tempting, but still)


piece of HM "grainy" bread, 1t butter
few strawberries, 1 slice bacon
green tea

more enchilada casserole (DH said it was too spicy, so it's all mine)
salad with dark greens, dab of dressing
2 HM nut cookies

2 choc almond-clusters, 3 HM cookies, coffee

large square of casserole, heated over spinach

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