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Tuesday, July 2 
cheryl's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Dec 3, 6:10pm

1. Eat at meals until I am 3/4 full
1.a. 600 calories through lunch, 450 afternoon & later
2. Eat mostly plants (including reasonable amounts of whole grains, red wine, & dark chocolate!)
3. Only eat half of any meal that is "dinner" (go to bed empty)
4. Fully enjoy three bites of anything that is a treat
5. Lift weights

Abbreviations: WW-whole wheat HM-homemade LO-left over dd-dear daughter (dh-dear husband, and so on)

my notes
worked at my farmers market job today


usual- toast, bacon, fruit, green tea

half bagel (2.5 oz)
one chopped egg, and a dab of leftover salad as a sandwich

1 rice cake
2 apricots
handful choc chips
two cookies

quarter of a lg burrito
ear of fresh corn on the cob

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