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Monday, January 21 
eftr's daily log

 Last posted Sat. Dec 20, 9:02am

Weight goal for 2013 - pounds in the 130's (reward @ 130: tattoo). Please?

I started something, if you feel like reading:

My 21-Day Sugar Detox: December 26th - January 16th (Round 2!)

Yes - all meat and fish, eggs, vegetables, fats and oils, coffee and tea, coconut/nut milks

Limit - beets, butternut squash and pumpkin (1 cup), coconut juice/water and kombucha (8 oz), green-tipped banana and green apple (1), nuts/seeds and butters (1 serving)

No - refined sugars, all grains and beans, refined carbohydrates, peanuts and cashews, juice, rice/oat milks, soda, soy, bottled dressing, gum, corn, sweet potatoes/yams, white potatoes, winter squash (acorn, delicata, kabocha), pretty much all fruit, all dairy, alcohol

my notes
Day 21: 21-Day Sugar Detox (redo)

Thoughts- I stopped the detox on day 21. It was becoming ridiculous. I actually probably should have stopped on day 19, but I thought I could "tough it out" and stuff my face with sodium-filled foods in the meantime. Which, by the way, did not make me feel good. At all.

I learned a lot of things from the detox, but I am so very glad that it is over.

3-mile walk around the lake w. Mother R

Hello gym!
adaptive motion trainer: 45 min/4 mi (550 cal)
5-10 min p.t. stretches + 2 sets arm weights

11:30am: Brunch w. Mother R: pesto/ham scramble + hashbrowns (ate most of large plate), 1 pork patty, large half of biscuit w. butter, black coffee

- Hashbrowns, cheese in pesto and biscuit are definitely not detox-friendly. I went all out. And I wasn't even that hungry. :(


5pm: 3 adult carrots


6-10pm: Visiting broken-legged buddy before he flies off to LA! Just soda water.

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