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San Francisco Peninsula, CA
United States

I have ultimately lost almost 90 pounds, but I have lost the last 30 - the hardest part - since joining PEERtrainer in May 2005, and I know my biggest successes have been the good habits I have formed as a DIRECT RESULT of belonging to this community and being accountable to myself as well as others by maintaining my logs. These are the habits that have made all the difference (and I did not go cold turkey; I incorporated them slowly over time so they didn't seem like huge sacrifices):

1. Eating dinner early and not eating or drinking anything after dinner except water

2. Eating wheat bread instead of white bread whenever I have the choice

3. Not ordering appetizers other than salad in restaurants

4. Ordering the best choice I can find (fish, chicken)

5. Asking for vegetables in place of potatoes or rice when possible

6. Not ordering dessert

7. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I have: low fat/non fat ice cream or frozen yogurt, a WW Smart Ones dessert, a Slim Fast snack bar, or non fat sugar free Jello pudding

8. Only drinking water, skim milk, and cutting back to one Diet Coke a day (I used to drink like 6)

9. Not having mayonnaise on sandwiches, only mustard

10. Not eating cheese on sandwiches or burgers, or at all, really

11. Eating turkey burgers instead of beef

12. Not eating peanuts/peanut butter

13. Choosing pretzels, low fat popcorn or low fat chips (like Baked Lay's) instead of regular chips or other salty snacks

14. Eating a LOT of salad, with only low fat dressings

15. Choosing low fat cereals for breakfast, like Cheerios or Kelloggs Tiger Power

16. Exercising 3 - 4 times a week (when trying to lose a lot of weight, doing 1 hour of cardio; when getting closer to goal, doing 30 min. of cardio + weight training to tone up)

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