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Profile: To understand that we are emotionlal eaters, and to try to identify why we eat when we are not really physically hungry. To hopefully regain some control. To share support with each other. To be happier over the long term by finding ways to not let our obsession control us!

Last posted: Sunday, March 18, 2012, 1:33 PM

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I am 25 years old. I live in MN and I sit at a desk all day. I have always been a little overweight, but for most of my life, I was just on the high side of normal. In high school my weight was fine, but during college and since then it has kept going up. I constantly think about losing weight, but I don't always stick to the plans I create for myself. I have had success in the past with Weight Watchers, so sometimes I will try to follow that on my own to get myself on track. I hate to exercise, and I know I should be doing a lit more of it!

I'm a 28 year old working in medicine, which makes me extremely busy. I struggle with emotional eating. I'm very active (ski, hike, run, bike, swim, lift, pilates) and really love when I'm healthy and eating well so that I can enjoy everything I want to do.

I am 24 year old female college student who will be graduating in December with a psychology degree. I work and go to school so I am always on the go and do not have time to plan out meals and cook.

I have struggled with weight most of my life. At my highest weight, I was 260 pounds. I had a modified version of standard weight loss surgery. The modification is that the surgery only changed my stomach size and nothing to do with my digestive track. I have lost a great deal of weight, but I am still not at goal and won't get there without addressing food and fitness.

I am 5'1". I'm a 31 year old, married, mother of 4 (ages: 11, 9, 7 & 5). I live in South-Western Ontario. I like movies, music, camping, the outdoors, going for walks, shopping, spending time with my family and singing.

Almost 50. Married. 20 yr old stepson. 3 dogs. Had 1 hip replacement and getting another early December-congenital birth defect. Love activity but sidelined for a while.

I am currently the most out of shape that I have ever been..used to be fit weighed 115 and i had a six pack..Now I weigh 140...5"4..just joined a gym 3 weeks ago today and I joined a weight loss program there..Ive lost 2 lbs so far and 1 percent of my body fat.

41 years old, based in Washington DC, work as a writer/editor for an education non-profit. I've been overweight my whole life, with the exception of two blocks of 3-4 years when I successfully lost weight and managed to stay on a healthy eating/exercise plan. I have problems with night eating, fast food, emotional eating. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in March and have lost 22 pounds since. Need to lose many, many more. Although my glucose levels get better every week, I'm still unsure sometimes what I should be eating.

I am a college student home for the summer struggling in a constant battle with overeating. Just a year ago I was 25 pounds lighter and slightly anorexic, but once I was forced to gain weight by my doctor, I ended up overdoing it and ultimately reversed my eating disorder to binge-eating. I try to diet, but I always overdo it by eating too restrictively, leading to even larger binges and gained weight. Dieting is all I think about, and I can't live like this anymore.

I am a mother of two beautiful children, Elena & Elijah, and wife of a fantastic husband - Nate. I am a member of the First United Methodist Church in Washington, PA, and am very active. I also am an almost full-time working mom and I have a title abstracting company woth my mother and a friend.

yo yo diet..keep gaining and losing 25 pounds..sick and tired of being in this same place,,been member of AA for 18 years..i stress eat in evenings..sugar!!! Plus i isolate all winter, very little exercise

I'm 18, I'll be a freshman in college. I like taking walks outside but in the summer it's too hot here in MO so i'm usually at the local YMCA on the bike. I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian, and have been since July 17, 2004.

I am an educator, artist, single, no birth children but have many community children that I help ,several god children, and a crazy cat.

33, female, 1 child, married. I am 151 pounds.

I'm married to Mark and live in Porter, TX. We have 3 children ages 8, 3, and 1. I homeschool Brent, my 8 year old. I'm am working on prioritizing and organizing our lives and this is one facet of that.

Mid 20's, lawyer, grew up in LA but just recently moved back after a long break

Im a single black female living in Los Angeles, CA. Im 33 and I have tried every diet in the world, and I have even made up a few. I love to Swim, listen to music, TRAVEL and chill. Im a good friend and a great listener.

Newly married actress, 23, just new to LA from NorCal, loves to run and dance and play outside, loves to try new sports, wants to adventure race, also a massage therapist.

I'm a high school teacher, 36 years old.

I am a 40-something, married, work at home mom (childcare provider). We have two of our own children - one graduates from high school this spring- where did the time go? My days are busy (8 full time children in my care) and the extra weight I am dragging around each day is exhausting me.

Married over 10 years, no kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats. Work full time for living. Like camping and boating in summer with my dogs. A few years ago, I lost 20 lbs being on, but a year later, I gained 12 lbs back. This time, on my own, I lost 10 lbs in 2 months. I don't want to regain what I've lost again, so I need to keep me motivated with healthy eating and exercise.

I am 27 yrs old, getting married in July. We have an almost 10 month old boy named Chance. I work Mon-Fri for a local company.

55 y.o. single woman who struggles with that 50 pounds that I lost 7 years ago...and it now it is back.

I am a 27 y/o (recently) single female that is 5'5" and 168lbs. I work full-time and attend law school @ night which leaves me very little time for exercise or meal preparation, and makes it way too easy to stop @ a fast food restaurant on the way to school. The stress also causes me to make bad food choices and the studying keeps me from getting a substantial amount of sleep/rest!

First-year teacher. This year I gained back the 10 pounds I had lost last summer plus 5 additional pounds because I was a new teacher, grad-student and had a new boyfriend who liked to eat out. Now i'm trying to get back into the swing of things (exercise, eating right, etc.) I dance but I have barely danced this year because of time. I hope to start dancing regularly again this summer and the plan is to keep this up next year even when school gets crazy (masters program is finished this summer.).

The worst thing about gaining weight is that it changed my personality. I used to love sports, dancing, hanging out with friends... now I feel like I am avoiding everyone, including friends and family. It's time to change that.

I'm a 20 year old student. I don't have a whole lot to lose, but the pounds have refused to budge no matter what I try. I have to keep pushing, though- I won't let myself go!

I currently work at Canon and looking to going to Grad School.I am fun and easy going and very supportive. I can be a procrastinator but when I am focused I get things done. I appreciate any support in this.

50Years old weight 225lbs 5'2" tall Italian mother of 1 son who is 13years old married will be 25 years

I'm a 20 year old college student. 2 years ago I developed anorexia and lost a significant amount of weight within a very short period of time. Since then, I have turned to a different eating disorder- Binge Eating Disorder. I have put on a significant amount of weight in a very short amount of time. I have been working hard to overcome my eating disorder, but the emotional eating is out of control. I'm just looking for some support in my battle with food and with my body.

37, 5'10", 350#, White Male, Married, 2 kids (9,7)

I am a mother of 2 and a stay at home mom. I will eat for any emotion I feel

I'm special.

I'm a 48 year old single woman who works in the Seaport District of Boston. I love to sail, paint, knit, garden and practice yoga and meditation. I've joined WW in the past and have obtained excellent results in reaching my weight goals. I recently had surgery and have been out of work so I'm very interested in this on-lline group.

I'm a 27 year old graduate student employed full-time. Looking forward to graduating in December 2006! I'm happiest when I am active on a regualar basis. As life would have it, my boyfriend is very slender, not one bit concerned with weight or nutrition. When school and work get tough, nutrition, sleep, and exercise are the first to falter. Also, I've recognized problematic emotional eating patterns which I'd like to address. Decided to join PeerTrainer as a means of support and motivation.

I am 32 years old, 5'5 and weight between 235-240 lbs. I started becoming overweight at 13. I think it was an outlet from stress over some family problems. I am an emotional eater.

I'm a pediatrician and pediatric dentist (way too much time in school...) who is the founder and managing general partner of a group practice and who teaches part time @ Stanford Medical School. My work schedule tends to be very hectic which results in "stream-of-consciousness" eating habits. Over the years my lifestyle has been extremely athletic, unfortunately I fractured two vertebrae in a bike race 8 years ago which ended my cycling as well as the ability to run. More unfortunately although my lifestyle changed, my eating habits did not. Ever since high school I've had the destructive habit of "night time eating," - after going to bed I get up several times each night and go into the kitchen and eat - usually whatever is sweet. This night time eating habit is such a craving that I literally can't go to sleep unless I eat something.

I am 41, soon to be divorced, and a working mother of 3 young children (8, 6, and 3). I was the fittest I've ever been between my 2nd and 3rd children, then learned there'd be a bonus baby and ballooned. I dropped about 20 pounds between August 04 and March 05, but rapidly gained all that back when I stopped nursing, turned 40, and my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I think I'm having a midlife crisis and want to at least feel better about myself while I figure out my relationships.

I am 41 years old and have 2 girls one is 10 and the other is 6. I have struggled with my weight for years and now at 5' 4" and 183 lbs - I need to get help getting the pounds off.

I am a f/t student in a Master's degree program, looking for work to keep finances under control. I am in a l/t committed relationship. My partner is very supportive, his 2 teenage daughters live with us...both are skinny as their dad and can eat anything they want....also, I have a beautiful daughter who is a wonderful wife and mother of my two g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s grandsons.

I am 44 with a five year old boy who talks non stop

20 year old junior at Stanford, English major.

I was skinny all my life, even after having kids but then being a stay at home mom has had me gain so much

I am a special education teacher, and I am finishing up my master's degree. I am going to move in with my boyfriend in a few months, and I am both excited and very nervous, never lived with a significant other before. I am a sweet and funny person, and I believe that I have a lot to offer.

I'm a mother of a 5 year old and a 25 year old wife. I work part time and will graduate from Axia college in July 2009. My weight is becming an issue and I have family members wanting me to opt for the gastric bypass. I'm scared to death of this procedure and need help to lose it naturally. I plan to have more children and dream of the day I will be comfy in my own skin. Weight has made me depressed and embrassed for my family, including myself.

I'm almost 40, stay at home/work from home mum with a 3 and a 4 year old. I have a problem with compulsive eating and a lack of energy.

i'm married ,have a 3 year old son and work full time

I'm a fourth year medical student, planning on pursuing Ob/Gyn. I am hoping to become a runner, in order to get toned and for weight control. I'm also hoping to adopt a regular workout schedule that I can live with in spite of my busy life. Finally I am finally kicking the cigarette habit, which has waxed and waned for ten years now.

I am 23 years old and have totally let myself go. I have depression and emotional eating problems and am feeling like I have to constantly work on those things. But I am feeling highly motivated this time around and hopefully we can all help each other!

In my mid-20s, live in Manhattan, travel for work every weekend. I work with mostly men, which subjects me to ridiculous amounts of beer and fried food on a very regular basis.

I am looking to find a peace with my body, my temple. Through yoga, meditation, visualization and many other tools that I feel will bring me to a new wave of myself.

48, gained 5 lbs in the last 6 months, can't seem to be able to lose it. was unable to exercise because of injury. The worse I feel about myself the more I want to eat to make myself feel better

I'm 32, live in Groveland Mass but work in Boston, MA. I work a full time job in the medical field and then I work part time on the weekends as a SAT prep instructor. Along with that I also live/take care of my grandmother and I'm also working on my nursing degree.

I'm a 47 year old Scottish woman living in France and loving it. I'm a Therapist, Writer and Teacher now but struggled as a young woman with an addiction to everything including disfunctional relationships! I can honestly say that I've never been happier since I've adopted a healthy lifestyle. I live in a rural area so like to keep in touch with likeminded people.

Inherited weight issues from both mother and father (mom's been battling the diet dragon since she was ten, dad has body image and emotional eating issues he may never admit to). The last 20 or so years have been a roller coaster of yo-yo dieting - crazy weightloss fads which finally landed me at 277 in summer of 2006. I started taking it off gradually then, but had only got about 10 pounds off the scale by the time I finally got serious around my birthday in 2008.

I have struggled with emotional eating, restriction, and binge eating for a LONG time. I want to stop, but lack the support. I'm ready to lose weight healthfully and practice healthy eating habits!

I am 170cm's tall. And now weigh about 76.5kg's. I am 38 years old next week and have one son about to turn 14. I am a Endorsed Div 2 Nurse (Diploma), who had my back injured at work 6 months ago by a cleaner!! I live in a beachside outer suburb of Melbourne. I used to be sssooooo fat. I stopped weighing myself at 97kg's. I also stopped people taking any photos but do have some 'fat' photos. So I will scan them and post them in here so you can see how big I was. I got so skinny that it looked repulsive so I gladly gained some weight back. Around 20kg's actually. I am a salad nut. I CRAVE salads. Veggies are boring. I enjoy meat but I find it hard to swallow and choke so I avoid it most times. Fresh fruit straight off the tree is just bliss. But hate the shop brought stuff. Really I eat a lot of rubbish!!!! Pasta with fatty sauces. Mac & cheese. Yummy. Nut's with salt. Deep fried suid. Triple Brie cheese. Cheese is my downfall. I can't get enough of it. BUT I actually CAN'T eat low fat, low calorie, 'healthy, diet' food as my weight drops dramatically, up to 1kg a day (2.2 pounds) as soon as I do. The only way I found to stop loosing so much weight was to eat things like the stuff above.

I'm 18 and from the UK. I start college again next month and I am terrified! I'd love to be able to continue to lose over the next 2 years of college, so I'm fit, healthy and confident enough to start university as a student nurse :) I'm a vegetarian, and a horribly fussy eater. I'd like to be able to maybe get some new ideas to try!

married, no kids, studying (2 course) & working 2 jobs

I am 46, married, with no kids but a great little dog that I adore. I am a professor. I like to camping, reading, swimming, hiking, running, playing on the internet, and eating--of course! I'm 5 8 and I weigh 197. I have pretty much always been overweight. Since being an adult I think the least I have ever weighed was 165. It bothers me that although I am very fit, I am always at the far back of the pack in the races I run because of my weight. Also, I cannot run with my husband, because I am way too slow.

I am extremely active--triathlete and marathons--so I tend to think I can eat anything. And I do.

I'm a young adult who has struggled in the past with anorexia. I now see a dietitian (who I hate and hates me :K) to make sure I maintain my weight and I have a specific meal plan to follow that tells me what to eat and how much so that I can maintain my weight. I'm also not allowed to know my weight as well. I have daily struggles and some things I still need to work on, and while I struggled with restricting before, I also struggle with bingeing. I have limited exercise restrictions as well, although I wish I didn't, because it feels so good :) On another note, I want to become a psychologist. I love helping people with problems and talking to others. So if you ever have something you want to talk about, or a problem, or anything about anything, I'd love to help.

44 year old woman, health care executive, writer, mom, recreational athlete

Recently graduated and carrying all those take aways and drinking sessions from university on me. I love to go out and have a good time, especially when there is any eating and paticularly drinking involved

I'm 40, mother of 2 boys, and work almost full time. I was at an adequate (not great but way better than I am now) weight until 1 1/2 years ago when my life was given a bit of a curve ball. I reacted by major emotional eating. Now life is a bit more on track and I am now ready to get back to where I was.

I'm 41. High school teacher. I'm a thinker and a dreamer. I work hard but when I put my feet up I reward self with food. I also console self with food. I feel like I am sort of ruled by food, which seems crazy even as I type this. I want to break up with my bad eating habits. I want to lose weight and be healthier and happier.


I'm 15 and have been overweight all my life. Through calorie counting I dropped about 45 pounds, but suddenly I couldn't stop binge eating. I would over-exercise to compensate, and eventualy I stopped doing that, so I gained 25 pounds. I want to learn how to eat NORMALLY, listening to my body, lose the weight and never see it again. I don't trust calorie counting anymore.

I'm 24 and live outside of Boston.

Married with 2 kids. before kids was a runner and ran 4 marathons...then had kids and never lost all the baby weight! My babies are now 81/2 and 10...I now eat horrible and and am an emotional eater. Food now controls me! I want it to stop!

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