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Profile: Team for Yoga experts, beginners, anyone who uses or wants to use Yoga to improve their health.

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Live in Boulder,CO (so many fitt people here) & somehow after moving here I went from 120lbs to 160lbs! My stress level increased and when my now husband moved in our habits (good and bad) didn't mesh right. I used to keep the weight off by dancing. Found swing dancing back in '98 love it (i.e. user name HepCat, corny I know) but since my now husband moved in in 2000 I have been less active, more stressed, and ate horribly so I gained the weight! I've lost some of it in 2006 with the Nourishing Traditions diet approach but I need to exercise. I have a 15 year old son, who through eating right (most of the time) and doing the Nourishing Traditions is in excellent shape & putting me to shame! I also work a 'regular job' while I am trying to two businesses off the ground (my husband & I both are starting different ventures but I'm involved in both). I'm 33 (34 in July), 5'-5", 155 and the mother of a 15 year old boy.

I'm a 41 year-old mother of a 2 1/2 year-old. I've lost all but maybe 10 or so pounds of the weight I gained during an all-you-can-eat pregnancy (not sure, because I don't own a scale). I want to improve my muscle tone, get stronger in general, and stick to an early bedtime.

I'm a 32 yr old working mom who made the mistake of having an "all-you-can-eat" pregnancy, and also suffered from severe back pain that made exercise very uncomfortable… consequently, one year later, I've got about 40 pounds to lose. I joined peertrainer in April and I'm really getting it together, but need to really focus on sticking to a routine - otherwise things just don't happen (anyone with a one-year-old will know what I mean here!). As soon as I lose these other 25 pounds, I can think about having another baby. That's my ultimate reward!

I am about to turn 30 . I have 11 year old twins and am married. My goals are to lose weight while improving my overall health and wellness.

Im a single black female living in Los Angeles, CA. Im 33 and I have tried every diet in the world, and I have even made up a few. I love to Swim, listen to music, TRAVEL and chill. Im a good friend and a great listener.

I'm a grad student at MIT, busy with school and work and friends. I love being outside, but find it tough to motivate myself to work out at the gym, and to find time for myself.

32 year old librarian, healthy, more or less in shape, but starting to feel a little wimpy. sit at desk all day long... weigh 135, gained that 10 pounds when went on the patch two years ago. gack. weight not so much the issue as much as feeling low energy and not excercising enough.

I'm from Arkansas and work in the nonprofit world. I'm married with a 2 year old. 27.

My name is Kathy (Kat). I've always been quite active and health aware. I'd never had a weight problem until the onset of menopause! Yikes! It is so hard to keep the weight off now. I am diligent to eat balanced and get in my daily walks but The pounds are slowly creeping on. I love to hike with my dogs. I also train and compete in dog agility. My new found passion is yoga. I started the practice because I needed weight bearing exercise and didn't want to do the "lifting weights" regime. I'm becoming a new person in so many ways since I've found the pleasures of yoga.

I am a 44 year old mother of three adult children and step mom to 3 teenagers. All the teenagers live at home with me and my husband. We are self employed and work from home, so have a very laid back lifestyle...which tends to be very sedentary...and we like to eat out a lot. NOT a good combination for health and fitness goals! We live in Beaverton, OR. I am consistently working out at 24 Hour Fitness 3 nights a week and hubby and I go walking almost daily. I wouldn't say I am "obese" since I am tall, I carry the extra weight quite well. But I feel better and like the way I look much better when I am about 30 pounds lighter.

I am a sales rep/ education student in Allentown, PA. I live with my boyfriend and my Boston Terrier, Oscar. My interests are knitting, spinning and reading.

I'm 34,single mother of one. I like being silly and acting childlike but I can be senseable when I need to. I'm very down-to-earth. Into arts & cratfs,

I've just turnes 53, and feel pretty great. I teach college sophomores, and that keeps my mind and attitude young. But i can feel my body starting to age, and I want to feel as physically fit as my mind is busy and active. Also, I am a performer and director which requires enormous amounts of stamina. I've always been a haphazard practitioner of yoga, and recently I've become a little more diligent, and I'm beginning to see the positive effects on my muscle tone, my peace of mind, and my ability to sleep. I was attending a weekly yoga class, and practicing daily, but the schedule no longer jives with mine.

Long story short..... Born in upstate NY, now living in the sticks out side Raleigh NC.... I used to be the skinny girl in school, 15 years and 80 pounds later, no one I graduated with would recognize me. On a happy note, I'm about to marry my child hood sweat heart in about three weeks, we have spent the last 7years in love and getting fat together. I know I can't lose the weight before the wedding, but I would still like to be thin and sexy for my new husband.

I'm an American married to an Aussie and living downunder. 43 years old, no kids, one dog. Most of my family is overweight so I'm pretty careful. Lost about 25 kgs (50 lbs) 13 years ago and have fluctuated over the years, but have maintained a good weight the last couple of years. I primarily eat a lowfat vegan diet and try to, at least, walk regularly, if not run.

A mom of 2 young children, I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

24 year old chicklet struggling with weight loss while a full time master's student (in elementary education) at Arcadia University, working part-time (32 hours) at Advanta Bank and planning my wedding on August 25th! Needless to say, I need LESS stress in my life, not more, but I feel that finally getting control of my weight will be much less of a stress!

I am a 26 year old Student(just recently returned) from Central Canada. I have always been quite active and in good shape. I have just recently moved to attend school I was the cross country, relay track, track and volleyball coach at my previous job. I trained with my athletes as well. I have fallen out of the routine of working out since not coaching and returning to school.

I'm a writer from WAY upstate NY (about 40 minutes from the Canadian border). I'm single, and share a home with my retired folks and an elderly cat affectionately called The Pig. He used to be fat too, but has lost a healthy 15 lbs in the past four years. Besides writing, I enjoy yoga, reading, travel, and online geekery. I'm also a TV junkie, which I hope to change.

28-year old archivist in the DC area. I have many passions and loves: knitting, yoga, cycling, hiking, photography, vegan food. In 2005, I lost 60 lbs. I hit a long plateau and while I ramped up on exercise, I did not lost any more weight in order to reach my goal. Over the next two and a half years, I gained about 30 lbs back. In the summer of 2008, I became seriously ill with Lyme disease. This illness helped me reach the right mental place to step up my routine and watch every single thing that went in my mouth. As I changed my diet and my exercise levels, I got better. I also had the great benefit of losing weight. From August 2008 until time of this writing (December 3, 2008) I have lost 38 lbs.

Early 20's newly wed.

I am a grad student. I have recently given up meat. I am a noob knitter. I just made myself a hoop and am having fun learning how to work it and practicing tricks.

After months of terrible headaches, I recently found out that I have High Blood Pressure. It was a total shock to me. I am only 27 years. The sad thing is I did it to myself. I started dancing as a child. After high school I just stopped working out. I was one of those people who could never gain weight. I was always thin. Well over the years the pounds have packed on. I have a very tight schedule. I am a single mom. I work 40 hours a week plus I go to college fulltime--sometimes carrying 5 classes plus labs. I eat on the go, very unhealthy. However, I don't want to take medicine for the rest of my life. I have to change NOW!

Well, I like long walks on the beach, or i did when i lived on one... badmitten is fun (is that spelled right?) jello wresteling, and as allways, yoga... the joining of body breath and mind... I once weighed 248lbs. A year later I was down to 150. since then, about two years since then, I have crawled my way out of the classes and gyms and into the refrigerator. I currently weigh in at 175 ish. A caution to those of you that struggle, 15 lbs were gained in the past 6months after moving to louisiana with my boyf...fiance. These cajuns can EAT!

I'm 21 Full time student, graduating October Love Sweets and Carbs

I'm a 30-something crafty-artsy mother of three young children. A Canadian living in the US (since summer '07) and partner to N since 2000.

I am 31 years old, female, living in brooklyn NY. I am married and have one lovable little dog. 5'10"

I have a son 18 mos old. I had dropped 20 lbs before getting pregnant and was happy that before going back to work I was only 5 lbs heavier than before pregnancy. But since being at work and developping bad eating habbits due to lack of planning and organization, I have gained 10 more lbs.

I am 38 years old, married for 19 years. We have six children (yes you read that right - 6!) They range in age from 18 to 5 (18, 16, 16, 12, 8, 5). This is a busy year for us. Our oldest is graduating and a month later is leaving for the Marines. Our middle daughter is having her First Communion in May. Three children just had a ball at the prom last week, but it was a lot of work for Mom. Second son just got his license. I am working for the first time in my mothering career. Just between you and me, I hate it! It is a huge adjustment from being a SAHM. I am also a college student. Life is fun!

I am a volunteer EMT, single mom of two and I work full time to boot.

I am 29 yrs old. Live in Florida. Married for almost 9 yrs.No kids just my wonderful blk lab Trent.i have about 10 to 15 lbs to lose. I just can't seem to keep a steady workout schedule and keep my eating habots on track.

I'm 17 yrs old. I currently got my GED and I've been overweight since I was in 5th grade (right after my parents got a divorce). The most I've weighed is 189 and once I hit that I lost 30 lbs by only eating when I was hungry. Now I weigh around 170. I would like to get to a healthy weight and get more energy so I can feel confident about my self.

I'm a 31 year old girl living in Montreal. I've struggled with food and my weight my whole life. For the past ten years, my weight has ranged from 95 to 165 pounds. I love to knit and I have a knitting blog:

I'm a 22-year-old full time student on summer break, working two jobs this summer (legal assistant during the week and retail on weekends). I'm an acting student, so you can imagine the pressure to 'look right' for the industry. I just work all the time, and it's hard to eat right when when you're trying to eat quickly. I also have horrid sciatic pain that sends me to the hospital sometimes. When it flares up, I can't even walk, much less work out, and end up on the couch with pain killers and junk food to help me forget the pain.

I've been on a weight-loss and fitness crusade since January of 2006. I had to get my fat-related health issues under control before I became a mom. I've lost 50 lbs and have accomplished many goals. However, I suffered an injury this year and my weight loss stalled in January. I really want these last 20 pound off of me!

My name's Raquel, married to my sweet (and overweight as well) husband, Arthur. I'm 31, on a 5'1 frame so I'm way way overweight/obese for my body frame/structure. I work at the local library, Monday through Wednesday, from 9-5 and Saturdays from 10-2. So time is not really a problem, getting to eat right and workout, is. We have a nice workout room setup with weight equipment, plus dumbbells, exercise ball, elliptical, stepper, stationery bike and treadmill. I need motivation to get on it and really workout like I have to. I enjoy walking, running, bike riding, yoga and pilates as well. When the weather is nice and cooler outside I'd like to go for walks, jogs and bike rides, maybe in the fall. I love lists and organizational tools, even though I usually spend more time planning diets and workout routines than I actually do eating what I planned or working out as planned out. Anyhow, that's me... I do workout for 1/2 hour in the morning (especially Monday through Wednesday, before work; I tend to forget or procrastinate on the days I'm home!!), when I usually walk on the treadmill, or do stepper or elliptical, or stationary bike. I need help working out more and harder, and being accountable for what I do, how much water I drink (and I don't drink enough), how much and what I eat and when, and pushing myself to workout harder. I love and as well, they're great tools for helping me on this journey. We love the water, and we love boating and jetskiing, and it is a shame both me and hubby have been overweight and getting bigger as the years go by, so we have little energy to enjoy the things in life we both enjoy. I'd like some support on getting him to lose weight as well, since he told me today that his sister said he doesn't look healthy. He said he'll start working out harder and he will have a check-up soon, but it's so hard to find a healthy eating plan for him, since he eats big portions, even though whatever he eats might be somewhat healthy, he always has to eat a lot to feel satisfied. So that's a biggie too, to get him to eat healthier with me.

26 year old TX girl. I'm 5'6" with a medium-smallish pear-shaped frame. If weight is coming or going, I can always see the change around my midsection. I've never been "skinny" and didn't understand healthy eating till my college years. My body has always hovered around the 150lb mark reaching a high of 173lbs in 2002 and a low of 127lbs in 2005. Even at my lowest weight, my frame still carried a lot of fat. For a person that likes to eat a lot, like me, exercise is paramount. Old logs: Start Weight: 146 lbs 7/18/07 138 lbs 9/9/07 140 lbs 10/24/07 133 lbs 2/14/08 131.5 3/15/08 (low weight for the year) 133 5/12/08

I am recently divorced. I have fallen in love with a man who probably isn't good for me, but I can't stop loving him. I think losing weight may give me the confidence to let go and move on.

31 years old, I work a lot of hours and I commute so it's hard for me to get the gym with regularity.

I work full-time at a publishing co. plus manage a home with my boyfriend and 2 kids (14 and 12)

I am a 3rd grade teacher turning 30 in a couple of months. I am married to a wonderful man I jokingly call an 'ice cream enabler.'

I'm 28 years old, I live in Minnesota. I've gained a lot of weight in the last two years. My mom passed away, I changed jobs, I moved and I have trouble with emotional eating which led to the weight gain.

I'm a student, studying and partying all year doesn't leave me much time to stay in shape. I've tried taking up yoga, spinning, but the weight doesn't seem tocome off.

I have managed to make it to 35 years old without dieting. I am a diet virgin. Two years ago I fell in love - and fell in fat. 25 pounds gained since the first kiss. I don't know what happened. In the past weight has come on and come off and I haven't had to worry to much about it all. I got through to 80's without taking a single aerobics class, that's how new all this is to me.

I am 20 years old. through out college I gained a lot of weight since i didn't swim any more, and because I ate what ever I wanted in huge quantities. I now weigh 148

I am 39 years old, married, no kids. Living in Spokane, WA. since my 30s the weight has been creeping up higher and higher. When i moved back to my hometown, Spokane, he weight really piled on and I can't seem to lose it. I know what I need to do. I've joined Weight Watchers countless times. I've read tons of nutrition books. I just lack the motivation and willpower to do it. there are lots of food related issues that I need to tackle. I am hoping that this program will help. I am a Youth Services Librarian. I love to knit and spin yarn. I also love to do outdoor things. I love running, hiking, camping.

I am 28 and overweight. Due to a constant struggle with occasionally severe depression, I find a small buildup of everyday simple tasks to feel VERY overwhelming. I know that regular exercise has a great stabilizing effect on my mind, but frequently it feels nearly impossible to get out of my home. I have recently discovered Zrii, a natural adaptagen that has given me the courage to train for and run a 10K. I have a VERY supportive wife and four smarty kids. With their help I will run that 10K and kick this depression's butt!

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I'm 24 y.o, married and am now living in Australia having moved from England. I have recently got a puppy so am hoping that as he gets bigger we will be able to go on long walks and having him will mean I have to do daily exercise (not that was the reason for getting a dog but it's a benefit). I want to get healthy as well as lose weight, I need to incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

46 year old mother of 3 girls-age 24,23 and 18, grandmother of 2 boys-age 5 and 2. Married and sooo happy!

I am a 25 year old attorney - not so impressive as I am gainfully unemployed and living with my parents haha. I am looking to start to gain some strength and tone back after months of couch surfing caused by a flare up of crohn's disease. I classify my fitness level as somewhere between 100 year old geriatric and lazy house cat. I am not overweight (the whole eating thing is tricky with crohns), but really need to get into a consistent, low impact fitness routine so I can work my way back into having the energy to rejoin life again. I would love to have some fitness buddies of any size or shape who are willing to correspond regularly as we embark on this journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

I am a 20-year-old Asian girl doing my Psychology Degree. I am not tall and quite plump for my height. I am at the fattest in my life, weighing 58kg. I am not overweight but I am concerned of my health as I have engaged into binge/emotional eating recently to cope with my stress. After every binge, I would feel miserable and I have gained 6kg because of it! It makes me feel bad and I have lose confidence over myself. I don't even wear nice clothes anymore, I often go out wearing black shirt and jeans. I miss my old life, I want to be as slim as my bunch of girlfriends, I want to be confident and enjoy fashion again. I want to be pretty and healthy. My weight fluctuates and I would like to put an END to it. I don't want to hear comments about me gaining weight and looking rounder and fatter day by day. I want to prove that I have self-control, I am tired of plain talking about dieting. I will prove to all that I can do it!

improv comedienne/actess living in NYC

I'm 5'3 and 122lbs, which I know is a healthy weight but I feel much better at around 115lbs. I love eating healthy and exercising, but I have a big sweet tooth :( I always end up having these crazy sugar binges, which is what I need to stop!

Living in the Great Wet North, attempting to heal my gut, get active and gain healthy weight. Knitter/spinner/weaver, eclectically religious, Abe-Hicks fan, "Flybaby," wannabe gourmet nutritarian, fitbit user, mildly cat obsessed, recovering sugar addict & screen addict... I am new and still trying to figure out how this works!

51 yrs. old. Body changed when I hit 50, gained about 10 lbs, even though I've always had a fairly healthy diet, and exercise every day. Since starting Peertrainer, my diet has become really clean, all the junk is out, and feel sooo much better. But still no weight loss. Keep telling myself to just be patient, change will come...

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