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I am a 29 year old female, my height is 5'4 weight is 192lbs & my bust size is 38DD... My goal is to get down to atleast 150lbs for me thats a start to a better me! I have lost weight in the past i was 218 & went to 145lbs (hard work & phen) then do to stress & family problems i shot back up to the 190's & i have been stuck!!! My bust size never really changed even when i lost weight.... I have been married once we had 5 kids ages 12-11-9-8-7.. We divorced i meet my ex bf we had 1 child & he is 6 so thats a total of 6 kids lol! I haf my 1st daughter at 16 lol i use to be really small but seems like everytime i lost weight i ended up pregnant! Well now my tubes is clamped (THANK GOD, NO WORRIES THERE LOL) in 2012 i met the most amazing guy ever & we have been engaged since 2013 & May 1,2015 we will be our 3 year anniversary we are still engaged & going strong!!! When i met him i was about 160lbs give or take some i looked really nice (to me & to him) now im 192lbs ugh although he still says im beautiful but in my mind i dont feel beautiful! Im so scared he is gonna find another girl thats smaller & more beautiful then me so yes i have loads of insecurities (something im also working on) lol... Anyway we are leaving for Las Vegas June 8,2015 i have 47 days to lose this stubborn 35 lbs!!!! Do u think its possible?? I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN I KNOW I CAN!!!!

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