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Profile: We may all follow a different path, but we all have the same goal- get healthy and loose or maintain weight. Support, motivation and the occasional kick in the butt is what we offer to members.

Last posted: Saturday, April 19, 2014, 11:12 PM

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I'm a 45 year old voice/choral/music theatre teacher and song writer. I weigh 189 lbs on a 5'1" frame. Two years ago, I weighed less than 140 lbs. For the larger part of the last 2 years, I was ill and couldn't move off of the couch. This devolved into a period of depression that I'm just coming out of and I need all the helpful cheerleaders I can get! I'm going from a completely sedentary life to needing to move, change what I eat, how I eat and how much I eat. I was very happy with my experience with PeerTrainer in 2007/08. I posted very frequently and found the groups really helpful!

I am a 54 yr old mother of 2 grown children. My weight has gone in every direction since college. I have had health issues and many years of caring for ailing family members. Now I need to focus on me; I have horses, goats, and dogs, so I am busy. I need energy-so I won't starve myself-- I need to eat right and not fast..... And I have to have a sense of humor during this challenge.......

Hi I am a 46 year old mother of a 5 year old and currently a education director for a NGO. I lost weight 3 years ago and became really fit but then broke a rib and gave up...literally gave up. I did a boot camp last year and completed it but was horrified at myselff. Now, a year later, heavier and out of shape more than ever, I went to the doctor in Feb 21012 and he prescribed 7 meds, lifelong for COPD, asma, etc. So, I chucked the meds in March 2013 and started a 30 day juice fast to kick my health back in! Goal accomplished! OH yes, and even as a Librarian and lifelong teacher, I am horrib-le typist, sorry. I get really motivated and then as soon as I start seeing results or start feeling better I tend to sabotage myself.(Point in fact, right after my blood tests and clear lungs, I stopped my juice fast..and ate EVERYTHING again!) I do well with mini goals and support AND accountability. When I was working with a trainer threee years ago and at my best physically in ten years, I used to receive daily and often hourly texts from him and it was enough to keep me going. Although guilt is my biggest motivator and I hope to get to a place where JOY replaces the guilt, Still working on the guilt and the feeling of entitlement!

Happily married, in my early 60's w/ two grown kids and a 3 yr old grandson I watch 3 days/week.

I am 40and a mother of 3. I lost 50 pounds back in 2008. I was very active with peertrainer while losing but quit with my accountability after I met my goal. I'm going from working full time to now part time couple days a week. My sole goal for 2014 is to find myself again and get mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. And for peer vanity license needs renewed thus summer and I absolutely can not go from having a 148 lbs on my license to 200! So it's time to get serious again. .

I am a 34-year-old busy working mom of 2! I love to workout but it's often hard to find the time!

Halloween of 2009 was when I came to PT at 154 and after a year was solidly at 140 (which was the high end of my original goal). Sadly, since a vacation in early December, I went back up to 145, but am back down below 140 most of the time. I am married to a wonderful man. Who since April 2011 has lost about 50 pounds, with about 40 more to go. Our house has been a difficult conglomeration of diets and emotions over the last year. We don't have kids. He is retired, I run my family's bar and grill. I am a born again Christian and trust in the Lord to take care of everything in my life.

I am 53 years old, 5'3 and currently weigh 147 lbs. I would love to loose ten to 15 pounds and get pressure of my knees and ankles.

I am a 59 year old, Middle School Orchestra teacher, currently working on my Ed.D. (Graduate in May 2016?) I have 2 children in their 20's and a husband that works in another city. I must lose these pounds, improve vitality by my 60th birthday!

I am a teacher and do well in the school year when I have a good schedule. Summer presents a new challenge for me every year.

I'm 28. I work at a school providing music therapy services to high-risk youth. Also working on finishing my master's in music therapy.

I am 25 years old, and am finally adjusting to my not-so-recent marriage and move to a new city. My husband and I got married in October of 2012 and I moved to Waterloo, Iowa to live with him. Over the course of a year, I have gained 35 pounds! I don't necessary hate the way I look, but I'm scared by my decrease in energy--most likely due to the added weight and poor food choices. I used to be fairly physically fit through healthy eating and exercising with a personal trainer, but all that changed when my husband and I began our marriage and suffered and very bad financial situation. We've taken a while to recover and during that time I became depressed by not knowing anyone in a new town and being unemployed for a while. I turned to food and alcohol to comfort me. I am feeling much better now with a job that I love and a wonderful marriage; now it is time for me to get my mojo back and take back my health! I am very committed to this and appreciate all the help and encouragement I can get. I am a musician/liturgist by trade but in my spare time love to read, play video games, go for walks (when it's not -20 degrees), lift weights, do crafts, and cook.

I am 42 years old now.. I have accomplished alot on this journey.. I started out at 370 pounds.. Im still a work in progress but have released almost a whole person In 2010 I lost my dad to cancer from smoking and I let my life go. along with taking care of my disabled mom wheelchair bound now. so alot of hurdles to overcome. well enough of letting my life go. its time to take it back and thats what I am doing this new year.. alot of changes to come. my life is still unwritten. and im writing it this year!..

I am an educator working at the district level.I was extremely happily married to my wonderful husband for 22 years. He was my rock and my support in everything even though he was physically ill all of our marriage. He passed away in August of 2012 after 4 long years in and out of the hospital. That first year he was sick I gained 30 lbs to a bit over 200lbs. Through Peertrainer and Dr. Fuhrman, I lost almost 80lbs and now weigh 126. I had been attending the untiversity and was almost through with a Ph.D but had to stop to care for my husband. I dont think I will go back. I have a huge supportive family and a lot of good friends. I am trying to find out how to live the rest of my life in a way that honors my husband's memory. He never complained and lived his life to the fullest, refusing limitations. I am working on it! I am vegan, still need to exercise, and an Elvis devotee. That is part of who I am and part of my daily experience. My kids are all grown with kids and grandkids of their own. My goals include getting back to running and finding a way to be happy.

I'm a mother of 2, Cole age 12, and Emilie age 9. I gained weight not because of the kids, although that would be a great excuse, but to be honest it's just my own bad eating habits. I live in Omaha, NE.

38 yr old , have let work and stress affect my lifestyle for too long. Gone from home for 13 hrs a day, so need a low fuss plan. Avid dancer and knitter / fiberholic. 1/2013 had severe ankle sprain that really derailed all my regular activities...finally getting back towards normal abilities a year later

Well I'm 55 now, but being Fifty Something and Fabulous is still the goal :) But more important I want to be healthly. We have a lot of health problems in our family and the one main factor is weight, so it's time for me to do something about it. I'm happy to report....that I've been here since May 2007, and I've dropped over a 100 lbs. I'm 55 now and I'm healthier and fitter than I'm been in years. As of Aug 19, 2009, I feel my final goal weigh for myself is around 140, I'm close but still not there..........

44 with three young kids. Resumed running in 2012 and would like to be happy with my time for,*any* race!! My goal is to get to goal weight and eat clean more often than not.

I am a mother of two children - a 10 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. I live in Germany (I`m American but married to a German guy) and train professionals in Business English. I love to travel and spend my time outdoors. I was thin most of my youth but was always a big eater. Everyone said that someday it would catch up on me... and it did! When I was 26 and went on fertlity drugs, all the weight came on. I have lost weight many times but NEVER have been able to keep it off. This time.... I vow to do it - BUt I need help from the group! Typically I can be "good" for a long time and then a trip or some kind of break in my routine turns me around completely where all I do is binge on junk and I can't even look at fruit. I am working hard so this does not happen again. update: ok now I've lost the weight ( 70 lbs) and have to maintain as well as increase muscle and decrease fat. another update: gained a ton back - not all - but am on the right track again. Ran a half-marathon in April 2011 at age 44 as a new runner and trained a year for it.

From beginner runner in August 2007 coming into PEERTrainer.
+First 1/2 Marathon: September 2007
+First marathon: December 2007.
+Marathon Maniac: March 2009.
+First Back2Back Marathon weekend: October 2009
+50 State Marathon Club member: December 2010.
+Marathon Maniac Diva: May 2011.
+Half Fanatic: September 2011
+First double (back2back days): October 2011.
+First ultra distance (50K): September 2012

*50th lifetime marathon completed: 11/11/2012*
@ the Outer Banks Marathon (NC)

26.2 PR: 2013 Wisconsin 6:17:50
13.1 PR: 2008 Kona 2:43.04

48 yr old, 5'6". Happily married/Mother of Two teenagers and One Loving Lab.

Not my first time on PT. Joined a few groups over 2008/09, reached my goal weight and got super fit! Then life changed and I've been on a slow backwards slide.... I'm 29, work for a hospital in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I want to get fit and healthy again so I can get out and enjoy it!

I am 53 years old and a mom of three great kids. I met my goal a few years ago when I first joined PT but then gained it all back and then some. I don't like how I feel and want my old clothes back so time to do it!

I turned 50 in August of 2008. I'm 5'3". After losing a friend to breast cancer, I woke up and realized that I needed to take better care of myself. I worked very hard through all of 2009 and lost 25 pounds. I also inspired my husband (married 27 years) and son to join me and they have lost weight and started healthier eating and exercise habits. I have 2 older kids in college. My goal for this year is to maintain my weight below 135 and stay physically active. I love entertaining and playing card games with friends and family. My favorite season is summer, when I can be outside as much as possible. I like to garden, do pottery, ride horseback, walk, swim, go sight-seeing, travel and try new things.

I am a 35 year old mother of two small children (5 years old and 3). I am 5ft1 and weigh about 135 pounds. In July 2011 I weighed about 116lbs so I would like to lose these extra pounds that I have put on. I must remember that I need to make nutrient dense food choices and exercise...not an easy task with two small kids and working full time but I know I can and must do it!

I am 61 years old, a Christian, married, mother of 6 ages 36 to 21, and grandmother of 16.

I'm 51 and my body is a bit ravaged from injuries, but I still get out. I currently hold the title of "Riverboarding World Champion in Freestyle Surfing" for what it's worth. I want to be thinner to be more attractive and lighter/meaner in sports. Energy is better thanks to my naturopath and the corrected thyroid dosage.

42 yrs young! Happy wife, happy mother of 3 and I AM A RUNNER. 2012 RUNS Around the Bay Race, Hamilton On 5k/ Law Enforcement Run for Special Olympics, Simcoe ON 6k/ Relay For Life, Simcoe ON 10k/ Terry Fox Run, Simcoe ON 5k/ Port Dover Family Fun Run, Port Dover ON 8k/ CIBC Run For the Cure, Simcoe ON 5k

I lost weight in the past with the help of Peer Trainer. I slipped into my old habits and here I am again. Since May I have lost 30+ pounds. Hoping to be at 130 by the end of December.

Am 52- the lbs gradually accumulated over the years. I lost weight and reached my goal about a year ago, and am now trying to maintain my weight.

I am 26 years old. Two boys (3 year old and 1 year old). I am working part-time at a law firm as a paralegal. Husband is active duty army. I gained 90lbs during my second pregnancy and am in the process of losing the weight. 60lbs gone, 25lbs to go! After my first pregnancy I gained and lost the baby weight and will do it again!

Progress Not Perfection is my main team, although I frequent others to gain new insights. I am 51yrs old, fair condition and good metabolism. I'm currently into whitewater kayaking and wall climbing. I'm an engineer, married 26yrs, with 2 kids (14 and 16).

48, single mom of 6 great kids aged 13-23

I'm a 47 year old woman with two adorable 10 year old daughters. My husband is very supportive of my weight loss efforts and my job is very stressful! started PEERtrainer 7/3/2013 weight - 135.4

I will be fifty in January , and have been on this journey way too long. I live in Tallahassee, FL . I have a 13 yo daughter, and my BF has recently moved himself in - not a bad thing, but a bad influence when it comes to food, and sitting on the couch.

Married Mother of 4 kids, Ages 9, 7, 5 and 3 Home Maker Christian

I am 44 year old Christian, married for 22 years, 4 children(27, 21, 19, 18) , 1 daughter in law (27) and 3 grand children (3,2,1). My oldest daughter and her 2 daughters, plus my 18 year old daughter still live at home with my husband and me. I work full time, and going to school part time and try to go to the gym every weekday morning. I like to kayak in fairly calm waters, hiking, travelling, and just started learning scuba diving.

I'm single mom with 4 kids at home. I own a web design business and am an introvert so I spend alot of time at home alone behind my desk. My weight has gotten out of control this past two years - I gained 30 lbs!

Well, I just turned 30 years old (Dec 2013) and in the same month got a job promotion and had to move to Austin, TX! I can already tell this year is going to be exciting and I'm doing this all for myself. Last year was rough emotionally so I'm ready to move forward and make this the best year ever- job wise, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I've been struggling with my weight all my life, but had it under control until about 1997 when the pounds just started piling on.

i turned 61 on may 21 - married and have 2 kids - daughter 31 and married son 27 - work with a friend making baby buntings (cocoons) -help a friend making horse riding jackets for shows,and i get to go to a horse show in feb in arizona i currently weigh 152.6(down from 182) im only 5 feet so want to weigh 110 - i am body building,spinning and eating a high protein/low carb diet for now

Interested in long term change and living a healthy, whole life in every way.

I am 52, separated, mother of two adult children. I’m a church organist and I teach piano at a community college and in a community school of music, and I do some accompanying, wedding gigs, etc. I am also a volunteer adult literacy tutor, and have three three-legged cats. (Nine cat legs total).

Before age 42 1/2, I did no exercising whatsoever. I was only slightly overweight – (5’7”, in the upper 160s) -- nothing to be too concerned about, but a question popped into my head all of a sudden – “What kind of 76-year-old do I want to be someday?” -- and for some reason, I pictured a 76-year-old me, running a road race. This was weird, because I knew I couldn’t run 2 blocks. But I realized that the future I was envisioning for myself was not the future I was preparing for. So I bought a pair of running shoes that day, and have been running ever since. I have had good times and bad with this – including several marathons in several states – and a stress fracture, with a period of time spent on crutches and in a wheelchair! I think I have a handle on what I’m doing now, but I am constantly learning new things about what works for me and what doesn’t!

I thought that with all that running, weight loss would come automatically, but that was not the case. It was pretty clear, though, that the running would be a lot easier if I lost 20, or even 30 lbs., so I started reading about what is the best way to fuel (and not overfuel) all this activity.

I joined PT in April 2007, and found that just logging what I ate caused me to lose weight! Even if nobody reads it, I feel accountable, and I am aware of what kinds of foods I’m eating and in what amounts – so it’s a natural check & balance. Logging every day is really important. I quit being active at PeerTrainer a few years ago, but now I'm back -- because so is the weight. Thought I'd give it a try again.

i'm 32 years old and i want to shed 15-20lbs. i originally weight 220 . i'm 5'10 and my goal weight is 170-160.

I'm 35, height 5'5.5", weight 238 lbs in March 2014. Important milestones that I hope to cross. To reach 224 lbs - that is 16 stone! To reach 219 lbs - finally be under 100kg! To reach 214 lbs - that's 10% lost! To reach 210 lbs - 15 stone! To reach 202 lbs - that's 15% lost! To reach 199 lbs - onederland! To reach 196 lbs - 14 stone. To reach 190 lbs - that's 20% lost! To reach 182 lbs - end of obesity, and 13 stone. To reach 178 lbs - that's 25% lost! To reach 168 lbs - 12 stone and close to 30% lost! To reach 154 lbs - 11 stone. And then: to reach 152lbs - "normal" BMI for 5'5.5" height. Eventually reach my lowest weight of 138 lbs again (that was me in late 2007/early 2008 - that is middle of "normal" for my height, and means my clothes fit well).

I'm a 57 year old mom of three grown children, and I have 9 great-grandchildren, whose families I'm very involved in supporting (so the moms can stay at home). I work in a hospital lab 3-4 days a week. I also love to ride bikes, read, sew, refinish furniture, and work in the flower beds.

I'm 27 yrs old and I'm trying to figure out this crazy thing called life. I know that losing weight and getting in shape is going to help me out in a lot of ways. I'm getting so close to goal and having so much fun. I love exercising now and I'm learning things about myself that I never knew. I love my PT family and owe a lot of my success to them.

Here are some of my favorite quotes that have kept me going:

- Excuses or Results. You can't have both.

- I know I can do this because I AM doing it.

- When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

- You are stronger than you think you are.

- You can feel SORE tomorrow or you can feel SORRY tomorrow. You choose.

- Is this the healthiest choice I can make right now?

- Respect yourself and others will respect you. - Confucius

- Do or do not. There is no try. - Yoda

I am married, no kidsd, two dogs and one cat. Work from home right now. Tired of talking about getting healthier but not really doing it.

I am a 45 year old Chrisitian SAHM. I homeschool 4 children and am married to a wonderful guy.

LINK TO MY LOG: Lost 110# finishing on April 1, 2008 Married professional male with two kids. Live on West Coast. Tend to gain wt in Oct and lose in April. Trying to break that cycle. Lost 110 pounds finishing in April 2008. Lost first 30 on Atkins then 80 on Optifast.

I was an avid runner until I blew my knee out a few years ago. I gained tons of weight and am having a difficult time losing it. I am married and the mother of 3 grown children, two of whom live in Germany.

A young 57, 5' 7", married 38 yrs, no children, 2 dogs. My expectation is to become Fit for Life. Previously, I lost 60 lbs with Weight Watchers and gained it all back because I didn't plan a maintenance program after I lost the weight. My weight has yoyo'd up and down all my life. It's time to take conquer this aspect of my life for once and for all time! My utmost desire is to lose and stabilize at a comfortable weight for health, happiness and peace of mind. I am currently struggling to overcome health challenges since Sep 2013, which has made ramping up exercise and making too many changes to my diet too quickly a little frustrating at times. I find myself taking two steps forward and 1 step back. You never know how much you can do until you try! I have every faith I will get there if I keep pressing forward a little at a time.

I am 42 years old. Before I turned 40, I wanted to lose some weight I had been gaining. I turned 40 and then said the same thing about before I turned 41. Now I AM 42 - I want to get serious about this. I am a part of the team "Progress not Perfection" and it has been great! I am starting over - so to say - as I just haven't been taking care of myself - although I have been doing well back at school.

I am 49 yrs old. Married & have three kids (17, 19 & 32). I have battled my weight since 5th grade and other than a few years, I have been overweight to one degree or another but was always very physical & active till a move 7 yrs ago. I have lost 39 lbs in the last year or so focusing on foods, but not adding "extra" activity and want to continue a bit more aggressively. I want to do the things I used to do... be active ... ride & train my pasture ornaments, hike & find a workout buddy again some day I Live on mini farm. I do not generally believe in western medicine practices that only treat but do not cure.

I am trying to lose 100lbs... Goal is 175... a weight I haven't seen since the 6th grade. I am hoping to make the most of all this sunny weather and do some bike rides and hikes with my dog.

I love living in the country and have a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter.

I'm 64 and overweight and not feeling good. I want both to change.

A mom in my 30's, with two young children, needing to put some focus back on my own well being.

32 yr old stay-at-home mother of 3 kids ages 7,4, and 1. I used to hate running, but now I like it. I like to read, sew, and travel. I love being outside in sunny weather.

Stay at home mom/ biz owner, motivated in everything else but weight loss is my monkey on my back! I am on herbal magic currently and it has taught me about my eating habits or my non eating habits ! 31 down so far now and looking at 20 more . My original.goal date was mid May but I travel a lot and struggle during those times away from my own kitchen.

I'm 22 years old and love learning about nutrition. I am ready to change my body and to become more connected with the foods I choose to eat.

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