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Team Name: PONR team - 2014!
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Profile: The Best new PONR team!

Last posted: Saturday, March 08, 2014, 9:37 AM

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Married, 38, (now 40!) ha! It's 4 years later. My son is 10 and my daughter is 7. have 2 small little ones (6 and 3 1/2), co-founder of PT and I rarely have a free moment with being a wife, mother, running a business and everything that comes with it. I am focused on energy and health at this point after losing over 60 pounds; it's everything!

I am a 53yo woman who is out of control with toxic foods. My starting weight was 265.8! I let my weight get out of control starting in 2004 when I had an accident that has left me with a spinal cord injury. Since then, my weight has gone up from 130-135 to where I am today. I used to have it all under control because it took me 2 yrs to get from 285 down to 135ish. And then I kept it off for over 6 yrs. and then the accident put me in the hospital and rehab. I lost another 10 lbs of muscle in the hospital because I was so focused on getting back. But when I got home and had to start living again, I started killing myself with the food. So here I am. Wanting to get back to my "fighting weight". Care to help me and let me help you?

36 year old with two kids, 10 and 12. We love doing fun things outdoors. My favorite is swimming. I have lots of animals and I also home-school- so life is busy but fun.

I'll be 61 this year. I have two grown children, both married. My husband and I are really enjoying the grandchildren, like traveling, kayaking. I'm still working as a court reporter, but work has dropped off so it's a good time to concentrate on health and wellness. A friend introduced me to watercolor painting and that's been something new to explore that's fun.

46 yr old full time worker, menopausal weight gain, caring for parents. I am constantly on the go for volunteer work or other responsibilities. I eat 70% good but can't seem to lose the weight. Frustrated and want a change

Married, in my 50's

32 yr old stay-at-home mother of 3 kids ages 7,4, and 1. I used to hate running, but now I like it. I like to read, sew, and travel. I love being outside in sunny weather.

I'm 31 years old, 5'4, 160 pounds and I often feel that I use my weight as an excuse for not taking the next steps in my life. I have grit and determination when it comes to my career, but not when it comes to fighting for my personal life. I'm trying to overcome that, I'm taking a big leap and moving to Australia in May. :)

40 year old mom with IBS, migraines and auto-immune disorders. Always Gluten and dairy free (migraines are so much better!) Mostly grain free w/ tons of veggies. My meals are super healthy, but I want to clean up the little things that add up in between.

I am 49 yrs young about 30 lbs overweight. Have been married to my wonderful husband 25 years. I have 4 beautiful children and 1 absolutely adorable granddaughter.

Professional IT Director

I'm 22 years old and love learning about nutrition. I am ready to change my body and to become more connected with the foods I choose to eat.

I'm 43 years old and work long hours in a stressful environment as a director of IT engineering in the federal government. Not much time to play or relax or get outside! In the last 10 years I spiraled upwards to a crazy high of 220+ Lbs and it's time to figure out what happened and course-correct!

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