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Wife, mother of one, stepmom to two, working through work-life balance. Love coffee and wine nights with the girl friends. In the summer we love to hike, have friends for BBQs, and I enjoy gardening. In the winter we love to downhill ski and have friends for dinner parties. My stepsons live mostly with their mother, so it's primarily my four-year-old keeping us running. Love life!

Married, two loveable fur-babies.

A year ago I was doing really well - getting up early to work out, following the Cheat System and doing a cleanse every few months. In the past 9 months I have completely stopped working out, eaten poorly and have gained back all my previous weight (60 lbs). I can't go on like this - I need to stop beating myself up and just get back on track!!

age 57, 5'6 or 168 cm tall, average build.

28 year old female doctor -juggling busy work schedule and time for myself. Recently single, I decided I need to focus more on myself and my wellbeing. Love to travel and wine nights

I am a 22 year old living at home with parents next to no social life or family life. I have generealised anxiety and social anxiety. I dont have a job and am not in education.

I am a college student who recently joined the Army. Once I graduate I will have to serve for 4 years but before I can do that I have to pass the weight standards. During my initial check-in I weighed 172lbs and barely passed. Now I know I won't pass unless I do something about it. I'm a very fit and active person, but am still overweight. Even though I have a bunch of healthy food in my house I like to snack and have a tendency to overeat. I'm hoping that this group will help keep me more accountable.

Currently going back to school to be a art therapist. Also in cancer remission so I really want to get back to being healthy.

I am a 47 year old mom of three teens. While I use to be very active when the kids were young, now I am a couch potato and feeling sluggish. My life is a bit crazy after gaining my Bachelors in Arts as a non-traditional student. The jobs just are not there for me and I am tired of going from one contract, short-term job to another. I find I am in a rut and that attitude is showing on my belly and hips! Ugh!

im whitney im 20 years old and have struggles with my weight for a a while, i am now a size 22 and 18 stone in weight, i have tryed many things, last year my grandmother passed away which made things more differcult.

I am 51 yrs old with 4 children. Several years ago I managed to go from 208lbs down to about 120lbs mainly through exercise. Due some injuries and health issues I fell off the "fitness wagon" and find myself at an astounding 220lbs.

I am motivated to have healthy eating habits, but sometimes, fall back into my old ways of eating. Looking for greater consistency of healthy eating habits. I am over fifty and I exercise about 5-6 times a week. My favorite group exercise is Jazzercise.

I have tried going on really strict diets, and would try to work out here and there but nothing really stuck and I couldn't reach the goals I've wanted since I started 9th grade ( when I really started letting go)

I am 62 years old, retired from the USPS and live a pretty sedentary life.

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I'm at college student. I'm constantly stressed out from school and work. I just got lost and now I want to be more active and healthy.

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