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I am 23 and have twin girls that are 3 years old. I am just now been working on my weight since they been born but it is a battle I give up way too easily and need to fix that.

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I'm a manual labourer for a lumber mill in northern Alberta. Mother of 1 (3 y.o.).

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51 years young, trying to lose the weight i gained over the past 8 months due to menopause

This is Steve Smith, a healthcare professional. It is my passion to frame articles and blogs that can help common people. I am a keen health freak, and I practice kick boxing and cycling. I believe in maintaining healthy mind and body, and the basic way to sustain health is through nutritious diet and exercise.

I have struggled with my weight all my life! I'm 38 and the health issues started to appear like gastritis, an injured knee (turns out there's edema), depression

I'm 35, married and a Mom to a 3.5 year old and an 9 month old. I work full time and am having a really hard time getting rid of the last 25 lbs I need to lose to feel fit again.

62 in March; a variety of professions behind me; gardens and travel in my future.

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I'm a stress eater. I've been struggling with weight issues for thirty years. During periods of stress (grad school, bad relationship, running my own law firm) my weight soars. When I offload the stress, my weight goes down. I am sick to pieces of always feeling like I hate myself for lack of discipline or whatever, hating to have pictures made, etc. I want to feel GOOD about myself and get down to a reasonable weight and enjoy life!

I am a wife, mother, small business owner and former figure competitor. I know what it takes for my body to lose weight and get in shape. My obstacle is me. When I was competing I had a trainer to hold me accountable and it was the key to my success. I have the knowledge of how I need to eat and exercise, but I need a kick in the butt more often now to stay on track.

I have trouble with gaining weight because of the medicine I take.

I am a mom of 2 beautiful, crazy, active kids who suffers from various chronic illnesses. My illnesses make it difficult for me to be as active as I would like and I often turn to food for comfort.

I am a 67 year old grandmother of 2 wonderful kids. Over the last 10 years my weight has ballooned to 229 pounds. 20 years ago I weighed 110 pounds. I have a bad back and bad knees from a very active life style when I was younger so am unable to exercise very much. I am also under a lot of stress!

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I have struggled with being overweight since childhood. I had gastric bypass and was successful for 9 years. However, in the past couple years i continue to gain.

I'm 19, nearly 20 years old. I've been struggling to lose weight ever since i can remember.

I'm 26, 5'1" and 115-120lbs. I've always been struggling with weight and unhealthy eating habits. I have made a lot of progress in the recent years but have been struggling for the last few months. I really hope to find a way to stick to it this time and turn it into a life style change rather than a diet.

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I will be 60 in July.Ugh! I weigh 185 now. I am a nurse with a 5-day-a-week-supervisory job. I am so sluggish bcse of my weight and I tire so easily. I HATE salads-help! I find it very hard to move (walk/run) and exercise (free/weights).

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