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Gujarat 10th Results 2017 :Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education will lead the 10th public exams in March/April this year.The board is in readiness to lead 10th exams soon in the near future.The board is now busy scheduling the exam timetable for the public exams.All the students must get ready to take the exams.The board will soon seek enrollment from the students who are pursuing 10th class in the schools that are affiliated to the board. Gujarat 10th Class Results :Telangana Secondary School Exam Board is sewed-up to pull 10th annual exams for the students of the state.Students who have been studying 10th standard in the schools united schools of the board can get everything set to take the exam that will be most likely held in March this year. Gujarat SSC Results 2017The board is right now preparing for the exam scheduled and date sheets.As soon as it completes it, it will announce it officially to get ready for the exam via its official site.All the affiliated schools of the board and students studying in the schools need to set stage for preparation.

Im a working mum of two and I'm VERY overweight, I've not lost any weight since having my last son 2.5 years ago, I'm really un fit. Im finding time to start a diet and exercise program and kick these pounds once and for all

Struggling to lose weight after having child 3.5 years ago

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I am recently retired. I would like to become part of a group in which members log their daily food and exercise and offer mutual accountabilty and support.

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I am inspired by Tony Robbins's motivation about how to change your life and get more energy by making small choices everyday that will lead to gradual long term weight loss and will increase my vitality for life.

23 years old, university student, loves horse-riding,travelling, singing, reading and spending time with family. Life is too short not to be happy and make the most of opportunities

Single dad, trying not to eat what my skinny six year old does.

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I'm a 40 yr old female. I've always eaten a lot, but I was very active and managed to gain hardly any weight. Now, I'm not as active, steadily gaining weight and it's much harder to loose it.

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