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Profile: Lose 30-50 lbs. and exchange recipes,and support fpr each other.

Last posted: Friday, February 05, 2016, 1:56 PM

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I had been on Weight Watchers for 3 years. I did not get to my goal. I would like to get there now.

I have lost 140 pounds, have maintained it for 2 years within 5 pounds, but the exercise needs to again added.

I'm 22 and just starting my senior year of college. I used to be a competitive soccer player, but after a serious injury 2 years ago, I've been unable to do any contact sports or high-impact exercise. I was used to being able to eat basically whatever I wanted, so because of the lack of exercise (and keeping the same eating habits), I gained about 40 pounds. So basically I'm just trying to get back into shape at least somewhat, and in the process lose some weight!

I am 37 year old mom of a teenager. I am currently not working and I have the time to work out and eat healthy. We recently moved to this area. I am currently doing my masters

I have lived all over the place. I was a competitive swimmer all through my teens so was swimming 5 hours a day and never had to think about weight loss or dieting. I could eat in excess of 3000 calories a day.. it was great:) Anyways injury forced me into retirement and over the last 4 years the weight has crept on. I just moved to Philadelphia, I am getting married to my boyfriend of 6 years next november and I am in a couple weddings next summer so they serve as goals to get my butt into shape again.

I am a 31 yaer old married woman with three kids. I have a highly stressful desk job and my blood pressure is really high.

I am 28 years old and live in Mount Laurel, NJ with my husband of 4 years. I do not have any children...except for my dog, Elvis. I recently lost about 30 pounds but I have been gaining/losing the last 5 for the past few months. I have 15 pounds to go before I reach my goal. I have a carb addiction...I dont like lifting weights....but I'm motivated and focused on my goal. I eat out a lot--trying to cut back. One of my biggest challanges is that I am only 5'0" so 5 pounds on me makes a HUGE difference.

I am 37 years old married with five children.

I'm a designer, and I sit behind a computer most of the day. I believe I am a nice looking female, and I don't look like I weigh as much as I do because I am tall. I'd like to look even better by losing my desired amount of weight.

5'4 - not sure how much I weigh, but am looking forward to fitting nicely in clothes...

I am 25 years old and work for a national non-profit organization as an event planner. I used to be very active and extremely athletic and I think that I thought that would save me from becoming fat. However, it has not...I need to lose the chub and find the muscle hiding underneath it...

I am a 25 year old professional who wants to get back to my pre-college shape.

53 year old male; psychologist; single; need to lose 75 pounds.

I am a 23 year old graduate student in Philadelphia. I lead an active life style, eat well but still cannot seem to stop snacking.

I am a stay at home mom.I like painting and being outdoors.I have a great Husband of 20 years and three great Kids 2 boys 19 and 16 and my little girl who is 10.

My name is Kathy I'm 55 yrs young lol. Mother to three grown sons, mom-mom to six grandsons and one granddaughter. I got very ill in 1997 with Graves Disease-Goiter and I've gained over 40 pounds since.

I am a 50 year old woman who likes bicycle touring. I'm tired of carrying this extra 25 pounds up the hills! I live in Philadelphia without a car, so there's lots of opportunities for me to walk and bike.

I am 36 years old always struggling with weight..but after two kids and 7 years of weight and I are out of control. I am at my highest 220 (last time I was 220 I was 9 months pregnant.) I work full time at a local college and LOVE my job.

I recently moved to Philadelphia and have had a hard time meeting new people. When I do go out with friends, it often involves food and drinks. I have always struggled with weight and although it is only 15lbs, I would like to get healthy now before my bad habits get out of control.

I am 32 I weigh 205 lbs. UNBELIEVABLE! I need to get this weight off I am so uncomfortable with myself! I have 2 wonderful children that I want to be here for them.

I live in the Philadelphia area. I lost around 30 pounds in college, but I've put about 20 of it back on. I recently became a vegetarian, however my laziness in the kitchen leads me to eat mostly carb-based foods.

I'm a 47-year-old single guy who works long hours running my own business.

i am 42 yrs old....5'9 and 280 lbs..i would like to get to 220 because i always felt comfortable at that weigh

I am a realtor in PA. Used to love my job, but I wonder if there is something out there that could be more satisfying? My son is gradutating from high school this week. June 4th 2009......

I'm a 26 year-old nurse who just got out of college for the second time around - where I gained quite a bit of weight and stopped taking care of myself altogether. I'm looking to rediscover my healthier self. :)

I am a 19 yo college student/photographer who wants to lose weight in 09. I am tired of being made fun of, laughed at, or passed up by a guy because I am fat. i wanna lost it, and keep it off!

I'm 24 years old. I had gastric bypass on February 24th. I have lost 40 lbs so far, but have noticed that my weight loss has somewhat plateaued .

My name is Candra, and I'm 25 years old. I'm about 5 '9 - 5'10 and pretty proportionate. However, I've struggled with my weight for quite some time now. As a child, I had asthma really bad. I practically LIVED in the hospital. That prohibitted me from doing several activites. Not to mention that most of the medications for asthmatics have steroids in them. So I practically inflated in my early childhood years. Eventually, I sucked it up, and participated in a lot of sports, and even cheerleading when I was a teenager. That helped keep me fit, so I didn't really look overweight. But as soon as I went to college for Art, and realized that my university didn't even have a gymnasium, fitness program, or anything that involved being physically active, the pounds started to appear like they never had before. I went from weighing about 180 to a whopping 250 pounds over the course of about 5 years. I look back on some of my old pictures and I just can't believe I allowed that to happen. It wasn't until this year that I heard the phrase, "You have to lose 100 pounds" escaping the lips of my primary doctor that I decided to really get serious about my weightloss and my overall fitness. I started a workout group with a close friend of mine and it was very successful up until the heat of the summer impacted on the program. Given that we did outdoor activities, we had to put the program on hold until we could find an indoor facility. Since that setback, I've been amping up the amounts of lean protein I consume, as well as adding lots of green foods to my diet; green beans and salads have become my new best friend. I try to go to the gym at least 4 to 5 days out of week to do intense cardio workouts, as well as making preparations to startup the fitness program again. I hoping to reach my overall goal of 100 pounds, or at least close to it. But I'd be happy if I could lose 50 pounds by August for my family reunion cruise. Wish me luck.

I am 43 yr old mother of 3 (college age). I am 217 lbs again! My first goal is 20lbs with weight watchers help. I am divorced and moved to PA a year ago because of my job. Although this was a tough choice, but a great opportunity, it has me sitting in a cubicle 8-10 hours a day! I went from being a very active event planner to a desk job overseeing 40 plus planners and the stress that goes with it all in corporate life..and the weight gain!

I'm 33 years old, married, living in Philadelphia. I was always thin and athletic until about 4 or so years ago when I just stopped really paying attention to what I ate and stopped working out regularly (for no real reason--I wasn't injured, sick, etc). I need motivation.

I'm 45 years old, have a husband and 3 very busy children, work full-time, and am having trouble getting motivated to start living healthier.

Mother of 2 with a full time job which is very stressful. Over the last couple of years I have allowed myself to get lost in the everyday things. I am in the habit of putting things off until tomorrow....

32 year old houswife that needs motivation. I've been full of excuses and i need to lose 50-60 lbs.

I'm a student, attending university in the heart of Philly. I love meeting new people, performing live music, snowboarding, hiking and hopskotch. I hate intolerance, ignorance, and the fact that I can't afford to see the world. My highest weight was 174, and my lowest was 138. I am a recovering bulimic and I'm on the path to finding happiness the right way. I'm 5'7'' and all I want is to be happy with my body and be able to wear a bikini this summer!

I recently got married and move to the area to live with my husband. I've been struggling a lot with being in a new place and being without my friends and family.

My current weight is 173, I'm 5'7 with a full athletic build. My Goal is to lose 20 lbs.

I am a housewife. I work out a lot and eat well all week. Saturday comes and I binge. I gain back all the weight I lost the previous week in one day. And I love beer.

I'm a 26 year old woman in transition. I have no idea if I'm coming or going by feeling lost in today's society. I cope with eating because that's the only thing I feel like I can control. I don't own a full length mirror and now I'm ready to do something about my weight. I want the support and motivation of others and I’ll return the favor by support and motivation. I'm ready for my new body!

I'm 21 and since graduating high school I've gained about eighty pounds. I'm currently at 211 and a size 14. I was previously a size 6 or 8 and would like to get there again.

I'm a 4'11 32 yr old female who weighs 187lbs and I had a total hysterectomy almost 2 yrs ago before that I was around 130lbs and every active.

I am a 25 year old small business owner and student. I love meeting new people and interacting with people with like-minds as mine:)

I am a 27 year old female, graduate level scholar, and young professional. I am a simple gal who is caring and loyal. It seems that I look at food and gain weight. I am an emotional eater, but have internal, body chemistry levels that make losing weight extra difficult.

I am a 28 year old mom of 2. I work full time in addition to teaching dance at a local recreation center and choreographing for local schools/groups. I put on a lot of weight with my first pregnancy and want to get back in shape to be able to complete a 5k within the next year and also take a dance class. I was really motivated and doing well until about 3 months ago - time to get back on track!

Live in Philadelphia w/ DH, 3 kids, dog, cat and bird. I'm quite busy keeping up with everything.

My name is Jess and I'm 32. I want to lose 35 pounds. And just become healthy overall. I live in New Jersey. But I don't associate myself with those idiots from MTV'S 'Jersey Shore' so don't worry! Lol!

I'm a professional student who eats way too much when stressed. Also, I haven't been great about making time to exercise. I need to get my stuff together, though. My belly is making me miserable!

Mom of 2 beautiful girls. Married for 12 years to a great guy..... Work full time and am the primary bread winner which I think I use as an excuse to use food for the wrong reasons.

55 pounds over goal weight

I am 59 years old and have been with my husband for 17 years. We have been married for the past 7 years. I live in Philadelphia and work full time. I have 1 married daughter and 2 grand children. I enjoy camping in a travel trailer during the summer months.

All in all i am a simple girl in a big city waiting for something amazing to happen in my life.i try to keep most of my personal life to myself.I enjoy to talk a lot, give advice, discuss situations and issues.

I am 24 years old and have always been active, i was a gym rat at one point ans since i left the gym i have been a full time rugby player. In spite of always staying active I have put on 70lbs in the past 3 years by developing poor eating habits that have made me feel overall unhealthy. BUT it is time to get back on track- the hardest part of getting ahead is getting started and i am ready to get the ball rolling!!

I am 21 years old. I am 5 ft 10 and have medium bone structure, I weigh A LOT for my age 203, and it is finally getting to me. I want next year, my final year of college to be perfect. My plan is to loose 30 lbs in 4 months. Then continue with exercise, watching what I eat and maintaining 170 or loosing a little more. SO far in a matter of 2 weeks I have lost about 5lbs. I started counting calories about 3 weeks ago.


30 y/o. Newly registered nurse looking for a job, so I have lots of time on my hands. 3 kids, 1 husband, and a love of bad food.

I am 20 years old 5'8 and I weigh 150(not fit at all) I have been wanting tO get in shape for a very long time. I first noticed a little bit of cellulite appearing on my thighs about a year ago, it was minor so i ignored it- bad bad idea. Now a year later I have full blown cellulite on the back of my thighs and even on my stomach. I am going to eliminate my cellulite, love handles & gut. I am going to get fit & lean.

I work very hard, help many people but never take time for me.

I am smart and funny. I have been overweight my entire life and would like to lose weight with a support system.

Single parent .. I have two small children. Im versatile outgoing and when it comes to my weight has been in the way of my goals on a personal level.

Very obese and is on the path to lose about 100 lbs. I need to get healthy and feel more physically fit; everyday is a drag!

I am 31 years old, I have struggled with my weight my whole life. In November of 2010 I joined a small women's gym in South Philly and since then I have finally found a program that has been working for me. I am down 76 pounds from my highest weight and I still have a long way to go.

Ex-high school football player who has had extensive injuries. Currently sit in a cubicle behind a computer and really want to get myself into the best shape of my life.

Lost 100 pounds about 5 years ago. Still fluctuate between 172 and 192. I use exercise to keep my weight down but that initial feeling of being "thin" has passed and I am just a "new fat"

I live in South Philadelphia and I love it. I work in center city, I'm a pastry chef. It's a labor of love. It makes me happy to feed people.

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