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I have been in a new area / country for two years. I need to reach out and meet more people. I have steadily gained weight over the past 4+ years. This is not fair to me or my partner.

I'm 42, single for 6 years and hardly ever leave the house, usually just to go to work and running errands. I feel so ashamed of the way I look that I don't even see any of my friends any more. UPDATE: This is so very, very sad but I wrote that in 2006 and NOTHING has changed except now I just turned 46, still single and still try to avoid people as much as possible. This makes me really sad.

I am a 39 year old married female.I used to be in good shape,but always thought I was fat.Well now ..I know back then I was actually skinny..."too skinny"I would like to lose about 25lbs.I weigh about 150 now.

I'm a 34 year old single woman, working on a PhD in psychology, and recovering from a marathon-induced injury after which I gained more weight than I thought possible for my body. I lost 25 this past summer and I am trying to lose another 15 pounds -- quickly. I'm 5'9" tall and currently at around 160lbs.

I am 46 years old, and have 3 kids (19,16 and 12). I am married. Over the last 8 years I have gained 50 pounds. I was in an abusive relationship, became depressed and started eating and eating and eating. Before I knew it I was 155 pounds! Now, I am in a healthier relationship and living in a healthier environment, and now's the time to take back my body! Time to get in control of my eating habits.

My name is Lydia and I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter, I have enclosed a picture of us , she was then 4 and I was 31, I'm now 35 and gained approx. 50lbs since ......sad I know, its a work in progress. Just realized I cant post pics. now, but I will as soon as this site allows me. Its always good to see whom your talking to.

My name is Annie, I am 20 years old. I am 5'9" in height and 165lbs I'm in fairly good shape. I haven't been actually what would be defined as "overweight" for years(although I used to be), however, I've never been comfortable with myself. This is why I am committed to losing the weight.

21 year old UVic student who also works and never seems to have time for anything.

I am a music/beat maker, music producer, busy mommy of two brilliant children under age 7, love my lilfe and just need to take more care of myself. I'm 5ft 8in, and I don'tknow my weight, but my legs stay skinny while my muffintop is apparent, and never thought I would ever have one of those, my arms like to get big too, and I am not happy with my face weight, I prob am 150-165, and I blame it on being a mom, as I have always weighed less than 130lbs, I had an amazing diet after my first girl was born and went down to 120lbs, I had lots of muscle, and all the fat was gone off my face and arms and tummy, I looked how I used to look before motherhood.. kept it up for 3 years, then pregnant again, and just have not concentrated on myself at all.

I'm a 26 year old woman - wanting to lose weight to improve the quality of my future life and go against my genetic predisposition for heart disease and diabetes.

35, male, engaged, currently a chef / cook - trying to get out of the industry

Newbie to the fitness scene. I started with a personal trainer April 28th but can't afford to keep it up but I am dertermined to suceed. I've enjoy learning about fitness in general. Whether it is about techniques, muscle groups, best excersie to target certain groups. I find it interesting.

I have struggled with weight since about grade 10...I was around 200 and then started yo yoing from 200 to 250 to 200 the last eight years....I seriously gain 50, lose 50.

I'm a new Dental Hygienist, wife of 5.5 years and mother of a lovely 2 year old daughter.

im 31 female, living in white rock bc

I'm 35 years-old, single, and have always battled my weight. I don't know what I weigh right now, but as I've struggled with eating disorders (bulimia & exercise bulimia), numbers freak me out, and quite frankly -- I don't want to know exactly how much I weigh! I'm 5'6" tall, and am guessing that I weigh about 175-185 lbs right now. During my early-mid 20's, I successfully lost about 80 lbs. I accomplished this on my own, losing weight in increments, following an old Weight Watchers menu, and hitting the gym (a lot). I became neurotic about my weight loss, and had whittled myself down into a sizes 4 & 6 ("fat" by the standards of the fashion & film industries). I looked awesome, but later averaged-out to an ideal weight of about 155 lbs. Over the past four or so years, I have struggled with depression & grief, and done a whole lotta emotional eating & binge drinking. Not only did I gain back all of the weight that I'd worked so hard to lose, but more! Two years ago, I was wearing sizes 18-20, but without effort, dropped some weight, and was in a 16. I joined Weight Watchers with good intent, but attended only one meeting, where I was horrified to see that I weighed 220 lbs. (I thought I was about 190 lb) Now, I've dropped a bit of weight again, am in a 12-14, and don't want to upset myself by jumping on the scale. I definitely need to lose at least 40 lbs, to be at the high end of my ideal weight range (124-155 lbs). I'd LIKE to lose more, but right now, am aiming for 20 lbs. I am tired of feeling embarrassed & ashamed. I want my pride, confidence, and self-esteem to return.

I'm happy in most aspects of my life. I'm engaged to a nice guy. I work in R&D for a food company as a food technician. Can be stressful, but also rewarding. I like living in the city most of the time, but I really miss the easy access to the outdoors I had when living on the Island.

I like reading, music. Working with a temp. agency for now. Would like to get back into weight training.

I am 33 years old, full-time working mom of two young kids ages 5 1/2 and 3 yrs old. My husband also works full-time, we have an international home-stay student with us, and we have a dog. Life in my house is very busy. But, I am TOTALLY BURNT OUT. Current Weight: 180 pnds. My family is all supportive of me losing weight, but anytime the topic comes up, I feel depressed about it, and like I'm being criticized.

I have had 8 years of hormone havoc! I have done and tried everything, humanly possible and was told this entire time... it was in my diet, or my exercise! I have had an extremely active life, have never had a problem with weight. And now, here I am 8 years after tying everything possible... to find the conclusion is that I entered into peri-menopause at an earlier than normal time. If only you knew what I have gone through. Please don't judge me, I know my 8 years is nothing to some of you... but I hope you can be open enough to understand.... it was EVERYTHING to me! And I really need help to get through this.

I'm 36 years old, 6'1.5" tall and on Dec. 31st, 2009 I weighed 334 lbs. On New Year's I looked back on the decade that was and looked forward to the decade to come. I turn 40 in this decade and for a guy my size, the forties can bring alot of health problems, leading to an early death in my fifties or sixties. It is unacceptable that I am done more than half my life when I havent done half of my living!

I’m David Moore, and I’m a certified personal trainer, my purpose is to reach as many people as possible — to share my passion and training system to help people lead a healthier, fit, and transformed life.

I am a mom of 2 little girls and I am tired of fighting the weight battle. How do i teach me girls to love yourself when i don't

I am a 28 year old female with Fibromyalgia from British Columbia, Canada. I am a culinary grad (although not a chef, and no longer able to work in the field). I have been at least a bit overweight at any time since my preteen years, with many years in my adult life spent as an obese person. Twice, I have lost significant amounts of weight and built up my muscle mass (first time, lost 70 lbs; second time, 44 lbs), only to eventually gain the weight back because I succumbed to stressful life situations by coping with junk food. The first time I succumbed was following a motor vehicle accident (from which I developed the Fibromyalgia), the other was from stress from other life situations, combined with a difficulty in keeping up exercise and healthy eating through several Fibromyalgia-related setbacks.

Hi Everyone! I'm a 41 year old single woman with no kids. I have all the time in the world to devote to myself and my own health, yet my weight and my relationship to food and consistent exercise have been my nemesis for as long as I can remember! I have been successful only once in dropping the weight, and even then I sabotaged myself on the doorstep of reaching my goal.... I stumbled across this site a few months ago and started doing a lot of reading. I am incredibly impressed with the quality of information being offered on health, nutrition and fitness. I started on the Cheat System and was doing really well, but then started sabotaging myself all over the place. Really struggling to overcome my all-or-nothing mentality. I also feel like I lack the discipine to say "NO" to myself. Definitely need the support of others, as I often try to do things on my own.

I am 28 years old, no kids yet, live with my partner. I was born and raised in Haiti until the age of 17; and moved to Vancouver 2 years ago from New York. I would like to meet others with similar goals for support, physical activities, and socializing. PS - I go to Trout Lake Community Centre, where they have various cycling classes, and just signed up for a series of bootcamp classes here in vancouver.

I'm a mid-20's new grad student. I'm petite and have a family history of diabetes (and being overweight)-- currently all of my relatives over the age of 40 either have it or are at risk-- and I'd like to avoid daily self-mutilation with needles if at all possible. I'd also like to bid adieu to the startling recent protrusion which, left unattended, looks like it could develop into a double chin. No children, but one sassy cat who expects the pampering of an infant.

Hi my name is Brandi and I live in a tiny town in Northern BC Canada. I have been here for five years but am planning to move to a bigger city within the year. I have 3 adorable kitty's. Before I moved here I was very active so my weight was healthy but since I moved I have lost my motivation to get out and be active. In the last 5 years I have gained over 70 pounds which puts me at just over 200 pounds…and I’m only 5’ tall!!! I don’t like what I see in the mirror anymore. I used to walk everywhere and loved activities that got my heart rate up. I used to live in Hamilton Ontario Canada and at the very end of a street named Wentworth were these stairs named the Wentworth Stairs. It was over 500 stars straight up a huge steep hill with a break in the middle where a highway goes through. I used those stairs all the time at one point right before I moved away going up 10 000 stairs and going down 10 000 stairs in a matter of a few hours almost every day…I loved it because I met so many others that did the same thing. But when I moved out of the province I found I wasn’t into doing as much as when I had access to the stairs. I managed to maintain my weight give or take for a good 8 years or so then I started to be at home more and once I was at home more I starting eating more. Not just a little bit here and there but huge quantities. I loooove food and I looove to cook but instead of cooking just for one I would cook for 4 or 5 and eat everything in two or three days. I have been binging on food for the last 5 years + and its starting to take its toll. Especially since I now work from home and only get out of the house maybe 4 or 5 times a month!!! Two years ago I got a second job cleaning hotel rooms …not for the money…mainly I wanted to get out of my place and be a bit more active. I was able to do that for 4 months and ended up losing almost 30 pounds. Unfortunately the commute was to long…2 hours of travel time daily…and I found that by the time I got home after being gone for ten hours I dreaded having to start another 8 hour + shift with my main night job. Needless to say I gained all the weight I had lost and then some. Last year I bought a second hand manual treadmill. I did try and I liked it but I found that because I am by myself I wouldn’t go more than 5 minutes without stopping…eventually never to get back on. Then the belt on it started to jam and died on me. It was then that I knew that I couldn’t do this alone…it was time I looked for help. The last 6 or 7 months I have been trying to find someone within my area to either go on walk/runs …but so far I have only found one person who said she wanted to exercise with me…she said she would call me the next day and still haven’t heard from her and its been over a month. I also got in touch with a certified personal trainer and offered to pay her so much a month to work out with me 3 – 4 days a week…she said she would call me and has been over a month for her as well. Here’s the thing with me…If I am by myself I won’t do it. BUT…if I have a buddy or if I know someone is watching me I will push myself to get done what I set out to accomplish!!! Yes there are gyms and running clubs and sports stuff going on here but I don’t like being around crowds of people…it freaks me out so just one or two people being around me for accountability purposes is perfect. I have lost a ton of weight before and I am more than ready to do it again…I am actually purchasing an elliptical machine on or around September 26th 2012. Since I can find nobody here in my location to go out walk/running with me I am going to try and do the next best thing. I am looking for on line buddies who would like to Skype with me and work out at the same time!!! To start I am thinking ½ hour workouts to start but eventually within 3 – 4 weeks I would like to be able to do 45 Minute – 1 hour sessions!!! I work nights so my ideal times would be 6 00 am est - 8 00 est – but am flexible and willing to do different times if needed. I want only those who are reliable and won’t come up with a thousand excuses as to why they don’t want to do it. I’m hoping I can find a few people at least who think this is a good idea and are willing to exercise with me via Skype. Even if you’re only available 1 day a week or 7 days a week I will be happy! I’m not looking to go public or be on a tv show and I am also not into getting screamed and yelled at for motivation purposes. If you are reading this and are interested please send me a message and I will be in touch!!! I’m not a drama queen and I am easy going. If you are interested your more than welcome to email me at or leave me a message through here and tell me a bit about yourself and email. Cheers Brandi

I am 37, married with 1 child and would like another but would like my ass size smaller PLEASE

Living in the Great Wet North, attempting to heal my gut, get active and gain healthy weight. Knitter/spinner/weaver, eclectically religious, Abe-Hicks fan, "Flybaby," wannabe gourmet nutritarian, fitbit user, mildly cat obsessed, recovering sugar addict & screen addict... I am new and still trying to figure out how this works!

My most recent health challenge was breast cancer in 2011. I had surgery but no chemo or radiation. I am a member of Inspire Health integrative Cancer care clinic using therapies for body healing e.g. acupuncture, diet, meditation, exercise etc. My background is nursing; author; Cordon Bleu trained chef, which incorporated live and media shows back before cable was established. I am now enjoying a new, full life in retirement, and trying to attain optimum wellness.

38 Chinese male, 6ft 3in tall and currently 270-280lbs

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