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Team Name: Democrats Unite!
Members: 24
Location: Anytown, DC 20500


Profile: Lose the weight...Lose the Republicans! This group is for anyone who wants to kick butt losing weight and kick Republican butt out of Washington. We did in '06 - now we are looking to '08!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:55 AM

Other Info: The purpose of this forum is to make a wonderful community where we can come together, bond and inspire each to do better each day -- and HAVE FUN doing it!

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I work in Washington DC and was just accepted into graduate school and am ready for changes!!!

I'm 24 and need to lose at least 30lbs. The key for me is exercise and it has been quite difficult since working full time.

22 year old, recent college graduate, enjoys trying new things, excited about my future!

I'm a married twenty-something who currently weighs around 230 pounds. In school, I was headed towards a career as a professional dancer. At 19, I ruined my right knee and had a surgery to repair it. I left school, left my dreams, became very depressed and gained over 100 pounds. My weight has been creeping up every year since then and I haven't been able to do anything about it.

I'm a 26 yo woman in Seattle. I work in politics and have a pretty busy job where I usually sit on my duff all day long.

About to hit the big 30. I live in NY, work full time, taking some classes at night. very outgoing. I need to make changes- I am working very hard at it.

i used to be trim and petite. I am still petite but not so trim anymore

I am a 26 year old female and would like to lose 15 pounds. I enjoy working out but oftentimes lack motivation. I have a personal trainer, too. I just need to get my eating habits under control and limit alcohol (surprisingly, I enjoy the occasional gin and tonic). Also. most of my motivation to lose weight comes from a desire to look great in my clothes. Okay, maybe not the best reason, but a good one, I think!

I live in Auburn with my wife Toby and my daughter Kalen. Until now our time in the evening has been spent largely eating snacks and watching TV. We would like to replace those habits with healthy, productive ones.

I'm 30 year old mother of one little boy. I'm constantly striving to be better and looking for support.

I just turned 37 and am feeling it everywhere. This has been a good but difficult year. Getting into graduate school, being in a good relationship, making good friends but the weight gain has brought me much stress, strain, depression and physical limitations.

I'm 42, commute 40 miles to my job as a lobbyist for a university, got married for the first time two years ago. I've always been active: played sports in high school and college and never had to worry much about my weight -- as long as I stayed active -- until about age 35. I'm a good cook and love to entertain. Getting married seems to have compounded everything: we moved out of the city, so I can't walk to work; I don't stop at the gym on the way to/from work because my commute is so long (and I actually like coming home!); my husband is one of those naturally thin people who doesn't exercise....

I love living in Seattle and I traveling around Latin America.

Finishing a doctoral dissertation, and hope to one day work in management of an international organization. Had emergency open-heart surgery followed by a stroke a year ago (an unknown genetic problem - cardiovascular system is healthy). Prior to that, I struggled with a little extra weight for a decade, only to gain rather than lose over a second decade, ending up at nearly 280 at 6'2". I finally developed a baby-step system last year (1st day - walk 1 minute; 1st week - cut 100 calories from daily diet), and lost slowly until hitting my stride and losing 35 pounds in three months. Then I lost 40 pounds during my month and a half in the hospital (a breathing-tube-and-I.V. diet is not one I wholeheartedly recommend). In the year of recovery, I've lost 15 more pounds and then regained 10 Thanksgiving to New Year's and am now dead-serious again. At 43 and about to enter the post-Doc job market and ask my girlfriend to marry me in Paris, I'm looking forward to remaining young and healthy for decades to come and to travel the world and enjoy cuisines from my Southern Californian guacamole and margaraitas to the truffles and foie gras from southwestern France where I spent almost two years. The Democrat presidential candidates have restored hope, and I'm motivated to give my girlfriend the 42-year-old Brad Pitt's abs that I am now convinced I can develop.

I am 48 years old, I work form home have 2 kids and a husband - I work form home but also travel a lot --I have gained about 50 pounds in the last 4 years since I took this job. I am now ready to get rid of the weight and start using my schedule as a benefit -- planning exercisisng, etc.

I'm a writer, by day 9-5, a technical writer. I also write for an Entertainment magazine and I write a monthly humor column. I'm a Mom of with my boyfriend and together we are raising 4 with our ex's..yeah, it's all very Brady!

I am 47-years-old. I have two podcasts--I never thought that I would ever get people to listen to me but it's really fun and I am getting more listeners all the time, who'd a thunk? I also have mad Photoshop skills and work in a photo lab. I have two beautiful and brilliant daughters--one in college and one in middle school and a sweetheart of a husband who is the perfect man for me. I also perform in a local Rocky Horror cast as Dr. Frank-n-furter, Riff Raff or Magenta (our cast obviously isn't screen-accurate).

I am married, the mother or 4 and grandmother or 4 and a 5th is coming soon. I work 20 hours a week on an interesting project outside the house and i work with my husband in his homebased business. My time is flexible in both places.

I'm a 20 year old college student at Nebraska. I've been chubby since grade school and i finally want to buckle down and lose the extra weight. I really want to be healthier and of course look good in cute clothes! I've been on numerous diets, but can never quite stick to it. I hope here I can get the encouragement I need to finally reach my goals.

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