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Profile: Didn't Kirstie Alley look great in her bikini reveal on the Oprah show? Hi Everyone! Welcome! I was thinking about having everyone take a picture of them self now (in a bikini or with minimal clothing) and then keeping it with you. By summer time, we can post our before and after shots. In the meantime, you should also keep a picture to help motivate, inspire and remind you of where you want to be by Summer 2007. This can be an old pic of yourself, a picture from a fitness magazine, a picture of your favorite celebrity - any visual to help keep you moving forward. Let's support and motivate each other during our journey toward a body we feel comfortable revealing in a bikini! Newbies - please read through the Community tab to find out how this team works. OFFICIAL BIKINI REVEAL SUMMER 2007 DATE IS JUNE 21, 2007!!!

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im a manhattan chic who wants some accountability for the whole diet/excercise thing.

I am 27 years old,have been married for 10 years and have one child.About 4 years ago I lost around 40 pounds from my pregnancy but have gained that and more back.I am a stay at home mom so the times I am at home alone are the hardest but I am dedicated and am excited to have started back eating healthier and exercisign.I am 5'1" and as of right now weigh 172.

I've always been a bit on the bigger side, but recently I've started packing on the pounds. I know this is due to my lifestyle, so I'm trying to change it. Also, I want to see if I can actually get down to a bikini weight.

I am a single mom of 2 teens! I work hard and I play hard! I want to shop in regular stores! I am 5'9" and 262. Its hard for me to take off the pounds even with exercising but I will not give up! I am having fun right now with life!

I am a 22 yr. old nanny/ nursing student. When I started school i really started to gain weight. The 8hr sitting in classroom not moving and just eating. Nursing students are very unhealthy. I am in love with a guy but I wont let him know how i feel until i am in the at my physical and goal weight

I am 28 years old and a wife and mother. I work full-time for a real estate company and will go back to school in January part-time. I am driven and determined - I love to stay busy. I am also quite crafty - I love to sew and knit, to name a few.

I am a 33 year old single mother of 2. I work 2 jobs, work out and try to have a small social life. I am very tired alot and I don't eat healthy most of the time. I'm slightly overweight for my height. My optimum weight is 120 lbs. I am 25 lbs away from that goal.

I work at a sporting goods store and I'm going to school for dental hygiene. I try to workout when i can but because i do get busy it can be difficult! sometimes im at work alll day long so by the time im off im totally famished and just want to eat everything

My name i s Andrea. I was a ballerina and cheerleader in high school. I lost all my weight after having my first child at the age of 25, put a bit on after my second at age 26, and then at age 28 I had a surgery that kept me bedridden for two months and then the weight began to come on. I wear a size 18 and would like to get down to a size 14. I enjoy music, reading, writing, loads of anime, watching movies, playing the piano, and being a Mommy. I have been married for almost 13 years. I turned 33 years old on March 29th and am so disgusted in my appearance. I don't want to turn 34 looking like this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I enjoy music (H.I.M., My Chem. Romance, My Dying Bride, Atreyu), playing classical piano, reading, writing, RPG's (champions, D&D, VtM, Exalted, OMNI), watching movies, ANIME!!!!, and anything I can do with my kids. I also serve as case manager on a certified Ghost Hunting Society

58 yrs young, Just lost my job that I'd been at for the last 7 years so I have lots of time now to take this weight off.

5"10 152 pounds, want to be a lean 110 pounds, with smaller bustwaist hip measurements, ie 302430

I am 28 years old and live in Mount Laurel, NJ with my husband of 4 years. I do not have any children...except for my dog, Elvis. I recently lost about 30 pounds but I have been gaining/losing the last 5 for the past few months. I have 15 pounds to go before I reach my goal. I have a carb addiction...I dont like lifting weights....but I'm motivated and focused on my goal. I eat out a lot--trying to cut back. One of my biggest challanges is that I am only 5'0" so 5 pounds on me makes a HUGE difference.

I am 28 years old and a freelance Graphic Designer. I am finishing up my BA in Visual Communications in June. A book that I illustrated is being released in May.

I like long walks on the beach and cult religions.

Im 23 returning to school to get my BA. I would like to get down to my goal weight by may 1st . I enjoy hiking,reading, volley ball, I'm pretty active for the most part , Latley I've been lazy. I have trouble staying motivated and I get bored with my work outs.

I am 28 years old, married, and the mother of a wonderful 6 month old baby boy. I gained 60lbs while I was pregnant and have lost all but 15lbs of it. I work full-time and go to school part-time for my MA.

i'm a 19 y.o. college student (first year). i was always the fat one in my family and i've never been thin in my life. in the beginning of high school i started working out and lost some weight. This made me more confident and i was outgoing because of it. However, I started gaining weight (because i went into semi-depression in my junior year). I kept to myself, stopped going out at night, and never made the effort to meet new people. Now I've become too comfortable with those habits and I feel like I need to get a boost in life. I think working out, firming up, and losing weight will do the trick because when I exercise I feel like I've accomplished something and it gives me a confidence boost. i hope you all will help me do this and i hope i can do the same for you : )

im a 17 year old chick from Australia , who comes from an entire family almost ,struggling with weight. (my 14 yo bro eats whatever the hell he wants and stays skinny). im an artist in year 12 next year in January , i like 60's and 70's music but my fave band is blondie and my fave food is lasagne

I'm 17 and in high school. I work a lot and I'm always busy either at work or running errands. I'm not like most 17 year olds who are in a lot of clubs - - I really don't have time for that, I pay my own bills and take care of anything I need. I just hope to find support from my group.

im living in japan and im 23.. the food is healthy here but it doesnt help if you bring your old eating habits here. i just want to feel great when i look in the mirror. I am 27 now...still living in Japan. I am a bit lighter but I am on the road to losing 35 pounds. I can see my goal very clearly...

I'm 45, single, two grown up sons and several grandkids. I quilty on emotional eating, I love food, its sometime like going on a date, I tend to think of my next meal.

I live in London, am very tall and very loud and am a graphic design student. I love living in London apart from the appalling rent prices and enjoy knitting and listening to David Bowie (sometimes both at the same time!). I also like Elton John. I know, embarrasing right? His 70s stuff is awesome, shut up! I also like food. Obviously.

I am 41, soon to be divorced, and a working mother of 3 young children (8, 6, and 3). I was the fittest I've ever been between my 2nd and 3rd children, then learned there'd be a bonus baby and ballooned. I dropped about 20 pounds between August 04 and March 05, but rapidly gained all that back when I stopped nursing, turned 40, and my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I think I'm having a midlife crisis and want to at least feel better about myself while I figure out my relationships.

I'm a 21-year-old literature student ready to finally lose the weight and get in shape!

Well my name is Kezia i'm 17 and i love to dance its my life. I'm going to be studying to be either a childrens nurse or a social worker for children. Right now i'm working as a teachers aid in an elementary school.

I am a 30 year mother of one little two year old girl. I have been married to my husband of 9 years. I currently work 30 to 40 hours a week. I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and have tried to start a tri training program. I am also hoping it will help me drop some weight. I just cann't seem to get the scale to move. No matter how much I move the scale doesn't it is frustrating. I hope this helps...

i am 23 yrs old & i have recently improved on the excercise & fitness aspect. im at the gym 4-6 times a week doing various different cardio/weight training activities. my diet needs alot of work. i feel fat & unattractive all the time.

I love healthy food. But I live for snacks ( a million miniature Milky Ways)

I am 34 years old, married, with 2 kids, ages 2 and 5. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I am 70 pounds heavier than I'd like to be. I really enjoy running and started racing in 2004. I have done 5Ks, 10ks, 8k trail race, 10 mile races, four half marathons, and a full marathon. I have a lot of self motivation when it comes to exercise but not when it comes to food. I really have to put in a lot of effort to watch how much I eat, but when I do I really see results....if only I could just keep it up.

student with busy class schedule. don't have time to really think long and hard about food choices and such. i usually keep something up for a week or two and then feel too stressed out about school to keep focusing on how to eat.

I'm in my mid-20s and am a vegetarian. I'm in grad school (again) and work part-time. I tend to obsess over things--and not in a good way!

Im the wife of a US Sailor! the mother of a beautiful baby girl && the stop mother of a little recruit in training. Im studying to be a nutritionist && working pt time. my husband is being deployed this may, so i want to look && feel my absolute best when he comes back!

I'm a single 24 yrs student who weighs 135 ponds. I love my body now because I have started working out regularly and my attitude has changed since. Honestly attitude makes the world of a difference on how you feel about yourself and how others treat you. That's what I'm finding out and working out keeps it high. (Until I eat a chocolate cake)

I am a college student in the Boston area.

Hello! Im 21 year old seniro at Eastern Michigan University. I used to be in great shape, even in my beginning of college. However, as soon as 2004 hit, it went downhill. I made up excuses, life was rough for awhile, but im paying for it now. Im 5'3" 170lbs with a BMI of 30.1. So im not obesse, but overweight. Im very unhappy with myself, I have lost of most of my self confidence. I know looks arent anything, but I miss being the person all the guys drooled over. More importantly, I miss my ankles not hurting by the extra weight, I miss not being exhausted just walking up the stairs. Both of my parents used to be heavier, but my mom has lost 160 lbs at curves and my dad just had gastropic bypass surgery. I dont ever want to get to the point, where I cant move. Im not evne close, but it alreayd freaks me out, that this body is not mine, and people dont recognize me. In highschool, I was very active, dual sported every season with Cross Country being my favorite. I hope to get into that body agian. oh yeah, off subject, but I have a huge rubber duck collection.

I am 23 years old, and a recent college graduate. I love being outside and activity. Due to my weight gain I have found myslef more reserved than I use to be and uncomfortable in social situations. I want to be the outgoing, fun loving girl that I am. But in order to do that I need to gain control of my food and lose weight.

I'm a 240 Lbs mother of three. two girls and a 12 months old boy. Married for 7 years. I am outgoing and talkative and fun to be around. A great person to count to on when the hard times come. I aspire to be in a triathlon and then do a walk for a cure(breast cancer) posibly here in D.C. I want to be a roll model for those that feel they can't.

5'4, 28 year old female from Prince Edward Island Canada. Mom of 2. I've lost 119 lbs in the last 2 years. Gone from 264.5 lbs to 145.5 lbs. I would like to reach ~135-140 and get really toned.

I love the arts...........and cooking and swimming!

I'm a 28 year old mother of one. I'm married and I work from home part time. My weight right now is 166 and I haven't been this big since I was pregnant with my son almost 10 years ago. I've always had problems with my weight, but I was always able to shed the extra pounds. Now I put the weight on and it keeps going up. I think that most of my weight problems are due to the fact that I'm depressed and all I do is sit at home on the couch and have no energy. I want to get back down to a size 5 : ) I don't eat healty and I drink lots of soda. Junk food and sweets are one of major problems.

24 year old student who has put everyone else before me. I have been using food as a crutch when I feel anything other than happy, actually I eat then too (opps).

I'm 32, married, and I have two children (ages 13 and 11). Well, one is almost 14 now... and my gosh where has the time gone?

I just graduated with a BA in Political Science from Washington State University! Go Cougs! I am starting a sweet career and will be moving to San Francisco in early Feb!

Hi my name is Stacy. I have three kids. I have struggled with my weight for many years now. I started losing when I reached 210. I wanted to be healthy and feel better about myself. I started dieting in 2004 and lost 68lbs over the last year I have gained 20 lbs but am now back on track and have lost 7 lbs on the 30 I plan to lose.

I am 22 and married to a wonderful man. No kids, no pets. I am 5'3" and I weigh 129 pounds. I am not overweight, but my body fat is way too high and am definitely not bikini ready right now. I never have had a "bikini appropriate" body, but this is the year that I'm going to change that. I graduated from college last year with a bachelor's degree in music and I am now working for an insurance company. I love to spend time with my family and I love exercising. Food is my main weakness.

I'm 22 single female workaholic and progressivly gained weight since I moved out on my own at 18. It needs to stop now. I work 3 jobs and take online classes to get ministerial credentials....

22~ ready to get rid of all the extra junk I packed in my trunk, stomach, arms and legs during college and through my "secretary butt" job. I lost 35 lbs last year but have put 20 back on due to crap eating.

i love sports but have a hard time sticking with one. i've tried a lot of different ones: soccer, basketball, softball, dance, riding, you name it, i've tried it. but i get bored too easily. so i decided to try the gym. do you know how much those things cost to go to? way too much for me. i need a way to exersice.

I am a mother of 3 girls, 7,5 and 3. I have always struggled with my weight as a child I was large but in my teens and early twenties managed keep my weight under control at around 105lbs I'm 5ft 1". I put a lot of weight on with my first pregnancy and never got back to my pre pregnancy weight. On my third pregnancy I carried twins to 36 weeks. My second twin Lsa died 4 weeks later. I emotionally ate after that and my weight increased to 1 75lbs. I now weigh 157 lbs. I hate the way I look, Ibut that doesn't seem to be enough to stop me eating!

I am 40 yrs old, Single mom of 2 daughters. One is 18 and in her first year of college, the other is 13 and in 8th grade. I never had a weight problem until after my second daughter was born. Now I am OVER WEIGHT, I want to get back to 128 which is where I was after I had my first daughter.

Now that I am getting closer to my goal I need to find ways to tighten the flab in my abs... If anyone has suggestions please comment me or email me at:

27 y/o female living in the deep south. I work a fairly stressful job in the corporate office of an academic medical center. (This can mean a LOT of sitting at my desk.) I've been living with my boyfriend for the past 18 months and have put on 5 pounds (I had lost 15 in the year that we were dating but not living together) I'm in decent shape right now (135, 5'5") but I would like to lose about 5-10 pounds just to feel better (my "skinny" pants don't look as great as they used to) and also in preparation for the summer.

44 year old teacher, mother of twin juniors in college and a senior in high school. I've struggled with weight my adult life. I've had significant weight loss three times in the last 20 years.

link 24 yr. old law student in the OC with multiple certificates in fitness training, currently training for a triathlon. super couch potato who doesn't get motivated unless someone else is waiting for her to work out.

I'm a stay at home mom since september 2006. I have three boys. Two of them go to school. I joined the gym a couple of months ago and try to go after I drop the boys off to school.

I am a mother of a two year old, i am a college student studying to be a medical administrator, i am obviously overweight and making an effort to get in shape

I am an elementary PE teacher in the Seattle area. My schedule is pretty open which leaves me a lot of time in my schedule to workout and mantain healthy habits. Weekends are a big struggle for me in terms of weight loss because I am with my fiance and even though he is a health nut I tend to eat everything unhealthy in site whenever I am with him. I am getting married June 30th and I am super excited about the wedding!!!

27, single, happy with life, just not my appearance. Clothes are getting more snug each week.

I am computer technician, I am study for take the ccna exam (Cisco).

I am a 20yo college student that is currently trying juggle a social life, working full time, dieting/exercising and going to school. Most people dont know that I absolutely love the outdoors. There is so much I want to do but not really had the opportunity present itself. I enjoy running, dancing, shopping, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and traveling.

I'm 18 years old and just got out of highschool. I attended a semester of college and came back home due to medical reasons for my father. I am currently working two part time jobs and working on getting my body back in shape. Any advice or comments, id appreciate all the help i can get

I am a grad student. I have recently given up meat. I am a noob knitter. I just made myself a hoop and am having fun learning how to work it and practicing tricks.

I have been 145lb for 3 years and was very happy with it. Then, over the last 3 years I've slowly gained the weight, because of the lack of exercise. Now i have to work twice as hard, to get back into shape and to lose the extra pounds.

I'm 22 with a chocolate addiction. I;m getting married to a wonderful Navy officer on October 6th, 2007! I'm an engineer and Virginia Tech Hokie Alumna and fan. I used to be TINY back 5 years ago when I was in high school....ate whatever I wanted, since I ran 40+ miles a week for good old track and cross country....but hae gained about 20 pounds since then and I'd like to lose some of it.

I am 23 years old... I love making handmade jewelry. Still discovering who I am and what I want.. as things change I will update. =)

I am 32 and work in the social services arena.

i am 17 and i weigh 154 lbs i would like to lose a stone and more

I am 27 years old, married 2 years, no kids. My husband and I just moved to South Korea for a year while he is stationed here for the Air Force. I have yo-yo dieted a couple times and want to lose about 30 - 40 pounds. I am approximately 165 - 170 pounds, don't have a scale yet. I have great intentions but I lack a lot of motivation and commitment, I'm hoping being involved in a group will help me with those struggles.

I am 26 years old, a student and an administrative professional.

i am a teenage girl and, like many, i struggle with self image and self definition. the pressures of high school are demanding and i joined peertrainer because i wanted a place to talk with people about losing weight and getting motivated. my reason for this: to be confident and comfortable in my body. and to feel good when wearing a bikini!

I had a baby March '08 and still have not taken all my weight off.

I'm a 39 year-old attorney, married and trying to have a baby for the first time. I have put on 40 pounds since 2004. After begging my doctors to try to find out why I cannot get pregnant, why my hair was falling out and why I have gained weight without changing my diet and exercise, I finally got an answer upon moving to California a few weeks ago. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I just started medication last week. For the first time in three years, my hair has stopped falling out and I feel hope that things may get better. I used to compete in triathlons, but now that I am trying to get pregnant, I am going to change to a lighter workout routine. I love to travel, read, paint, write, cook and listen to music and just about anything outdoors.

Im 18! pretty active, i was a cheerleader for 3 years, i play varsity soccer, run track and also play really outgoing & friendly =) and im excited to drop 15 to 20 pounds.

I am 24 years old and over the last year I have been slowly putting on weight. I just bought a bowflex and I am ready to get in shape!

my name is ashley<3

My son is two this april, and I'm starting work full-time again then. I want to feel better about myself, especially in public. I've always had a poor body image and it's a drag. I've been walking an hour a day 3 times a week since January and feel good about that. This is the next step!

my names Lanna. im almost 16yrs old, 5 '3 and i weigh about 140. I'm your average teen i go to school mostly everyday, and come home at night to my mom and kitty =] im a laid back and down to earth person whos really open minded. I enjoy listening to music, goodtimes, & goodpeople. and i just want to life my life happy.

I am 24, year old graduate student, I work for the university I attend. I was always a smaller person until I hit 21, then it was like my metabolism disappeared and my weight has been yo-yoing ever since. I lost about 25 lbs. last summer but after graduating and beginning grad. school I have gained it all back. I didn't have an excess gain but, I swore I would never get back up to this weight again and sure enough here I am. For some reason my weight has a direct effect on my attitude about life, so I hope to be the happy girl I know I am sooner rather than later.

i love to workout - run, bike and swim. i love to hang out with my fiance and do just about anything outside. i have been to africa and fell in love with the country. i'm studying to be a physician assistant so i plan on doing medical mission work when i graduate in april of 2008.

I am 37 yrs old, married, one child (12 yr old), ... Was in good shape before I got married, then I let myself go. I am 5'6 and 220lbs. I would like to be 150. I don't eat all day, then binge at night.

I am 18 , 5'7, and disgustingly overweight...I used to be very atheletic , I ran atleast 6+ miles each day for the past 3 years and worked out. I love the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, etc But for this year, Ive become extremeley lazy and do not run at all or work out. Ive gained atleast 15 pounds or more and I cant bare to look at my body anymore. I do yoga now, and watch what I eat, all organic, but its not working. I have job at a summer camp, and I will die if I let all of my friends see me like this. I am also going to Israel next year and want to be healthy for it. Please encourage me!

I am a 27 year old that just finished medical school. My passions are pediatric oncology, international medical work, friends, family and travel. I am very active- yoga, spinning, traithlons, one marathon (never again), skiing, tennis, snow shoeing, surfing (not good at it) . . .basically anything that involves being outside having fun.

I'm 28 years old and a mother of two. I stay at home and run my husbands painting company. I have lost weight before but always gain in back. I have a hard time staying motivated. I never felt very fat physically before, it was always just about how I looked, but recently I've been feeling fat. My back hurts, my feet hurt and I'm tired a lot. I need to get these pounds off so I can feel my age instead of feeling old and tired.

I am 23 year old, paralegal. I have put on some weight since starting my job, and am not as active as I used to be. I have a wonderful husband who is going to help me workout. We also have a 2 1/2 year old golden retriever that is like our child.

I'm 31 yrs old, 5'5" and my starting weight is 157lbs. I married 7 years and have a 4 yr old son who's full of energy.

I am currently a student so trying to juggle working out, school, being healthy, money, social life and everything else is hard. I have been trying and trying and trying! I am ready. I love adventures, running, yoga, cooking and learning new things!

I'm Taylor. I am 16 years old and i go to school everyday and work every weekend. Ive been overweight all my life and i wanna look nice in a swimsuit for once. i wanna feel good about myself my goal is 50 lbs so how do i do this with such a busy schedule? i rarely have any time to work out so what do i do?

I'm 22. I officially weigh the most i have ever weighed. 142 pounds.

My name is Kelly and I am 20 years old. I have struggled with my weight throughout my teen years and have tried numerous diets but never stuck with them. I finally made the decision to take off the weight and stick to it to surprise my friends at school and to get healthy. I started two weeks ago and have already lost 6 pounds and feel great! Exercising isn't a big issue for me as I like to swim and play tennis, it is the eating that bothers me. I love all types of food and I do eat when I'm bored which is what I am working on. I am a third year student at Syracuse University and am studying English.

i have brown hair ( long ) only 15 i do exersize lots but nothing happens.

I am a 35yo male, 5'11" 191 lbs. I'm married with 2 boys age 6 and 3. Recently went on 10 year anniversary trip and didn't like what the pictures showed.

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