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Team Name: Team Mud Run 2007
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Location: Fort Worth, TX 76116


Profile: For those of us training for our first Mud Run!!!!! (Oct. 27, 2007)

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 2:00 AM

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I'm a 28 and married with a psychotic cat. I've had success with various dieting systems in the past, Weight Watchers - lost 20 lbs, South beach - got down to 10th grade weight for wedding, etc. None of those allowed me to make the permanent lifestyle eating and exercise changes I needed to be healthy long term. Starting last year I decided to work on one thing, exercise. Then I saw a nutritionist and worked out a healthy eating plan for me. My only problem? Sticking to it.

I'm Ashley-- I am a social worker; age 26. I moved to Hawaii from the DFW, Texas area about 9 months ago. I live with my husband and our 2 dogs in Keaau, near Hilo on the Big Island. 2007 was the year that I got back in shape, partly due to logging here on peertrainer. Well, then I got married after reaching my goals and then some, and then I moved here and stopped being so good! My job was stressful, working with adults with severe mental illness. And I never had the energy to work out after work. Now I have been laid off and am seeking employment, and I need to begin regimines again. It has been winter, the rainy season, and I don't like going outside when it is pouring. I want to get a treadmill so that I have no excuses. Anyway, I began running again in 2007 and did 5ks, 10ks, and my big goal: the Marine Mud Run ( a 10k with lots of obstacles). I never thought I could do it. Now it is 2009, I haven't been on here in over a year, and I am getting big again!!! I don't feel healthy, and I overeat sometimes. That's gotta change, because I want to have a baby soon and have a healthy pregnancy. As a child, my father was a marathon runner, and my mother was a runner, too. My whole family did races together, and I HATED it. My dad would give me a schedule to train by, but I just wanted to play. It has been the reason I had not attempted running since I was 18. I just found a 10k medal from when I was 11. The good thing is, I know if I've done it before, I can do it again! Here is my timeline of issues: Was a healthy weight all through college, even though it did fluctuate fairly often. Graduated, gained a bit of weight, got it off through dieting. Started dating my now-husband, stayed a small size. Got comfortable with this b.f, ate more, & drank beer often :( Quit smoking June 2006. Started working out September 2006, but not seriously. Weighed 174-177 range by December 2006 (my heaviest). This is when I got serious. Dec 06/Jan 07, I started jogging and cross training on different machines. I started lifting weights regularly. But getting back into running was a big deal, because it was something I had sworn I wouldn't do as an adult with free will. Turns out that is what got me finally losing the weight.

Stay-at-home mother of three. Enjoy playing softball, volleyball, running and lifting weights when I can find time.

I'm 27, single. I enjoy playing sports and being outdoors. I have a psychotic cat, too.

I am 40, work in the social service industry, have a husb and 2 kids.

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