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Team Name: Food Allergies & Healthy Eating
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Profile: People with food allergies and sensitivities who want to lose weight and eat healthier.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:34 AM

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30's, married, 2 kids, run a business. I am really starting to get in shape and it took me a long time to get back.

My weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the years. I was lean through college, kept there by long distance running. Heavy after I got married, and slimmed down again when my daughter was about 4. In recent years, I kept pretty slim through heavy workouts and lots of martial arts training until knee surgery a year ago. Now I find food allergies making it harder to lose the extra pounds, mainly because I want things that make me feel bad.

width = height (uggh)

I am 45 years old. I live in northern Michigan, just returned this year; I spent 2 1/2 years in Salt Lake City Utah and 13 years on Whidbey Island in Washington. Interests: partner dance (waltz, contra, zydeco, swing, tango), music (play guitar and sing) and being outdoors (beach, lakes, hiking, cross country skiing ). 5'7" My goal is to weigh between 135 and 150. I am a single mom and taking charge of my life to return to my natural healthy, physically active life and body. Truthfully, I love being active!

70 year old grandfather of 13, doing consulting in Electronics System Engineering, especially in Electronic Warfare. Allergic to lots of foods and environmentals, like dust and smoke. Have found standard allergy treatments to be of no use, but have found autoimmune therapy to be very effective.

I am very outgoing and active in my community. I love movies...too much...I like reading especially health books and cook books. I love to cook and entertain. Cutting wine is a bid deal for me as I like to have it once a week with a good meal. I am hoping to get back to a non-meat diet with only seafood and veggies...I like yoga but haven't done it for years... I need a change...I would like to start the detox March 1st...anybody game? Does require some supplements that I haven't ordered yet as I woudl like a detox partner so I can wait on the March 1st if necessary but don't want to start later than March 5...would like to detox in March as I am on a timeline...April my plan is to get off detox slowly...May eat well..june continue and Jully be close to there with new habits and a new me.:)

I am 23, 5'6", and I've lost about 100 pounds in the last two and a half years. Not a lot of real effort went into the first 40. I'm a manager with Victoria's Secret, and I'm addicted to my job. I love singing, theater, cool restaurants, movies, and reading fiction. My roommate, Josh, is a heavy man and my boyfriend, Marlon, is even heavier. It's hard when they both want to treat me to food all the time. (hard life, right?) I'm a happy girl, and want my exterior to reflect me! I want to be pretty and sexy!

I am a 34 yr old mommy, who decided to do it on her own, of a 4.5 yr old little girl. I feel at this time, I am finally coming into my own, and opening myself up to new options in life. I have gone through some hardships that have taught me a lot, and makes me more appreciative of the smaller thing is life. Weight issues, have been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I am coming to realize that this will be something I will need to deal with on a daily basis, just as someone who has any other type of addiction.

I am a 5' 2", 38 year "young", lacto-vegetarian East Asian (Indian) woman, who has slowly but surely crept back up to a whopping 152 lbs, the heaviest I've ever been! I take full responsibilty for my present physical state, and attribute it entirely to my mind-less eating habits, poor food choices and phycially inactive/somewhat sedentrary lifestyle. It's no longer about merely suriving - it's all about "thriving" now!

II am a 61 year old Grandmother. I weigh 195 lb and until I was 45 I never had a weight problem. Once I became 46 I balloned to 180 lbs. After my mother died I developed pancreaitus and gained more weight. I kept having digestive distress and finally after taking charge of my own health I discovered an alergy to Canola oil. Later I learned that I also have a gluten alergy as well. It is hard to find foods that do not have gluten or canola oil. Dining out is such a chore, I would rather eat at home. Now my legs hurt and arthritus is making it hard to even walk. I need to loose weight and I need encouragement. I work as a cashier and stand for 7 - 8 hours on a cement floor. This is very hard on my legs.

I am an organic kosher chef at a retreat and conference center. I have seven children in my life of whom 5 are married. I specialize in Sephardic cooking and I have a passion for the hospitality business.

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