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Team Name: Eat to Live/ Eat For Health Challenge
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Goals: reduce weight, improve health, reverse disease, improve athletic performance.

Profile: This team is for those who are reading or are willing to read Joel Fuhrman's books, Eat To Live and Eat For Health. The six week challenge involves reducing the consumption of animal products to a minimal amount. Everyone is welcome. Let's get healthy! Let's support each other with shared thoughts, logs, ideas, recipes, tips, and pats on the backs after weigh ins. We also are looking at Dr. Furhman's new MANDI point system which is designed to help people get maximum benefits of his diet without going completely off meat and dairy.

Last posted: Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 7:54 PM

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I am 36 years old, married to my dh since August 2005. I work full time as a teacher. I live in New Jersey, near the shore. I am a Christian and want to honor God by treating my body/His temple in the healthiest way possible: with His foods.

I am 5'7 318lbs with a weight lose goal of 150lbs. I have always been heavy but never weighed so much. I have a 9 year old daughter and a 3 month old daughter. I am struggling to lose weight. I was 289 before I got pregnant and went up to 352. I need lots of help and encouragement. I work full-time and attend online college classes at Strayer University. I eat when I am bored. I love snacking rather than eating a plate of food.

I am married and have one child. As a result of poor eating habits, all of us are overweight. My husband and I need to take charge of our eating and model healthy behavior for our son so that he will understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and be healthy through his adolescence and adult life.

I'm an 18 year old vegan off to college this year, trying to get healthier through a good diet and exercise. I'm living by the Eat to Live plan as much as possible, while still enjoying some of my favourite foods once in a while.

I am a 56 year old married mother of 7 with 10 grandchildren. Have done a lot of things in life that I'm proud of but have not mastered my weight problem. But will, starting today. My new starting date was 1/8/2010. I have lost 15 pounds first time on Peertrainer, now back for more...weightloss that is..

I am 57. I live with my significant other and my two cats. I am an artist. I was always a slim person but after menopause my body doesn't seem like mine anymore.

I'm a married healthcare practitioner who has really let herself go. It started in graduate school and has just gotten worse.

I'm 47, a student, happily married, and a follower of Jesus!

I am guilty of the freshman 15... I am starting my second semester of college but I definitely gained a lot of weight during my first few months of school. I am ready to lose it and start loving myself again.

38 year old mother of 3, working full time from home with weekly travel, need to loose 40 plus pounds but feel ambivalent after so many previous attempts, trying "Eat for Health" with Beck solution

I am 61, a widow for 5 years. I have 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I like the simple things in life, very family oriented. I love to read, the ocean-walking along the shoreline or rocking on the porch watching the seagulls and pelicans. I am a Sr. Copywriter for a large sporting goods distributor. I teach Sunday School at Glenn St. Baptist Church, where I also play the Handbells and lead a evening youth group.

I'm 24 and I live in California. I'm a single mother of one 4.5 yr old girl.

I am 26 years old. I am a college student and work full time. I am vegitarian but not vegan- I love cheese and yogurt! I love to eat!

I've lost almost 30 pounds. ******UPDATE - I've lost almost 40 pounds! 165 to 126. Took almost 3 years. *** Feel free to read my daily notes for tips on using this site, and for other helpful ideas to help you with your weightloss and fitness journey. Let me know your thoughts!

I'm 29 years old and recently got engaged! I share my life with two very noisy kitties and one crazy boxer. I have been a vegetarian for almost 15 years and gave up all dairy products last year. My job requires a lot of travel and I found myself getting heavier and heavier over the past 3-4 years. I haven't been eating right and pretty much stopped exercising all together. I really don't like what I look like right now.

I am 57 years old and work fulltime as a speech-language pathologist who works with families with young deaf and hard of hearing children. I find it difficult to find time to get exercise-but I need to start setting time aside for myself. I live by myself. I have a 27 year old son who lives in his own apartment in a nearby community..

I need to become more active and need to loose about 40#. I am interested in cycling and indoor rowing to help me get back in shape and loose weight.

I am a 36 year old married father of two (2 yr old and 1 month old) I'm also a tech business owner. I've been a vegetarian for about a year, and Ive always been a heavy drinker. I recently had a blood test and found out that I have dangerously high cholesterol. So, I've given up drinking, started working out again and started the Eat to Live nutrition program. The diet change has been easy since I was considering becoming a vegan anyway, and the food is great!

I'm 37, happily married for 14 years and mom to 2 beautiful little guys(10 and 6). We live in the country and enjoy time outside. I am a musician and artist by passion, SAHM, formerly a systems admin/technical writer/corporate trainer. Recently became certified as a Holistic Health Coach. I LOVE my clients and the work I do. Will be adding a Raw Chef certification in the Fall. Psoriatic arthritis began giving me problems with the birth of my 2nd son and impacts my daily activities if I eat gluten, dairy or anything high in protein. I am doing everything possible to avoid heavy drug therapy. So far, so good! I've been a vegetarian of varying degrees for a 18 years (dairy and wheat are inflammation triggers for me). Wheat Free/Gluten Free Vegan for about 6 years now. I am committed to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live approach and eat a nutrient dense plant based/vegan diet.

I'm 50+, diabetic, and have well over 100 lbs to lose. I work in a sedentary job and am struggling to get exercise and eat better with a mostly vegan diet.

I am 38 mother of 3 (10, 7 and 4) and a teacher. I hope to lose 20-30 pounds, but more importantly be a fit, healthy, role model for my children. I like to exercise I just need to make time to do it.

I am 37 and ready to get my body in shape. I have dieted my whole life and I am ready to just be healthy and forget about the concept of dieting. That is what I like about E2L. I am a vegetarian and this is recommitting me to why.

27 year old female, currently working as an IICAPS Clinician(makes it difficult to have a healthy diet as I never know what my days will be like)

I am a mother of three with a full-time career in real estate. I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since birth. I enjoy paddling in a dragon boat team and yoga, but have not been making enough time in my life for taking care of myself.

49 yo happily married with 3 adult children, work as a housecleaner 4 days a week

Young professional attempting to fight winter weight and to continue a healthy life into my mid-20s.

31 year old male just relocated to London and needing to make a fresh start in all aspects of my life.

Hi everyone! I am a 19 yr old college student, and I have been vegan since summer of 07,(vegetarian three yrs before that) and am loving it! I basically focus my diet on ETL, and have lost 36 pounds since last September, and it was SO EASY! I never felt deprived or weak with hunger, and still indulged (wisely)in treats with out any crazy weight gain.

I'm male, 42, married with 2 children. I am one of the founders of PEERtrainer.

Married female, 4 children I have a terrible, terrible sugar addiction. Many years ago I gave up white flour, sugar, processed foods, etc. and had success. Gained 50 lbs. with each pregnancy and kept 20 on with each!

I am a 36 year-old wife, mother, and student. I have been married for 12 years and am mother to 2 sons, ages 11 and 8. I recently graduated with a Master's Degree in Urban History, am currently taking classes to become certified to teach, and an considering a Ph D program. I have always struggled with my weight, but have been having more difficulties lately. I excercise 5 times a week.

used to be fit now fat, want to be fit again

I am a 46 year old happiily married woman and mother of 4. I have protected myself from the outside world for years using my excess weight as insulation. I want to live to see my kids grow up and need to get healthy to do that. I am trying to turn my spiritual and sacrificial life up and trying to turn the noise and distractions of this world down. Fasting helps, but I need to stop the fasting/feasting cycle. I'm committed to this for 6 weeks, starting today. If I can quit smoking cold turkey I can do this!

I work as a singing & acting teacher and am actively involved in community musical theater in Eugene.

33 yrs old, currently very busy. Live with my boyfriend in Brooklyn. Trying to find time to exercise 3-4 days a week. I currently do gym classes 2 days a week, 2 hours each day. Also trying to eat less, and eat less sweets. LOVE wine.

50, single, female. I admit it, I love to eat, and I can be very lazy, and fruits and veggies aren't exactly where I head when given a choice. Was thin until 35 - and then started ballooning. I think it took me a while to believe i was actually fat - but really haven't been able to deny it for years. I just have to get this under control. i have to get my house under control too, among other things.

I was born just before the 'baby boom' in 1944 and raised in a meat and potatoes family (lots of veg too - my mother was a dietician) with delicious high calorie food traditions especially at the holidays. I have worried about my weight since jr. high and even when I was perfectly HWP in high school thought I was 20 lbs. overweight. Twiggy was all the rage and flat surfer girl stomachs - I was neither twiggy or flat stomached. Losing sight of that perfection all that time ago my life took the pathway of the 5 to 10 lb. gain a year - more when I had my children, 4 of them. I have have not weighed under 200 lbs. for 10 years even when losing 40 lbs. a few years ago by cutting out sugar and walking for 3 years.

I am a 30 year old Female. I have always struggled with my weight. I have been active all my life and have always exercised at least 5 days a week. I recently had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and I feel that if I can get my body as healthy as I can before I conceive again I will have a better chance of carrying to term. I am currenlty about 25 poungs overweight and no matter what I do I can't seem to lose weight. I already eat a healthy balanced diet with very little processed foods. I do have PCOS so that makes it more difficult for me to lose weight.

I am 30 years old and five children ages 9.5 down to 7 months and I have the junk in the trunk to prove it. I love them, but not my body.

I am a wife and a mom of a 2 yr old. I have a desk job and I do not have a consistent workout routine at the moment. I was a my heaviest (200lbs) at the time I got pregnant and now I still weigh the same as when I was 9 months pregnant (230 lbs). I think this is officially not baby weight anymore! My husband and I want to have another baby soon but my current weight is a big concern.

I am a 5'9" 44 year married father of three. I am seeking to lose some pounds and improve my health. I started the ETL 6 week initial program on 5-16-08. I weighed in at 191. I've been losing approximately 1 lb per day. That despite the occasional non-ETL binges on weekends. I am currently at 177.5.

59 and tired of being fat. I know eating for nutrition makes me feel great, and the weight loss is an added bonus. After dissolving a long term partnership I have spent the past year wallowing in a pity pool the size of Montana. It stops now. And I begin again.

I'm a 28-yr old graduate student; trying to gain back healthy eating habits and lose 15-20 lbs! Need to lose my GUT and fit back into my clothes! Been vegan for yrs, but eating WAY too MUCH, AND too much JUNK!

I am a 30-yr old mother of two, and have a full-time job as a paralegal.

F, 24 years old, 5'7" and currently 132 lbs., and getting married in September!

52 year old mother of two teenagers. Work full time and like to paint in my spare time. I've been overweight for the last 10 - 15 years. I'd like to feel healthy and energized again.

I am a 44 year old Christian Male. Married with 2 Children.

Gave myself an excuse to eat whatever I wanted after my mother passed away and gained 15lbs in additional to the 10 I regained after I had reached 130 with WW.

34 y.o. woman who doesn't feel grown up yet; grad student, artist, lover of all things green. Seeking to lose 45 pounds and reclaim energy and health.

I am a 22 year old female from Columbia, MD currently working towards recovering my life and sanity from an eating disorder in which has stemmed over the course of about 12 years now. My eating disorder has consumed and defined my entire being for so long that I do not know myself without it and through recovery I am working on gaining a sense of who I am, as a person and more importantly as a WOMAN!

I'm 33 years old, 5'6" and weigh just under 190 pounds. I have PCOS which makes it easy to gain weight and difficult to lose it. Lucky me! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost three years with no luck yet. I've tried various diets but haven't been able to stick to any of them. This time I'm going to try to stick to the six-week Eat to Live plan and hope that it helps jump-start my weight loss.

I am a 39 year old mom to two boys, ages 4 and 7. I follow a vegan diet, except that I eat junk foods (cookies, muffins, chips, etc.) that have milk or egg in them. My goal is to lose 20 pounds in the next 18 weeks before I turn 40. I need help cutting out the junk foods! I cook non-vegetarian foods for my family.

I'm 27 years old and want to get into the best shape of my life. To me, that means consistently excellent nutrition, daily exercise, and challenging myself physically and mentally. I want to be ready for anything and everything life has to offer.

I quit smoking back in November 07 after 10 years of smoking (on and off) and have recently quit drinking (social binge drinker) and even more recently still I have decided to become vegetarian. I didnt know where to begin, and upon looking about the net, I came across this site and thought, great...nice place to maybe hope for some support :o) I am a mother of 1 and 4 months ago I returned to university to finish my degree. I am 31...and university life, the poor dietary choices in the cafeteria, are kinda taking their toll on my waistline, hence the effort to be more aware of what I eat.

I am a 30 year old mother of a five year old. I'm close to 5ft 7in tall and my weight fluctuates from around 125 lbs to 140 lbs (not sure what it is at the moment). According to U.S. body charts, I've always been in the correct weight range, but I've still never FELT really healthy. For years I have had hormonal inbalance, causing emotional and physical symptoms, and I attribute this to bad diet. Currently, I feel my body telling me that I need to do something - everytime I exercise, or even just do some light walking, my knees seem to be groaning about it and I feel like I'm walking through mud (I'm only 30!!!). I'm determined to stay active and I hope that making an extreme change in my diet will correct some of the issues I am having.

I'm 27 years old, got married a little over 4 years ago, and have since gained 20 pounds. I'm a pharmacist with a busy schedule, but once I get on track with working out, I can do it. Overeating tends to be my weakest point. I recently just found out I was pregnant, and still haven't lost those 20 lbs! So the goal during pregnancy is not to go crazy and gain too much weight...

I'm a 57 year old mom who hasn't lost the 'baby weight'. My babies are 24 and 26 years old. My husband and I are still reading the book, but want to make the committment to "Eat to Live'.

i have been on a diet of one kind or another since i was 13 years old. that's 20 years ago. i really want to stop this yo-yo dieting.

38 yo, 5 kids, stay at home mom, married to an italian and living in italy for 1 year now....i need to lose about 40 pounds of accumalated baby weight!

Married 21 years. Office manager for a Physical Therapy Clinic. Mother of 2.

I am 21 and I work full time and have two jobs. I am 5'4, big boned and have always been on the plump side but have gained 30 pounds in the last year while being in a bad relationship. now I am at 210. I will not weigh 200lbs and want to get to a healthy weight for my body

I am 28 years old married, a mother of two and I am in the navy.

I am a person who sits at a desk all day. I used to be this person. Now, I am a person that exercises everyday.

I'm 44 and married my high school sweetheart 22 years ago. I'm in a senior position where I work. Everything should be roses but I feel like CRAP!

My name is Michelle; I am newly twenty-six and trying to rid myself of bad habits and bad health. I have PCOS, Sebbhoreic Dermatitis, and a stubborn knee. I know what I need to do to help myself, but have problems carrying through. I'm attending a junior college (still!), and trying to decide between a degree (therefore career) in nutrition or in accounting.

I'm 23 years old and have been overweight and unhealthy my whole life. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19, after 9 years of symptoms. I want to be healthy and glowing for my wedding on Oct 11, 2009, nd eventually able to have a baby in a healthy body.

I am a 28yr old mother of a little 2 yr old boy. I was a vegetarian for 5 yrs until I was 6mths pregnant I began eating meat again. Recently me and my son had food poisoning from chicken I ate from a take out place. I am now going back to being a vegetarian and eating more healthy. I lost 7lbs from being sick. I am now at 137. My goal weight is between 125 and 130. I am also going back to working out at home. I am a very active person

I am a 30-year-old mom of two girls (2 1/2 and 5 months). I am 5'2" and 151 pounds. I want to get back to my pre-baby weight of 120 and I know that I CAN succeed. I want to feel good about myself again. I have not felt like myself for too long. This is my year!!!

I'm just finishing college and am new to running. I took a running class in school and became hooked. I figured this was also a good chance to shed those pounds I gained during long nights and stressful days of studying. I'm running my first half marathon in June and am looking forward to more in the future, and hopefully be able to run a marathon by next summer.

34 year old working in higher education development...

I am a male married with 2 kids and another on the way. I am a teacher, coach 3 high school sports, and attend graduate school. I am very busy and have little time to create a sensible meal let a lone eat it. I would like to be able to have a specific plan that tells me exactly what I can eat and when!

RN (now healthcare auditor), mom to monkey girl, and trophy wife ;).

35 - Married 15 years and one daughter -I have been working full time for 4 years now - before that I was disabled. Hereditary Angio Edema and Fibromyalgia. I have come a long way, from where I was, but when I went back to work and was diagnosed with Fibro - I started taking new medications, I began to gain weight....I stopped trying to lose weight, and began focusing on my health instead. Eat to live is a God send....I have been doing something similar, but have actually gained weight, now I know why. I now know that with a few modifications I can count on giving up this weight I have gained...I am so excited!!!

I take care of my three kids and husband and everyone else's needs are my excuse for not taking better care of myself. The thing is, I like exercise...I feel great when I am weight training and walking, doing yoga, biking, dancing, etc. But I get SAD and quit in the fall/winter months...using my light box this year will hopefully I need to work on being consistent.

I have arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, which I let get worse over the years by not moving much, which caused me to gain weight. Which then caused me to need more and stronger meds, and brought on diabetes. I started trying to make changes in May 2008, because it was spring time, which many people consider a new beginning. Now I try to only eat fresh natural foods and only drink water and herb teas. I reduced my carb consumption to less than 1/4 of what I used to eat (which is actually the right amount now -- gee I was eating for 4 or 5 people before).

I'm 62, single -- 5'7" - athletic - both knees replaced 2 years ago - so no running, but lots of hiking & eliptical work - love to enourage and help others over the "hurldes" in life - read & write (childrens' stories & inspirational stuff)... Invovled in helping to eradicate world poverty as a primary cause...

29 years old, married 2+ yrs, mother of two pet birds (a parakeet and a sun conure). Just got my esthetician's license! I love everything about skin care and makeup, especially cosmetics made from natural products. Live in Dallas, Texas.

i am wanting just to be comfortable with myself... i (we) can do it!

42 year old mother of 4, one of whom has a seizure disorder. Have been searching for dietary alternatives to avoid the anti-seizure other words, trying to regulate brain chemistry through diet changes. I will not inflict this major change on my child without committing to it for myself - besides, with menopause just around the corner I need all the help I can get! Hopeful to lose weight myself (I'm about 30 pounds overweight).

I am a mother of two precious little girls. I am tired of being fat. I want my daughters to be inspired and motivated by me, to learn the very best life practices by my example!

Im 21 years old, finishing up my RN degree and working 2 full time jobs! I am an elementary school mon - thursday, and am a home health nurse fri - sun, 12 hr night shifts! I am also pretty involved with my church, and have had a hard time sticking with my diet and excercise due to my busy schedule. I would like to lose at least 30 lbs, but my goal is to lose 40 and to be able to run a 5K and just to eat more healthy and learn healthy recipes for my family.

i am a 41 year old single male. i work as as a mental health therapist, and have a small private practice in a town quite a distance from where i live. the job is rewarding but can be stressful and chaotic. in addition i spend a good deal of time in my car, which can leave me prone to more processed foods. I have typically been active, but i gaine weight in my early thirties, and have struggled to take the weight off ever since.

I'm 21 and currently attending University working towards my BSc in Biology and Psychology. I currently live with my partner(xo) and my bunny in Victoria but in December we are moving to interior BC and building a house! It is very hard not to eat what my man does, but he generally eats quite well and encourages me to make healthy choices. I love the outdoors, animals and wildlife, baking(that's a no no!), knitting and just spending time with family. I have rarely been at my idea weight (probably less than 2 years of my life) but am never too far off. This time I want to seriously burn off the fat, and add some sexy muscle!

I'm 40, married, have two kids (age 10 and 8), I enjoy the outdoors (camping, hiking, cycling, snowboarding, etc) and snuzzling with my hubby.

Kindergarten teacher, American living in the Bahamas. Healthy food is the most expensive here and there isn't alot of WW snacks etc., to save you on those days you MUST cheat. So I am just trying to get some support eating healthy and pushing myself to exercise more intensely and regularly.

38 year old mom of 3 (7yrs ,3.5yrs, and 8 month old boys).I just stopped nursing. I am working full time. I am a family physician, so I know what to do. Executing it is the hard part while juggling my busy life.

Okay, I admit I'm not 60 yet, but my intuition told me this was the group for me. I'm 58, married, and we are raising our 12yo gradson who has hemophilia. I have a good life, but want to improve on myself. I manage a plastic surgery practice and don't really have alot of extra time for myself. This is a great site, I'm so glad I came upon it. I look forward to chatting with all of you.

I am a 67 yr old retired teacher. I play golf three times a week. Recently, I became a vegetarian. I do a lot of research on my computer.

7th grade teacher share a house with another couple and their little boy they have bad eating habits and I share a refrigerator with them


I 28 years old, Married, and have 2 children, ages 3 and 6. I work part time as a nanny, and spend time at home with my youngest son.

i am 20 yrs old, college student, young christian woman, independent, dealing with a lot of health issues STATS: Weight: appr. 150 (i go to the doc on mon and will have a more accurate measurement) Height: 5'2" Dress size: 10/12 Cup size: DD

57 year old female recently retired guidance counselor.

23 year old student from Ljubljana, Slovenia (europe!). Studying architecture which means i sit behid the computer most of the time. Used to be a junior national figure skating champion. Started @ age 7, quit @ 19. I don't work out at all anymore. Working as a part time figureskating coach Knee injury. love pasta, pizza,cookies, chocolate and i need to reduce and eventually eliminate the intake of these... Here to: get used to a new diet consisting of mostly veggies, fruit and lean meat occasionally; regular exercise!!!!!!! (thsi will be the hardest part); 55.8kg / 123lbs now; my goal is 50kg / 110lbs in about 3 months time.

43 yrs old mother of 2 boys ages 24 and 26 . Grandmother of 5 . ages 9,8,5,3,2. Work as a CT tech at a hospital. Need to lose weight to keep up with those grandkids

I am 62, married, live with my husband and numerous dogs and cats. I am self employed and love my work but it takes a lot of hours and energy. I use my job as an excuse not to exercise. I have have always had weight and food issues, but I ballooned in my 20's. I joined OA when I was about 30 and lost the weight and was able to control it for several years. But in the last 15 years, I just gave up. I had surgery (a vertical sleeve gastrectomy) on 6/8/09. My top weight (5/15/09?) was 263. Pre-op weight (6/8/09): 252

I'm a 22 yr. old nursing student

turning 60 in June, want to be in my best health by then. Trying to eat better and break some bad habits. Exercize is important for me--arthritis!

Just a zany Aussie who has decided to jump ship on the weight loss merry go round

I am a mom to 3 beautiful children ~ Ryan age 9 and a half, Anthony age 3, and Cristina age 19 months. I am also a wife to the love of my life and my best friend, Robert. I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist. I'm also happy to say that I am an avid animal rights advocate, a VEGAN, and an environmentalist! I consider myself to be a positive, fun-loving person. I love to laugh and can be quite sarcastic at times and I love to just do stupid/funny things which I guess some might call "immature" but who cares? LOL I'm here to meet my weight loss goals and meet some cool, interesting people along the way who can give me a swift kick in the virtual ass when I need it! :o)

I am 22yrs old and I just graduated from college. After I graduated from high school I gained about 15 - 20lbs. I have lost pretty much all of that, but now I want to keep going! I started to be vegan in May '06, about 6 months ago, and I think that it is really great!

51 year old into making my body younger, happily married 2 grown children, 1 grandchild. I work full time in an office. I'm an office/accouting manager. I have struggled with my weight forever. It is all around my belly right now, my legs and arms are firm from the gym. I have to burn the fat!!!

I am in the early 30s, school teacher, and have always had a weight issue. I have a great supportive family and boyfriend. I am nearing the next step of my life, and would like to feel good about myself before the marriage and kids. I looked at holiday pictures and was shocked at how I looked because I don't feel large, but I am!

I make jewelry and paint...I am 70

Woman Married for 36 years with 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren Age 56 from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho I've been away visiting family on the east coast since mid-October. I will be returning home on January 23rd.

I'm 47, married with two grown children, son (24) and daughter (22). My son has two children--I love being a granny. I know how important it is to enjoy every day God blesses me with, and believing I'm worth it! I'm a binge eater that can sabotage myself. Update: April 15, 2009 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Vasculitis. Right now we know it is affecting my feet. I’m experiencing rash, ulcers, swelling and major pain. I’m scheduled to see a Rheumatologist and we’ll see were I’m headed. Exercise has been halted and at times I’m major emotionally eating. I’m fluctuating between 218 and 222 pounds. My goal is not to go above this, see the rheumatologist and continue to lose weight in the safest way possible.

I am 42 years old. I really don't have any health issues at this time, but my weight is so out of control, I see a future with heart disease and diabetes. I can't let this happen.

I am 31, mom of 1 and work full time & am working on a master's degree.

42 years of age. Recently gained 10 lbs due to hectic schedule, split up with boyfriend, and nursing an injury.

52 yr old engineer who has exercised regularly over the years. Currently spinning for exercise, but as the weather warms up, I switch to riding outdoors. I would say that I have 20lbs extra weight on my frame, mostly around the waist. Must be the couple glasses of wine that I have with dinner.....

I'm a very active person... my days are jam packed from start to finish. Due to my lack of time, I usually have only a small amount of time to eat, so the name of the game is to eat quickly- this typically means that I over consume food. Well, all of that is about to change!

I'm a working-at-home mom, age 44, married 18 years, 3 children ages 9, 12 and 14

I am a 24 year old high school counselor. It's my first year on the job (if you can call it that.. i love it!) and I am in my last semester of my Master's degree program. I tend to eat when I'm stressed and have gained 10 pounds in 8 months from school and work. I am 5'10" and weighed 150 lbs. through high school (mostly lean muscle from playing basketball). I was diagnosed with a bunch of food allergies a few years ago and dropped to 126 lbs. in 3 months.. I miss it there!

In a LTR, vegetarian, self employed, struggled w/ weight my whole life.

Highest weight 285 lbs. Current weight 248 lbs. 33 year old mother of two young children, part-time water engineer.

I'm a 52 y/o female high school teacher. I teach foods classes, so being around food so much makes it hard. My habit has been to get to my goal and start gaining again, so I'm always struggling with food. I am married, 26 years, and have one son away at college. I help with the Christian student club at school and am a member of Moms In Touch International.

40 year old wife and mother of four children. One who has taken care of others before herself until now. Time to make a change.

I am a 43yr old mother of 5 children. 3 of them are grown, so I have two teens left. I weigh 277lbs. I have high bood pressure, high cholesterol, and my doctor just recently told me I have diabietes. Well I am going to start the Eat To Live 6 week diet on April 1.

I am 32, married, have 2 kids, one boy and one gal (age 2 and 2 months). I have gained 18lbs during my first pregnancy and 20 lbs during my 2nd pregnancy. Altogether I have gained 38 lbs in 2 years time, terrifying. I am 132 lbs before pregnancy and I am looking to lose those extra pounds in a year time.

I am 62 years old and young at heart. I grew up in Adelaide, Australia but travelled to Europe and ended up in California during the 70's. I have been divorced for 15 years now and have twin 31-year old daughters. I like interior design, organic gardening, knitting, playing guitar, ethnic cooking and eating out (of course). I am passionate about "green" living/eating but try not to bore others with my ardour.

I am a 37 year old married mother of 3. I want to be healthy and fit.

I'm a 36 year old woman from Texas. My husband (42) and I started Eat to Live last week. We love it! We keep it very simple by making it fruit, greens and beans. I wanted to try something different because my husband's triglycerides were about 1000. I know, I know, that is so dangerous. He's very fit and not over weight, it's just a condition he's had since his 20's. I was very excited that "eat to live" will take that # under 200 in 1 month! May God Bless you all on this journey, and good for you to try to get healthier for you and your loved ones!!! :) Jennie

im 21, a college athlete looking to overcome binge eating problems.

My name is Julie. I'm 30 years old and live in the Chicago suburbs with my wonderful husband and adorable dog. I work in an office, and sitting on my butt all day has not done wonders for any part of me! I love to exercise, it's finding the time that is the trouble. I'm excited for this journey to health!!

Late forties. Gained a lot of weight during the last several years, want to return to more healthy ways. Height 5'2'', weight 237.

Am a 35 year-old vegetarian who is trying to get back on track after being sidelined with too much work and not enough taking care of herself

I'm a 45 year old married woman currently living in SC. My husband eats the standard American diet (meat and potatoes) and I have been vegetarian since 1999. I have a hard time eating enough fruits and veggies, eat too many carbs, and my exercise plans usually fall flat pretty fast. I've been vegetarian for 14 years.

I am newly single and ready to do something wonderful for myself.

I'm 30 years old and live in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.

I'm 36, work full time, married no kids in Seattle. 5'6", medium frame. I am VERY good at working out (hard, 5-6 days a week) but am not so great at moderating what goes in my mouth. Portion sizes are a particular weakness.

NEW ABOUT ME: HEY!!! I'm melissa :) I'm a p90x ADDICT! I love it! I'm currently on my 3rd round, can't get enough! With p90x and clean eating I AM IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE! WANT ADVICE OR HELP? Message me! I'd LoVE to help you GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER! ;) u can also email me @! OLD ABOUT ME (KEEPING IT FOR MEMORY JOGGING) My name is Melissa and I am very unhappy with my appearance! I am currently at my heaviest (i have ALWAYS been super skinny ..until college hit) I go into phases..i'll want to be thin and lose weight but I go about it wrong. I over-do it and excercise like a crazy person. then i end up getting sore and burnt out. I went from wanting to lose 10 pounds, to gaining 20! All because I hate working out and I have no motivation to work out because I think it's painful. REALLY painful. I want to start over and begin a NEW healthier LIFESTYLE....not diet.

I'm 28 and I run a non-profit organization. I like to cook and I am very interested in nutrition. I'm getting married in Oct. 2009 and am having fun making wedding plans with my fiance.

Female, late 50's, widowed, desk job, varied interests.

TRM - "The Real Me" - I'm here to be honest. I'm in my 50's, married, no children. Weight has been the one thing in my life that I have not been able to master.

56 yo Hospice Nurse. I work 10 - 11 hrs a day, sit at my desk, in my car, or visiting families.

I am a mom to two kids, one 3.5 years and one 6 months. I have been trying to lose 30 lbs of baby weight for about 4 months now - daiy cardio or strength training, healthy diet - but have only lost 6 pounds. In four months, only 6 pounds! I am so frustrated. A friend told me about the "Eat to Live" plan so I am starting that on March 1st, with high hopes.

I'm 56, married for 36 years with two grown children and five grandchildren. I've yo-yo dieted for years and could write my own diet book by this point.

I'm a 56 yo who spends at least two hours/day driving, I'm wanting to rebuild my road cycling ability (haven't done any long rides in 18 years.). I lost the hearing in my right ear a year ago, so I haven't yet had the courage to ride on many roads. I'm trying to step my way through each of the challenges, health and stress-wise, that have kept me from my best energy and fitness. I love my 11 yo son and feel terribly guilty for finding his behaviors so challenging ( ADHD, anxiety, oppositional). As a social worker, I'm trained to respond positively to his behaviors - and I usually do- this is the first time I've admitted how exhausting it is! I'm ready to move forward!

SAHM of 2 beautiful (but sassy) teen girls. Also want to incorporate a more healthful eating style into our lives for good!

I am 62 and recently retired. I'm one of the lucky few who have been married to a great guy forever (43+ yrs). I no longer have type 2 diabetes because I have already lost 30-35 of the 50-60 pounds I wanted to lose. I have always liked swimming, walking and kayaking. I love animals and I'm involved with the local library-I help run the book sales and flea markets twice a year and I'm a Toastmaster. I'm interested in most anything and like to discuss good books to read.

I'm 26 years old.

I'm a 48-year-old woman who has eaten healthy organic foods, emphasizing vegetables, with some grains and meat, for 20+ years. I ALSO have never successfully conquered my food addiction, which involves regular bouts of eating lots of sugar and crappy foods. These things seem incompatible, but my body shows the evidence! No children, sadly, but several beloved godchildren. I have hypothyroidism and don't feel I ever get decent medical treatment for it, so I'm adding seaweed to my daily dose of synthetic thyroid. -------------- 19 Feb 2011: I wrote the above a couple of years ago and, other than updating my age, I've left it alone. However, upon reflection, it seems to me that I currently would not call myself a food addict. I am not yet rigorous enough with my diet to only eat as much as I need to lose weight; however, food is NOT my obsession. I still reflexively move to it when I am uncomfortable either emotionally or physically -- but with increasing awareness, that too is falling away. I like how Jackie says that this is a five-year effort -- I'm now on year 2 of my relat. with PeerTrainer and, while I've been away during that time more than I've been here, clearly I see benefits.

i'm 22 and a college student.

I am a 53 yo mother, wife, & busy professional woman who is interested adopting and maintaining healthy eating habits and an exercise routine.

I have hypo thyroidism. It aint fun. Have to work 4 times harder than others to lose one pound. However, I try to NEVER GIVE UP.... otherwise, I would be 300 pounds by now. Goal is a realistic size 14. Watch how long it takes me to drop two dress sizes, with diet and EXERCISE!!!! yikes!

married, working too many hours a day! No childdren but do have a cat.

I'm 33 years old, married, living in Philadelphia. I was always thin and athletic until about 4 or so years ago when I just stopped really paying attention to what I ate and stopped working out regularly (for no real reason--I wasn't injured, sick, etc). I need motivation.

I'm a 49 year old mother of two living in Zurich, Switzerland. I love running and sports, but had to give up running a year ago because of knee problems associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, I have all but stopped exercising and it shows. I seem to come back to Peertrainer about every 2 years but have never stuck with the program. Too much logging but I can't seem to lose the weight any other way. Determined to give it a fair try this time!

I'm 50 yrs old and very determined to lose this extra baggage and put it where it belongs an airport terminal.

I am a 47 year old single mom who needs some changes in my life. I have a great life but somehow it has become pretty sedentary and I don't like that aspect of it. I'm recently single so I currently have a high motivation and opportunity to change some things about my life. I want to get outdoors more. I have a very fat dog (she's hoping we're successful in this adventure as well).

43 years old, married for 23 years, mother of 1.

I'm a 50-something woman, who has lost t 108 lbs.since Aug. 24 of 2008 by eating a low-fat, low-animal protein, high-fiber, high-nutrient diet. Joel Fuhrman's books are a good place to start, if you want to understand the scientifically-proven effects of every type of food on the human body. He has the best eating plan I've ever seen, and I've read all the books (well, nearly). You get to eat a high volume of food, and lose weight and nourish your body at the same time. Not to mention protect yourself against future cancer and heart disease and other yucky degenerative conditions. Give him a try!

Am 24 years old, married with 2 children 3 and a 1 yr old. am from holland, but at the moment live in the uk. I work at the hospital as a midwife.

Over 50 very active.

Healthy and active living for the long haul. Loving every minute....well, most of the time.

I am 18, and recently graduated. I grew up in a family of performers and artists, and I danced my entire life. About a year ago I discovered aerials, and recently have decided that circus arts are what I wish to pursue in life. I know, not every day someone says they're running off to join the circus and they actually mean it, but I always was a little different...

Im a 38 year old woman from South Africa and live in a lovely apartment overlooking Cape Town. Im struggling to control my eating habits, although Ive taken up running and hope to run 10km by August

I am a 30 yr old, happily married, new mother of one! I gained 65 lbs during my pregnancy and have 10 left to remove. I am interested in learning more about the Zone diet combined with Dr Fuhrman's ideas.

Mommy to one little girl, happily married. I've been heavy my entire life, and I don't want my daughter to have to suffer through the same thing.

I'm a graduate student from Switzerland. I've been living in the UK for two years. I like animals and journeys. I haven't visited muh of this country, but Oxford is beautiful!

I am a 17year-old white female living in S.A(Yeah we got internet here & wild animals as pets.JK) I've been struggling with my weight for so long! I feel insecure and unworthy...I need support and want to support others as well.

I'm marathoning & Eating to Live in San Francisco.

I ned to lose the 25 lbs I put on in REHAB. I am clean, sober and working on a lifetime of NON EATING because of drugs. At 47, I started to eat normally and gained weight overnight

39 (almost 40) year old mom to two (son 5, and daughter 1.5). Tired of being overweight and ready to get this weight off for good!

62, teacher at a charter school for at-risk high school students, mother of 2 adult children who make me proud and happy. Have felt and seen myself as overweight all my life, altho I wasn't always. As of the beginning of the year I was my heaviest ever, but have been sticking to a deit very much like Dr. Fuhrman's and am transitioning to it. I would like to be down to 125 by the beginning of 2010. Not sure that's attainable, but I will be happy to just permanently change my eating and exercise habits and let the rest fall into place.

I am 56 with two grown children (28 and 21) and have been married now for 32 years. I was an ice skater growing up and my husband and I had a dance career for 18 years so I always had to watch my weight. After we retired (16 years ago), I enjoyed everythng I was never allowed to eat before (the typical SAD - although 'pathetic' would explain it better) and my weight got up to 202. I also had breast cancer two years ago (caught VERY early, thank you, God) and went through a lumpectomy and radiation. I am convinced that the problems I have had are all due to my eating habits. Enough was enough and it was time for a change. I started with PT the end of april - on the ETL plan and have lost 25 pounds. I feel wonderful and continue to read everything I can get my hands on about adding more greens and veggies and nutrition in general to my diet. I am now leaning toward eating even more raw and am starting to experiment more with raw recipes I have found in books recommend in the ETL community as well as other information that has crossed my path. My goal is to be as absolutely healthy as possible in order to be still active in my 80's and 90's as well as(from the vain side of me) have the body of the dancer and skater I used to be. I know it's possible if I keep on course and keep that image in front of me. Although I would love all of this to happen 'tomorrow', I realize it doesn't work that way, so I have made the conscious decision to completely enjoy the slower journey knowing I am on a successful road.

College prof. 50, Using Beck cognitive behavior therapy techniques. I started the day after Christmas, 2007, when I weighed 230 lbs. Six months later I was down to 175 lbs. I am still hoping to lose a bit more fat, but trying to make it up in muscle. I hope my weight does not significantly change but wouldn't mind if my body composition did.

I'm a 35 yr old SAHM mom. I WILL lose 10 more lbs before I have my 2nd baby and change my mindset for good.

I have 2 children and work. I have gained weight slowly since having children. Whenever I try to diet I end up gaining more weight because I get hungry when I exercise.

44 year old female,work full time in the computer field. Started Doing Atkins 6 years ago and lost 70 kilos so far. Hit a Stall about a year ago and since then have been unable to break it. Also Found it was too limiting in fruits and vegetables ...which I love

While I used to teach school, I am now a stay at home mom with a 3.5 year old daughter and a 6 month old son. Love my hubby and appreciate his support. I enjoy reading and hanging out with my family. I love my church and have a meaningful relationship with God. I am dedicated to whatever it takes to get free of the extra weight once and for all.

A healthy vegetarian looking to get a bit slimmer and more toned; currently at a decent weight of 120 lbs. thanks to ETL. Took up regular jogging on the Galloway run-walk method in 2009 and lost 25 lbs. in 20009-2010 on the ETL 6-week plan and ETL Life Plan (from Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live book).

Hmm well im 23 years old, and im in my final year at uni, studying psychology. im trying to lose weight for my wedding (in Decemeber) :)

I am a single career woman (not sure how I got here, but I'm here), 32. I have a sweet little house in the suburbs, which I can't wait to work on, now that spring has finally arrived!

I am a stay at home Mommy of one, who has struggled with weight issues since early adolescence. I got it together when my Husband went on a very long assignment without me from 2004-2006 for two years! I had tons of time and motivation to do crazy gym classes, yoga and pilates being my mainstays back then. I loved it so much and became passionate about it to the extent I became an instructor. My Husband returned home to a new Wife, and all was peaceful weight wise until I became pregnant with my little boy. I was so exhausted throughout my pregnancy I slept constantly, and gained a ton of weight. After I had my boy the first day back home I weighed 165lbs. I was about 124 when I got pregnant, and I am 144 today as I write this. As I said my goal is 115lbs and lots of healthy energy. Last time I got there on lots of exercise and protein shakes. This time I am focused more on healthy life giving living foods. I am attempting the same weight loss as before but with a healthy diet instead of a restricted diet. I have decided to become a follower of Dr. Fuhrman's teachings via the Eat to Live book. My first day on his plan was April 2nd, 2009. It has been two weeks.

I am a 43 year old Mom of a 2 year old we live in Brooklyn. I am looking forward to getting healthy and losing 50 lbs

Sick of being overweight, and the clothes getting tighter and tighter. Looking to get to 145, even if it is slow and steady.

I've been a happy ethical vegan for two decades and have always carried an extra 10 pounds on my very short frame. This year (2009) I have successfully become a runner, having completed a 10K training program and now in the middle of a 1/2 marathon program. I run slowly, but steadily!

I am 31 years old and work as a paralegal. Last fall I got engaged to a wonderful man who I also consider my best friend. We are getting married next summer and are at a point in our lives where we both are feeling driven to lead a truly healthy lifestyle.

I'm 29, working at a law firm in New York City. I'm happy with my life and with my job (especially now that I've found a job that lets me have a life), but ready to make another improvement - finding my way back to some good, healthy habits.

I'm a 52 year old horticulturist currently working a desk job. Being out of the field has led to a lot of weight gain. I'm looking for online support and encouragement and also for local walking partners.

Can't seem to lose weight, ran for over a year and didn't lose not 1 single lb. stopped running for 4 months and gained 15lbs."whatever!" So here i am ..

Beginning again! Seems to be my life story...this time I want to be able to complete the journey. I am 60 yrs young and refuse to feel older. I still want to be healthy and lose 50 pounds. Had a great start in May but fell into old habits. Ready to re-dedicate my efforts using the Beck Diet Solutions Handbook. I have been writing things down and realize the accountability is VITAL. I have also signed on with the Metabolic Research Center. Between the two plans I can be successful. Mind over Matter...RIGHT!

Female, 47. Weight's been creeping up for years and I can't deny it or put it off any more.

I'm 46, I work full-time, and I have three daughters. I've been trying to lose the same 50-60 pounds for 12 years. I can stick with healthy eating and exercise for about 2 weeks; I lose weight quickly during that time and feel great. Then I get off track and do not manage to interrupt the slide. I'm looking forward to working with all of you.

I am 34 years old. I work as an analyst at a healthcare company. I play softball and I love to dance (country, west coast swing). I have struggled with weight all my life. I started "Eat to Live" (Dr. Furhman) May 25, 2009. I gave birth to our first baby Nov 7, 2011. I'm getting back to my diet now.

married female, late 20s civil engineer (water resources) cyclist runner avid gardener 2 cardigan welsh corgis and 1 mini dachshund

In my mid-20s, live in Manhattan, travel for work every weekend. I work with mostly men, which subjects me to ridiculous amounts of beer and fried food on a very regular basis.

I am 53, happily married, one 11 yr old son and lots of critters at home, dogs and cats. Tired of feeling fat and unattractive. I am a school counselor and love the outdoors, sports, my home in Vermont.

I am a 46 year-old partnered mother of three children. I work as a pediatric occupational therapist...a job I love...and am working on starting my own private practice. I am a vegetarian who tries to practice the "Vegan Before 6" model. I became a veg 6 years ago after reading a quote from Ghandi and wanting more peace in my life. My path from meat eater to vegetarian was easy...just so natural. But the carbs got me and I gained 15 pounds!! I have worked that 15 pounds off once and am now trying once again...hopefully for good this time.

I currently am in my third year of my clinical psychology doctoral program. I love what I am doing but needless to say I get stressed frequently between class work, externship, and research. Since joining Peertrainer 2 years ago I have gone through some ups and downs but I feel like I am in a really good place. I was off peertrainer for the most part of this past year. I love that exercising has become an enjoyable activity and I enjoy cooking healthier food options. However, I was at my heaviest after the holidays this year (139lbs at 5'3") and have been working on getting down to my goal weight of 120lbs.

I'm a 38 year old SAHM to a 3 year old daughter. I've been married for four years to a crazy entepreneur. :-) My interests include healthy cooking, weight training, yoga, mindifulness meditation, happiness, brain research, good fiction (esp. sci fi), hiking, biking, music, and I'd really like to get into quilting. I've been on and off of weight loss programs since I was in college. I'm currently trying to lose the baby weight and would like to eventually get down to somewhere between 110 - 120 lbs, which would be good for my petite frame.

53 yrs young w/ hypothyroidism (result of radioiodine treatment 23 yrs ago). I WILL NOT ALLOW THE HYPOTHYROIDISM TO HAVE THE POWER OVER ME OR USE IT AS A FAT CRUTCH (EXCUSE)! I WILL SLIM DOWN.

40, married and infertile. my marriage (together 10 years, married 4) is going through a really tough patch and I don't know if we'll make it out intact. i travel a lot for work, so does my husband, and it makes it really difficult to eat well and exercise consistently. i'm a yo-yo exerciser and dieter.

53 year old female undergoing major lifestyle changes that include last child going off to college, becoming a grandmother, moving to another state, new job, new home name a few...

I am a college student looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

I´m 33 and live in Brazil. Work with computers and have a daughter of 10 years old.

I'm 33, in a PhD program, outdoorsy, and trying to say goodbye to a persistent extra 20-30 pounds.

Im 38 year old contractor, i dont drink or smoke, but when im stressed i over eat, alot of pasta, white bread, cheeses, diet soda. also seem to eat to late at night, my breakfast and lunch usually are sound but dinner is the ONE. i currently am about 275, and im only 5'6" tall

I live in L.A. and work as a fitness trainer. I am highly motivated to do this cleanse to improve how I look and feel physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I am 38 years old and a full time wife and mother. Two sons ages 7 and 4. 2 dogs and 1 cat. I at opne brief moment in my life was fit and active. Now I am way over 100 pounds overweight and my joints are starting to ache...most do something.

I should have listened to Dr. Fuhrman in the mid 1990's. I was vegetarian, but not Nutrient conscious. In other words, I didn't eat meat, but ate lots of vegetarian junk food. Now 15 or so years later, now that the macaroni, ice cream and other non meat junk foods have caught up to me, in health terms, I am ready to admit, he has been right and I greatly sabotaged my health all these years. Thrilled to find this community. Ready to get serious about Eating to Live !

42-year-old female, married, with 6 cats. I work at home as a medical transcriptionist.

I'm a 21 year old junior in college, so I eat most of my meals in the dining hall. This makes it a bit of a struggle to be a good nutritarian, but I'm doing the best I can, and though I slip up from time to time, I've been good about getting back on track.

I'm a soon to be 39yr old working full time with an 18yr old daughter at home. Have been overweight for coming up 20 years.

I am 62 years old, a Christian, married, mother of 6 ages 37 to 22, and grandmother of 16.

I am 18 yrs old, I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was in the 7th grade and as you know people with this disease cannot eat the foods that they use to eat they have to eat food without salt or with less salt. I want to be able to lose weight and keep it off; I am trying to be healthy and fit and to have total control over my disease because after all this is my body and i do want to stay healthy.

I am 25 and live in Michigan. I will be entering my second year as a middle school special education teacher this fall. I really enjoy being active and doing things outside, but it has been difficult since I am in a new city!

I am 5'6" about 140 pounds, athletic and 19 years old.

51 years old. SAHM Type 2 diabetic and looking to lose weight and have normal range blood sugars.

I'm 50 yrs. old, have no kids, only kits :o) Mom is finally ok with knowing that she will only have Grand-Cats :o) I had been thru a bad divorce about 10 yrs ago, and came home then and have been taking care of aging parents along with earning a living. To say that i'm an emotional eater, would be an understatement. It's always been kind of a problem, but the last 10 years it's just blown as out of control as i would allow. I've been fighting it.... but it's a battle all the time. I hope to do some mental AND physical work :o) and lose 40 lbs.

Love the outdoors and living in Houston where you can be outdoors year-round because believe it or not, the heat doesn't bother me. Active most of my life but had two major lifestyle changes about 5 yrs ago and the weight has been slowly but surely rising each year.

I have been on this journey way too long. I live in Tallahassee, FL . I have a 15 yo daughter, and my BF has recently moved himself in - not a bad thing, but a bad influence when it comes to food, and sitting on the couch.

Well, I am a 26yr old vegan and so should find eat to live a breeze...but I tired and failed once already....I guess i am as addicted to salt and sugar as most others. I am not overweight but carry about 10lbs of unessecary fat on my body. I just want to feel lean and strong.

I'm 44, work full time and have three kids 14,16,18. I'm recovering from a mini stroke and heart surgery to repair a whole. I gained about 20 pounds during the time that i couldn't work out, but now the weight has been very hard to get off.

Female, 5'6", 36yo, married. I teach ballet and modern dance, and knitting classes.

I am 50 years young. CPA - own practice. Nearly empty nest . Quit smoking two years ago and have not been able to control my sweet tooth since.

I am 42 years old, and am not willing to accept a backslide. I will never be where I was before. No matter the reason, I am ready to get my mojo back, and feel good about myself again. I am in the process of reinventing myself, and am hoping that the positive physical changes will snowball into other areas of my life (like my job!). But I am convinced that it has to start with the physical. I had my gall bladder removed in 2000 (probably after too many years of poor eating). Luckily, after the surgery, there are certain limitations on what I can eat--and when I eat what I shouldn't, I know it--becuase it feels AWFUL. Greasy food just doesn't sound good when I know that it will make me sick. Too bad it doesn't work with sugar and alcohol too... I know that the key to my healthy lifestyle will always be keeping up my physical activity level. It speeds up my metabolism, and best of all, it makes me feel good! I love animals (and my three dogs), the outdoors, and the mountains. I am in a committed relationship, and will be celebrating year 9 this June.

I'm a 24-year-old Canadian medical student. As you can imagine, the importance of eating well, exercising, and maintaining an appropriate BMI and waist circumference are things constantly reiterated to us. My own health, as well as the desire to be a role-model for my patients, motivates me to continue battling my for my weight and health. In my late teens, I lost 40lbs thanks to diet and exercise, and have kept it off. Nevertheless, I'm still overweight and, particularly with the demanding workload of med school, struggle with finding time to exercise and cook.

I am 49 and have struggled with my weight since I was 13. I became anorectic in my late teens and early twenties, then went on to develop bulimia. I am currently about 40 pounds over weight.

I am a stay at home mom of three. I'm 35 yrs old. My children range from 8 yrs to 16 months old. I enjoy spending time with my husband and kiddos. Also love to spend time with my girlfriends - which is rare these days. I really enjoy music - all genres! ***UPDATE**** as of Jan 4, 2012 - I am now 39 years old. Mother of three, ages 12, 7, & 5. Time flies. Gotta get this weight off BEFORE I turn the BIG 4-0!!!!!!

I am recently retired, just turned 60, no kids just auntie to my sister's kids. I have a lot of free time these days (gratefully) and want to loose the weight that I have gained and lost again and again throughout my life. I love to be outside and currently into bird watching, hiking and photography.

I am 21 year old mother of a 18 month old son. I work part time at a veterans hospital and am working on getting my nursing degree.

Married with 3 children, work full-time, love physical activity, active in church, 38 years old.

I am 27 years old. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 15years and controling my blood sugars with an insulin pump. I love my family and prefer to spend my time outdoors with the people I love.

I am a 27 year old middle school art teacher. I lost 36 lbs in 2006/2007 after being mortified that I was pushing 200 lbs on my 21st birthday. I am ready to get back into shape and down to 140. I am obsessed with nutrition, being vegetarian, and eating as healthy as possible. I have a great family and boyfriend who are big supporters. But I need an extra boost from all of you to keep me going. Wish me luck!

I have been on the diet rollercoaster for over 18 years. I am tired of this ride and I am getting off. I have clothes in my closet from size 6-18. I feel my goal is realistic and can be achieved with focus and discipline. 8/5/11

I had been wrestling with my weight all my life, I finally accomplished my weight goal 9 years ago, lost 60 pounds with weight watchers now I gained 20 back and became a diabetic.

35 mother of two young boys

48 yr, happy to be me, single-mom, teenage son (adore him), FT office job, love how food tastes (butter!), time-challenged, formerly slim w/o trying, trying to face reality, wanting to turn this + 50 lbs boat around before I hit 50 in 2010.

A finance

I am in my forties,fat and female! Yes FFF, that's me! I have high cholesterol levels and takes medication for hypothyroidism. I am 5'4'' and feels as if I am gaining weight every week! Seems like even when I am 'good' there is ni change. So frustrating! I am am married to a great guy, have 2 teenage daughters. I enjoy doing Pilates 2 times a week but need to do more exercise. I am a Christian. Loves the beach.

I am 44 years old. I am an elementary school teacher, with a second and third grade combination class this year. It is a stressful job, as there is no time to rest. I am working about 12 hour days, and not eating right. I have support at home, a great husband, a 17 year old son, and a 20 year old son in college (not living at home). I would like to be able to reduce my stress, and live a healthier lifestyle.

I am 41 and recently lost a lot of weight by switching medications and going on "the love diet". I want to maintain this weight, but have started binging again. I walk the dog every day, but this has decreased in time to 20min. I haven't done weights in about a year. I haven't been to yoga in months. I need to prioritize.

I am 47 years "young " mother of 4 boys ages 21-13. My oldest son serves in the US ARMY and is stationed in Qatar this next year. I homeschool the other three and we just moved to Greenville, SC from NY. I have always been a runner since college and ran through my pregnancies and through most winters in the north east. Two years ago I was in the best shape of my life running 5-10 miles a day but after some knee and foot injuries I started gaining weight and have had trouble getting motivated to start again. I am a single mom widowed twice in the past 12 years so running is my stress reliever. I am now at a cross road in my life. I have sold my house and moved further south (although we are only renting right now to see if we are going to like SC. ) I am planning for when my boys all leave the house (in the next five years) I want to STOP making excuses to myself for why I am not back in shape and have not lost the extra 20 lbs. I want to plan and prepare myself for the boys all leaving the nest and I know that how I feel about myself physically is a big part of this.

26 yr Female work at a desk all day long

I'm a 26 year old 5'6" girl working on going from 136 to 115 lbs, and get back where I naturally was before. Thrilled to be doing something about the weight gain and envisioning great things for the future, if I can just be patient!

I'm 41 and graduated from grad school in june 2010 for guidance and counseling.

I'm back to logging. The rest of what's here from 2 years ago still pretty much applies. I am now 60 retired, healthy and happy. Looking forward to keeping my health and learning how to get healthier. Love to take walks and ride my recumbent trike as well as my upright bike! Hubby and I are planning to take more trike and bike trips in 2010. I'm trying to get weight and condition back close to what it was in my 20's.

I see a Naturpath and have been diagnosed with low Thyroid Function and Estrogen dominance.

I am an 18 year old college student trying to transition to veganism after 2 years of being vegetarian.

I am married with a 4-year old daughter. I struggle with depression and emotional eating. I want to eat healthier and exercise to be the best me I can be, for myself and my family.

I am a 28 year old Australian, living in Dubai working as cabin crew for Emirates. I love the lifestyle but it is playing havoc with my health. From sleep deprivation to weight gain, I just need to get my health back and my favourite jeans back on! In the past 6 months I have gained about 5kgs (or 11 pounds) and AM going to lose them for good!

22-- aspiring nutritarian.

I am a college student who loves music (playing/ listening), drawing, and telling bad jokes. I have a gluten and dairy intolerance AND pcos, so not only do I have trouble finding food that I can readily eat between classes (or anytime), I also have a fairly difficult time losing weight. So far, i am liking being a gluten-free vegan!

28-year old. Self-Employed at Pure Raw Nature, Plant Based Lifestyle and Coaching. Switched from two years eating raw/ 80/10/10- Raw Till 4 to Whole Foods, Plant Based, No Oil. My goal is to get back to myself and claim nutritional excellency.

Almost 30, 4 boys in my home, wonderful husband.

I never had to worry about losing weight...if I gained a few pounds, I took it off! However, it is taking me longer and longer and I get frustrated with the fact that I work so hard to take off excess weight...then get "lazy" and put it all back on and more! Enough is enough!

I am 48 and a single mother of two teenagers. I live in Newport and Switzerland.I am a writer, business coach, and try to exercise regularly (karate, jogging, tennis). When I am anxious or tired, I eat too much. I am allergic to gluten and cow milk products. I am also slightly histamine intolerant.

I am 65, a family nurse practitioner, and am enjoying working with the peer training site.

I am 26 and have been overweight my whole life. I can't remember a time in my life that I wasn't pudgy. I hit my maximum weight freshman year of high school at close to 200 lbs. Going into my sophomore year of high school I dropped about 45 lbs and looked the best I had looked my whole life, I felt energized, became an athlete, and was feeling great. Then came college...I quit sports and tried to work out on my own, but was never able to sustain anything and gained back about 20 lbs over the course of 4 years. I am now in "the real world" and want to get back to a healthy weight. I am ready to settle down and one day have a family and I want to prepare myself for that.

I'm 38 and work a sedentary job. I am ready to make some serious changes in my life. I quit smoking a few weeks ago and I'm going to start the Eat to Live diet on Decemeber 1st with new goals in line to replace those as I reach them.

I am a 39 year old mother of 2 (12 & 14). I went through a tough divorce & my ex abused our children. Ultra stressful....found out the hard way that I am a stress eater. I stopped working out, started drinking A LOT of wine and just eating all kinds of junk, especially ice cream!!! I wouldn't get on a scale because I knew I gained so much. When I went to the Dr and I was in the 180's I cried. What am I doing to myself!!!!!!! That was 3 weeks ago and I have lost 10lbs (yeay I would love to drop down to 130's. I saw the Eat to Live program and am definitely in. I want and need to be around for my children and want to give them better eating habits!

I am 24, married, with a stressful job and a busy life! I struggle with emotional/night eating, eating with my husband who can eat ANYTHING, and sticking with my workout/eating plans on the weekends! I currently don't have a gym membership for financial reasons, so I need to find ways to get my workout in at home or outside.

Stay at home mom of 3.

I am 31 years old with four children. I am into bodybuilding and lifting weights. And some cardio. I eat a bodybuilders diet of veggies and protein. However I am in need of more accountability and stress relief. For at night I tend to go off program sometimes.

54 y/o woman who works out 3-4 times a week and eats fairly well... HOWEVER! have a stressful job and am prone to emotional eating/drinking

in colllege and wanna look good!

I enjoy healthy plant food!!!!

Single Mom working full-time; 1 semester left in grad school. My whole being is tied up in body image. I have never seen myself as thin, most of life has been a diet or bizarre weight loss regimen.

I'm a 36 year old female in NYC. I am going back to school in January.

Married, stay-at-home mom of 3 kids.

I am in my fifties and a recent empty nester. My husband and I have gone off the deep end enjoying ourselves, eating out not exercising since we have our new found freedom. I own my own business and it is booming but that brings certain stresses and long hours which are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

I'm 54, currently in grad school working toward my Masters in Counseling, Marriage and Family as well as Chemical Dependency. My area of interest is working with at-risk teens. I love gardening, animals, horseback riding and training, riding my motorcycle and reading.

57 married 3 grown children, 6 grandchildren. Work full time.

I'm a 46-year-old professional woman with two kids, 9 and 11, and a lot of weight to lose. I weigh about 270. In the last year I left an unhappy marriage, and am now ready to focus on getting healthy and losing weight. I'm looking forward to a new me!

I have a 12 yr. old and a 4 yr. old. I work three to four days a week. I have been about 30-40 lbs over weight since I was 20. I am now 44 years old, have read every diet book under the sun so I know what needs to be done just have trouble sticking to anything including Peer Trainer for more than three weeks.

I am about to turn 50, and am trying hard to avoid sliding into the "frumpy" stage that has been fairlylstandard for the women in my family. I am quite fit and active, but need to boost the strenght training, and improve my eating habits. I am about 15 pounds heavier than I would like to be. I work FT, have been married for 21 years, and am Mom to 3 children (6, 8 & 12). I want to be fit and healthy for them as well as for me. I've had success with Weight Watchers and some other programs as well ,but have gained the weight back again. I am a member of a local TOPS group, but don't find that is enough to support me. I need to make a permanent, manageable change in the way I use food, and in a way that works for a busy family. I had some success with Eat to Live this past year, but struggle to find ways to streamline meal preparation so that I'm not making 2 meals every time we sit down to eat.

I am a fifty something mother of two with two Grandchildren. I work full time as a Customer Service Manager.

I am a 50 year old mother of 2 sons, ages 14 and 17 I work in a bank. I have been happily married for 21 years. My hobbies are knitting, reading and beginning quilting - as you can see, all sedintary activities. My preferred excercise is Walking, although I am not consistant with the amount of walking I do throughout the year. Have been a life time member of Weight Watchers, joining in 1980 and reaching my goal in 1982. Then life happened and now I am 50 lbs overweight. Currently, I am of average health. Good cholesteral and blood pressure. But I notice my knees give me trouble now and then - probably due to the extra weight and inconsistant exercising.

New mom who lost the weight but gained it back again, plus 8 pounds. Need to lose at least 10 lbs and probably more like 15-20lbs. Live in the countryside and finding it hard to make time for exercise. Diets haven't worked before for me, very well. I'm 39, 5' 5" tall, and currently weigh 148lbs. Retired athlete and have run few marathons, but not lately!

I AM 45yo nurse working in a surgery center and have two kids aged 16 & 18. ...been married 20 years. Keeping my weight down is a constant struggle. I have lost 20 pounds on Jenny Craig a few years ago and about 15 on Weight Watchers. I am now at my heaviest ever. I am ready to start going the other direction. It is so easy to gain ...

I'm a 23 years old pharmacist

Happiliy married with 5 beautiful boys and 4 wonderful dogs...

I am 49 years old, married with 2 adult (almost) children).

I'm 22 and want to lose weight to be healthy and happy!!

32 years old love horses and riding, actually love all animals work as an environmental consultant started at at least 84kg and am now down to 61.7kg and feel heaps better

I am in my 50s. Work full time. Have three adult children, all still at home. I have always been overweight, but was active and strong. My job has become more sedentary and I have struggled with depression on and off during the past ten years, Neeedless to say, I'm in a bad way now and need to change asap.

I am 40 and I have been having health problems since the day I turned 40. I have gained weight and its time to get back in shape!

I will be turning 55 in 2 weeks and have never been this FAT in my life. I moved to CA 12 years ago and thought that I could really get in great shape with the weather always nice. (almost) I discovered REAL mexican food and avacados. What a disaster. I gain and lost several times about 20 pounds. Then I hit 50 yrs and I started gaining more and more every year. What confuses me is that I eat vegitarian and very healthy and I also excercise about 5 days a weeks. All the things you are suppose to do I WAS ALREADY DOING!! What do I do now? I blamed menopause. In any case I decided that I would just learn to love the FAT me and get over it. I threw out my scale and just accepted my fate. In the last few months we had to file BK and lost our house. The stress found relief in beer (which I've always hated) and I drank away my pain. Only to find a new pain of 191 pounds!! Feel so depressed and sick that I will never regain my health and fit body that I am turning into a skeptic instead of the optimist I've always been. I feel like "what's the use? It doesn't matter anymore-" so I eat and eat and eat. It's a vicious cycle that I must get out of. I hope PT works.

Hi, I'm Sarah! I have two kids, ages 10 & 13. I'm ready to focus on making myself smaller! I've lost, gained, lost, gained over the past ten years, and am working towards total consistency - even on "bad" days!!

I have been overweight since I could remember. I have tried to lose weight, but have not been able to successfully keep it off. Now I am trying to make a strategy that I can handle for the rest of my life and right the wrongs that I have been doing with my diet and exercise before it is too late..

I'm 37 and a stay at home mom. I enjoy making pottery and sometimes my workouts.

I'm a 38 year old mom, wife, and student living in Belgium. I don't want to be a size 4 (although I wouldn't complain about that :)), I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my own skin.

I'm a newlywed who has always struggled with my weight. I want to be healthier.. and to do it for me! :) I am 31 year old country chick who loves to cook and try new recipes.

I am a 52 year old professional who has struggled with my weight all of my adult life. :(

37 years old, 2 children (16, 9)Social worker

Almost 40 year old mom of a active 5 year old, and a 6 month baby girl

I moved to Beijing, China in August 2016 and teach English at a university here. I am passionate about living an adventurous life and spreading joy and love to others.

36 yrs. old, 5'10". I had a couple of crazy years, and somewhere along the way I forgot my calorie-conscience eating ways. I lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers in 2002 and maintained my goal weight until 2007. My lifestyle is sedentary and that really needs to change.

I am a stay at home mom i love my family thay r the most important thing in my life, but i seemed to lose myself when i became a mom..I am sure most moms understang.. this yr i will find myself again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

work as a flight attendant, live suburb of montreal, quebec...i have had an eating disorder and obsession with food and my body for more than 30 yars... range from 100lbs to 160lbs... lose, gain, lose, gain.... i go the extreme... eating, not eating...i know what and how to do it... but do not know how to stay wih a healthy lifestyle ... i do it religiously... lose weight fast... get fed up ans frustrated and then give up...

I eat fairly healthy but have been gaining weight due to some "comfort eating". I overeat specially on desserts. I love running, but I find it hard to motivate myself to do it regularly.

I am 36 years old, and an active mom of two kids. I love working out. I'm working on those last 10 pounds to get down to 120-125 pounds at 5'6". Want to lose this weight for the LAST time and develop a maintenance program that works. I also want to take my running to the next level, by increasing my weekly distance, participating in more races, and running a marathon in 2010.

I am married with two sons, ages 12 and 16 I work 3/4 time at an office I do a lot of volunteer work and don't often have time for me

I'm 28, female, and married to an awesome guy who is coming home from Iraq in July 2010. I want to look amazing for him when he steps off that plane. I've been a vegan since August 2009 and have lost and kept off 13 pounds since that time. I'm ready to drop my excess pounds now.

35 year old female - massage therapist (thank goodness for a career that keeps me active) I am self employed and work very long hours on some days so keeping to a regular schedule of working out is sometimes a challenge. Eating well on the other hand comes fairly easy to me - I do however have a big sweet tooth.

I will turn 60 in 2010 and realize that the quality of my life as an older person depends on incorporating exercise and healthy eating into my life, not as an option but as a requirement. I do freelance editorial work--mostly nursing textbooks--work from home, sit in front of my computer all day, care for my mother-in-law, who lives with my husband and me, and find it too easy not to workout. I also find myself grabbing a piece of candy or eating chips, just out of boredom. My husband and I have been married for more than 36 years and our two sons are in their 20s.

I am a 31 YO stay at home mother of two children 7 and 4. I have struggled with my weight since I was young.

Hello! My name is Julia. I work in an office setting sitting 8 hours a day. (boring!) I live with my boyfriend and my 2 kitties. I would like to look amazing naked and feel great as well. I'm sick of my clothes being tight! I want my jeans to feel loose for once! I would really like to eat Vegan, but it is so hard! I ocassionally eat chicken and bacon, but that is it in the meat dept for me. I love cheese but I have been trying to limit that and concentrate on eating mostly fruits,veggies, beans, "good" carbs like squash and sweet potatos, and wheat bread.

I'm a self motived person, who loves to learn and laugh. I have a one year old son and wanted to get back to my old weight only to realize that I'm already at my old weight and that my old weight is no good.

I am 51- 6' tall, - a Geoscience Technician; helping my boss, a Geologist, search for oil & gas. I have Hypothyroidism & Menopause: a new OBGyn that specializes in Bioidentical HR Therapy put me on bio-identical HRT Cream on Jan 18, 2012. This has made a huge difference in my energy, attitude, and moods- took about 2 months to kick-in. -Feel So Much Better! Back when I joined in Feb of 2009 I was 215, and lost down to 172#, and now since June or so of this year -2010- I have gained it back. ( I will explain more if you want to know)-I enjoy working out at 24 hour fitness, & love all the GroupX Classes. Hobbies include crocheting, learning to knit. Healthy cooking & entertaining for friends. Reading Dr. Furhman's books has CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! (Eat to Live, and Eat for Health). I have also read the Pleasure Trap, the China Study, Super Immunity & will read soon - The Life You Want, and New Rules of Lifting for Women. Hearty veggie soups & stews and Beans in the crock pot. - my weight has fluctuated between 205- 211-202 now is 201

i'm a recent vegan (2 months, down 19 lbs) and i came across the book Eat to Live. my girlfriend and i have decided to start this on monday 03/15/10. wish us luck!

I'm a law student with a passion for cooking, salsa, music and reading. I've been struggling to lose weight all my life! I keep yo-yoing between plump and toned. I have a tendency to put on weight and Need to exercise regularly to keep weight off. I'm really bad at observing diets but i eat healthy most of the time. Love chocolate, gymming, biking and dance aerobics, yoga.

Grandma of four with two on the way. Love to scrapbook when I have time. Like to read.

I'm 23 years old, 5 feet and a half inch, and about 122.5 lbs. I am taking college classes online so I spend a lot of time cooped up in my apartment. I am majoring in dietetics, and spend most of the day thinking about food (not just about EATING it). USUALLY I'm a very picky eater, but can't seem lose the weight I want. Emotional eating is my arch nemesis. I also moved far away from my family about a year ago, that is when I put the weight on and can't seem to get it off no matter how hard I work.

I am 23 years old. Just finished up college.

49 years old, mother of two daughters, love vegan eating, yoga and walking / jogging. Problem with night time binge eating

I am 28 years old and fairly active. I have never been obese, but slightly has been a daily struggle since I was an adolescent. I am fairly comfortable with who I am, and what I look like, however, I would love to shed those excess pounds that keep me from my ideal weight. After reading 'Eat to Live' I really want to try my best to stick with the plan and not only shed excess weight, but get healthier at the same time.

I am 41, married to a wonderful man for 13 years. We have 3 children aged 2-9. I work full time and have found it hard to find time for me to work out and eat healthily. After injuring my back this summer and not being able to do many of the things I love, I realized that I need to take better care of myself, so I can be a good Mom, wife, friend etc. My back is healing well, and I am at a place where I am tired of my excuses and I am ready to succeed.

I am seventeen years old, and my approach in losing weight has had it's downfalls. I over-came bulimia my sophomore year in high school. I would like to do this program because it will teach me to lose weight in a healthy way, unlike my diets in the past. I have not weighed myself in about two months. I plan on weighing myself every two weeks, and hope this program is as successful for you as I hope it will be for me.

I'm 49 and my goal is to feel healthy and fit.. I struggle with motivation to exercise. My thyroid fights me contantly so I am trying to figure out the best eating plan that works for my body. I love all vegtables and generally eat healthy. Occasional over do it on chocolate and sweets if within reach. Moderation is not a stregnth. Work in progress...

39 year old, married to a great guy, "mom" to two cats and the best doggie in the world! :) She's a black lab mix and is my baby.

I am 47 years old and have a wonderful husband and two children ages 6 and 9. I've been struggling with my weight for years, but after having kids and starting menopause, my weight has gotten out of control as well as my eating habits and cravings. I want to be around for my family and I know this plan will work for me!

I am a single mom of two, that has a lot on her plate on a daily basis, and I am currently going back to school. I am someone who has never been satisfied with the way I look, and have constantly battled with my weight. I am a good hearted person, that loves to help people, and tries to always treat people the way I want to be treated.

I reached my goal weight of 120 pounds two years ago, mainly using Eat to Live principles. But in the last six months, I have turned to food way too much for comfort during some difficult times. The pounds have started to creep on again.

50 years old female, widowed since 2004, nurse in an icu as well as diaster nursing. work shift days and nights.

45-yr old wife and mother of two. Only 5 feet half an inch tall.

I am kinda young for diets and work out things i guess but i want to be model but no i don't want to be bones just skinny, iv had problems with getting exircise and dieting cuz my family always eats junk food and dosent like to go out ever, im am 5"6 and i way 123.4 (right now) i want to be 115 or somthing like that cuz i like never work out aside from walking my dog so im not sure. btw im not obese, i would be pretty skinny if i just started to work out and dident eat junk food but i just don't know why i havent done it yet. . . Anyways Good Luck to everyone<3

Im a young women who recently just came off of a bad injury. before the injury i was very athletic and fit and strong. its been almost 16 months of almost no physical activity. Ive gained so much weight it is disgusting i need to get it off now. im currently 216 and hope to get 50 pounds off by october or november would be nice.

I am a 19 year old student and I want to lose about 30lbs over the course of the next several months. I'm working on controling my desire to eat when I'm bored or if it's late at night. I'm currently following the ETL 6 week plan.

I'm a 27 year old, techy who sits in meetings all day. I've been on the weight loss journey since Jan 2005 and am now starting to think about being a mom.

I am 38, have been on and off diets all my adult life and have managed only once to get extremely close to my ideal weight goal (following weight watchers) many years ago only to re-gain the weight slowly in the following years. I have dual US-French citizenship and have been living in Berlin, Germany since 1991. I am a film editor. My starting weight is 60,2 kg and I would like to reach my goal of 51 kg this year, but also to develop lasting habits on the way that will help me stay slim for the rest of my life!

Hi! I'm Sopralto, a 39 year old married mum of two (5, 3), based in Dunedin, NZ. I love music, blogging, and hanging out with friends at the pub.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds in 7 weeks. My groups here at PT are Eat To Live Fight Club, We Will Succeed, Aussie Kiwi Metric Healthy and Kiwis Getting Trim!.

Now I'm on the move back down to a healthy weight, mainly by avoiding dairy and junk food. I'm following Joel Fuhrman's incredible Eat To Live plan. Check it out - I'm loving it.

My weakness foods are chocolate, chips, and general junk food. Anything fried is a problem. But I'm working hard to solve these problems, and leave the blubber behind permanently.

I'm 63 and began using Peertrainer Feb 15 2009. I lost 50 pounds in a year but it came to a halt when my husband came home from rehab Jan. 30 2010 for a lengthy illness and I began cooking for him. I'm now back at it because he is recovering finally!. I finally signed up for the point of no return program and will begin it this afternoon.

I am 32 years old and work as a registered nurse. One year ago, I had lost 40 lbs, was in the best shape of my life, and ran my first 5ks and half marathon. After a back injury (which I am still struggling with) I have slipped out of all the good habits I had started and have gained back a lot of the weight. I love being outdoors, seeing live music, reading, and hanging out with my husband and dog Banks.

52 year old lung cancer survivor. Gave up smoking fourteen months ago and put on my weight. I am married with two children 18 and 23. Love Curves, especially Zumba. The problem is I have a problem with noshing at night. I know I can do this. I just ordered Dr. Fuhrman's book and I will try to follow it.

I am a 5' 5" tall, 52 year old working mother of three with a starting weight of 269 lbs. I am also a christian who enjoys reading my daily text from my 'Examining The Scriptures Daily' book.

I am a stay at home mom. I have 4 children and have been married for 23 years. I gained most of my weight with each pregnancy but never ever lost it my oldest child is 21!! So it's been a long time dream to just get rid of this weight for once and for all! I have had small successes here and there but I always manage to sabotage my efforts.

I am 43 and trying to BALANCE work, family and weight loss back to health.

I just turned 37 and want this to be the year I lose the rest of my extra weight, get really fit and then maintain!

I'm 40 years old and have an addiction to food. I've been over weight most of my life. I haven't tried dieting and a few years and decided I need to change my life. Three weeks ago I started E2L. I have lost 22 lbs so far and feel so much better.

I am 58, happily married and have two LD children: my daughter is married and living in MA, and a son just came home to live taking a break from college in NYC. I work full time as a psychologist with a home office, I feel pretty isolated and have made few local friends, although I have kept my old good friends who live far away- it's just you can't see each other without a lot of planning.

I've been gone for a while. I had some diet success around Feb-March-April, but I've gained almost all of it back. I want to be successful again!

29-year-old single mother of 3 young kids; starting weight: 242.8 (gasp!) and looking to lose about 80 lbs. Work full-time in an office (cubicle slave!) in downtown Clayton and outside of work the kids keep me really busy. We live in St. Louis, MO (north county).

I was diagnosed in April of 2010 with an autoimmune condition called Polymyositis. I'm on two different medications to help keep the symptoms of this condition at bay. A friend suggested I read Eat to Live, and now I have hope that through dietary changes I can improve my health, lose weight and get off of the drugs.

Pushing 50(yikes). married with 2 teenage shift. over eat in the evenings, especially when I'm tired and bored..I enjoy golfing, workout in our gym at home, though not as often as I should.

I am a full time working mom of two beautiful children. My daughter is 4, and my son is 11 months. I have struggled ever since I can remember to lose weight, I have a VERY hard time due to PCOS. I gained a whopping 75# during my second pregnancy and have only been able to lose 5#. Its getting to be summertime and less clothes = more uncomfortable.

I hit 50 this year, and now realise how much I have let myself go - I feel fat, unfit and a failure for not taking control of my eating and exercise. I work from home, so I spend most of the day sitting on my (rather large) backside. I do have time to exercise, I just like to convince myself that I don't. And I often find myself sitting at my computer, stuffing food into my mouth without even thinking about it - it wouldn't be so bad if it was fruit and salad, but to be honest it's nearly always junk stuff. So, I need to practice mindful eating - building awareness of every little mouthful I take, and I need to stop making excuses for not exercising.

52 yo previously gamine female who's become depressed

I live in Portland with my boyfriend and our 2 cats and 1 dog. I'm a student studying biology and enjoy being outdoors!

I'm a 23-yr-old in her last year of college. Had always been pretty active (grew up as a dancer, worked out religiously & ate like a health nazi) up until I went through some crazy stuff this last year that resulted in a manic episode, and now experiencing some depression and bulimia (which resulted in some major weight gain 20+lbs). Basically, I went from a free-spirited crazy happy go-go dancer / sorority college girl with a fit body to a sad self-loathing average BMI girl. Determined to recover and gain my health and happiness back! Let's do this! :D

Mom to four adult kids, grandmom to four little ones. Youngest child (18) still at home with mental disability. Work part time with families who have mentally ill youth. Rest of my time I care for my own child. Husband laid off. No money for organic foods, workout gyms, etc. Emotional eater - sugar. Looking to change eating style.

I have 3 kids and a very busy life due to a stressful job and many obligations, but I bet that you do to.

I'm 5'5", 119 lbs, and a sahm in my 30's with 2 children under 4. My biggest challenges are getting enough sleep (I tend to stay up too late having 'me' time but still have to get up early with the kids) and exercising (finding the time, and motivation). I have trained for and ran 2 marathons in the past 10 years, but I have also gone 6 to 12 months in a row with very little to no exercise.

I had gastric bypass surgery on 2/17/09. My starting weight was 342 pounds. Currently I am at 179.2 pounds. I would like to get down to 165 pounds by eating a healthy and balanced diet and excercise. On June 11th I completed my first sprint triathlon. I am going to do two more this summer and am also training for a 1/2 marathon in September and a full marathon on 10/31.

I'm 53, married, and have two boys, ages 15 and 12. I was on PeerTrainer in 2012, diligently did Point of No Return, and lost 15 lbs, then I injured my back (2 torn discs) in September 2012. With all the pain I was in-- and the fact that I couldn't get to my refrigerator for a lonnnng time-- lost another 5 lbs, for 20 total. I've been in physical therapy now for almost 9 mos and have realized that 10 of the 20 I lost have now crept back on. I refuse to go back to my "fat clothes"-- in fact, I think I got rid of most of them, so this is do or die for me. I lost my job due to my injury too, so we are living through a very stressful time but need to stay healthy through it all. Stress and menopause are wreaking havoc on my body as what use to be my body's "favorite weight" of about 150 over the past two years has crept ever upward, despite exercise. Bottom line is I need to lose 20 lbs-- but most of all I want to stay healthy and strong so I can be chasing my boys around for another 10 years. I play piano, love knitting, enjoy gardening, quilting, photography, love to read and follow politics. Oh... and I have that COFFEE thing going on as well.

I am a 45 year old Chrisitian SAHM. I homeschool 4 children and am married to a wonderful guy.

I have been vegetarian for most of my adult life, and have tried going vegan from time to time. Dr. Fuhriman's program makes the most sense to me, logically and nutritionally and scientifically. In 2007-2008 I lost 99 pounds, and got down to 150.5. In 2008 I ran a half marathon! In 2009 and 2010 I gained 45 pounds. I want to get to a very healthy, happy weight and be in awesome physical condition!

I'm a 46-year old single administrative professional living and working in Manhattan. I've found that clean eating and getting enough sleep and exercise really goes a long way toward reducing my cholesterol, migraines, and stress. I find it fairly easy to stay motivated with regard to food - I have the occasional 'bad' food, but mostly I don't. When I overeat, I tend to overeat the 'good food'. I'm a stress eater. I work way too many hours, so am often too tired to work out, and I'm trying to train myself into the habit of working out first thing in the morning. so that I'm not having to have a battle with myself after work.

I am a 45 year old mother, grandmother, triathlete, business analyst, wife and many other things too. I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. I lost about 70lbs in 2000 and managed to keep half of it off until this past holiday season. I am back up to 188.5 and hating it. I am here for motivation and to get the weight off once and for all.

62 year old single woman who is (thank God) healthy. But I want to stay that way. And I want to quit using food as a form of entertainment.

I am a 38 year old female. I'm active duty Navy, and I just moved to my last duty station before I retire in Pensacola. I work with sailors in addictions counseling. It's focused on alcohol, but I see so many parallels to my own attitudes towards eating. Aside from my focus (almost obsession) on food, I love to read, I'm looking for a Church to call home and I love yoga, though I'm lazy about practicing.

I'm an (almost) 56 year old woman. I never paid close attention to my weight until I came down with facial neuralgia. The medications to treat this pain disorder all have the same side effect for me: they stimulate my appetite. I would like to get my weight back down again, and be more consistent with exercise. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet already, but my downfall is butter on anything, and sugar.

Weight history--life-long struggles--first in my mind, then in reality. In my teens, I thought I was fat at 135. I wasn't. I first really gained weight in college, up to about 165, which is where I hung during my 20s. Then in my 30s, I had a very stressful job and really packed on the pounds. My highest weight was 242 in 1998. In 1999, I got seriously ill and lost 95 pounds due to illness. After I recovered, weight slowly crept on. I've been back over 200 for most of the decade, pretty much cycling up and down between 212 and 202. The highest weight I've recorded in the past decade was 223 and the lowest 197. When I hit 223 in 2008, I joined Weight Watchers and shed 10 pounds. Then in 2010, after another weight spike, I started following ETL and lost another 10, and I hung out at about 202 with periodic spikes up to 210 or so that I usually reverse in fairly short order. But breaking down below 200 was a real challenge from about age 36 on. In August 2014, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and advised to go gluten-free. I did, and lost 8 pounds in one week and have been hanging out a few pounds under 200 ever since. Still a lot to lose, but this is the longest period in a decade that I've been consistently under 200, so that feels good.

I'm an early 30's bird living with FMS/CFIDS and early stage RA. I love cooking, art, photography, blogging, and love learning about eating cleaner, living greener, and being more sustainable in my daily life.

I'm turning 21 in December...i've been on "diets" my whole life, i did weight watchers lost 30 pounds, kept it off for a couple years and then gradually gained it back and more. I am ready to learn to eat healthier and to be the me i know is inside. I ran my first 10mile race on 4/5/09 and i am looking at training and getting back into running

56, snowbird practicing retirement. I eat healthy, fresh foods but like wine too much. Love reading and collecting recipes but don't try new ones that often. I just get ideas about different combinations of ingredients etc.

50 something, suddenly single and discovering myself. Struggling with weight and motivation to exercise. I need support

I'm 28 years old and and have always been interested in whole foods and holistic healing but have a hard time being consistant about taking the time to take care of myself. I love traveling, trying new things and running in the park with my dog, Mya.

I am silly. I wish I was smarter or had something wittier to say but I'm just really quite silly. I am married to a wonderful fella, mother to two almost-as-silly-as-me kids, and work as an intern in Children's Ministry at our church. My heart is for our Lord but my butt tends to stay on the couch.

65 years old. 40 lbs overweight. I have a strong athletic frame but lack the energy to get active; would prefer to read, write and/or hang out with friends. A cancer survivor::10 years clean in 2010. I find my resolve to be easily weakened by external events.

Mom of 4, inflammatory markers - diet related, beginning a bootcamp

I'm 26, have lost weight a couple of times before, and in the last couple of years got onto the Eat to Live plan, but always seem to "fall off the wagon" before I got to the end of the 6-wk program. Hoping you guys can help me stay committed!

I'm a wife, mom and carreer driven woman. I'm 27 years old , and a mom of 2 gorgeous hyper little boys. My whole life revolves around caring for people. my career is about caring for the sick,when i come home im so stressed and tired , i just wanta eat what ever quick and easy. Then on my days off i tend to eat whatever my kids didn't finish , which is totally unneccessary calories i dont need. ugh .. frustrating. i work out either at the ymca or at home when my kids let me. balancing is what i need to do but its hard because i dont want to neglect the little time i have with the kids to go to the gym and my family.

I am a 21 year old female college student that just can seem to stop eating. I am an emotional eater and every time i turn around I gain weight and i can't seem to get on a good schedule.

I turned 53 in june. I operate a daycare/preschool with up to 6 kids daily. I believe the hope of better thru Jesus Christ. I Have lost 30 lbs. two times in the past on PT and here I am again needing to lose 25 lbs.

I am 34 years old. I have pretty much always had healthy eating and exercise habits. Lately, though, it seems that my occasional splurges have not easily been coming off. I am realizing that the older I get, the more important my diet is. It doesn't just come off with a jog anymore!

I have two grown children who have recently moved out on their own, I have a new job and love what I do and enjoy spending time with my husband. I have struggled with my weight for over 20 years and can't remember a time that I have not been thinking about food or been on some kind of diet.

I'm 29, 5'7", 143 lbs and looking to lose 5-10 lbs. I'm married, have a 1 year old baby girl and work as an underwriter. I love to laugh and take advantage of life but I need to get serious with an exercise routine! I generaly eat whole organic food but I do slip sometime and would love to have a better discipline. I'm also looking at getting better muscle tone. I'm not really into diets, I'm more inteterested in a sustainable lifestyle that will help me keep a healthy mind/body balance.

UPDATE: initially signed up for peer trainer..."Just turned 35. Married 1 1/2 years, no kids yet. Enjoy exercising, 99% vegetarian (still eat fish), have approximately 15-20 lbs. to lose. Unsure how all the fat ended up on my belly!" Now know that some extra belly is from my little "baby" Lily, 1 1/2, still married, eager to return to vegetarian lifestyle...pregnancy urges brought me back to meat, but my heart knows it isn't good for me. Heaviest I've ever been, besides pregnancy and worried about the habits I may be teaching my daughter.

I'm 29, and married, and the mother of a cute little daughter. Post pregnancy, I really really want to slim down. I used to teach English Literature in India and am passionate about academia. I love books and music.

58 yr old RN. Two grown daughters. Married 36 yrs.

I am re-training as a hair stylist which is the best thing I have done, wish I'd done it years ago!! Passed my exercise to music as well and would love to have the confidence and fittness to be able to pursue it.

Right at 40 and focused on optimizing my health and well being through extremely healthful eating habits, regular exercise and a great life

I am 22, female, and ready to become my ideal self.

I am 5'3' and have about 15lbs to lose as of Jan 31. I have been in good shape most of my life, but a few years ago I gained about 20 lbs and have since yo-yo'd, twice hitting my goal weight, but then gaining it back.

I am happily married w/ two amazing kids. I have a lively household and a busy career. After the birth of my son 2 years ago, I have been struggling w/ my weight and staying consistent.

I am 43, have two teenage children and a wonderful husband. I have taught for 17 years. My Mom died in October of 2009 at the young age of 68, in surgery. Although time is your friend with situations like this, I am finding that I take care of everyone around me (including my Dad) instead of myself. I'm ready to find myself again. Ready to be me.

I'm an artist, working on my own - so have to be completely self motivated - a life long adventure in self discipline which never carried over to my eating habits until I lost weight in 2008. Peertrainer helped me get it off, and I kept it off for two years, then the combination of a death in the family, too much time traveling to exotic places with delicious food, and an injury which precluded any exercise involving my right foot I gradually put on 10 lbs in the last 2 years. I can now do some walking again, and am ready to closely monitor my eating as well again. JANUARY 1, 2008: 154 lbs, waist 31, belly button 34 1/2, hips 40, bust 38 1/2, thigh 23 3/8, calf 13 7/8 ********** SEPTEMBER 22, 2008: Beginning new challenge to lower my fat% and build my muscle %. This will have to be subjective, because I have not figured out a way to measure it, or have it measured. 135 lbs, waist 28 1/2, belly button 31, hips 38, bust 36, thigh 21, calf 13 7/8, bicep 11 1/4, bicep flexed 12.********** Week 4: 131 lbs, waist 26 1/2, belly button 27 1/2, hips 37, bust 34, thigh 20 3/4, calf 13 5/8, bicep 11 1/4, bicep flexed 11 3/4*********** DECEMBER 22, 2008 Week 12: 131.5 lbs,waist 27, belly button 29 1/2, hips 37, bust 35, thigh 20 3/4, calf 13 5/8, bicep 11 1/2, flexed 12 1/2 Interesting to compare to 2 months ago: In spite of not losing any weight, I feel much harder - and I did gain measurable muscle in my biceps. I do feel that my perception of my waist is that it is larger, though a lot more toned. I was doing a lot of ab work for a while: I have heard that building muscle there can make you thicker rather than thinner!********** JANUARY 1, 2009, The 12 Week Challenge, A Repeat: Beginning statistics: 128 lbs, waist 26", belly button 29", hips 37", bust 35", thigh 21", calf 13 5/8", neck 13 1/4 ", biceps 11 1/4, 12 1/4 flexed.********* JULY 2011: weigh and measure tomorrow! Gosh! I forgot that I was actually down to 128! I've gained more than 10 lbs! ********** SEPTEMBER 2012: 144 Ugh! On my way to my 170# high again - time to get a grip. Decided to try the Cleanse, both for weight loss, and to try to figure out what is causing my lower abdominal discomfort. Waist 30, belly button 33.5, hips 39, thigh 22, bust 37, calf 13.5

I am 60 years old. Mother of 2 grown children living too far away to visit very often. Very slim husband who doesn't get weight gain and definitely doesn't like it. Have ballooned up to 172 lbs. as of this morning. Love to run but don't enjoy lifting weights, even tho I know that is the secret to weight loss. Can't confess my secret eating to anyone. Move to new town 3 yrs ago. Currently not working which is hard on me. Tend to depression.

I'm a 22 year old student about to graduate in May. I'm talking with my boyfriend about marriage... trying to find a job... working a part time job...finishing school. All kinds of things going on. I want to find a place for my health in the middle of all this crazy change in my life.

pool designs photos

I am a college sophomore and I am finally serious about establishing healthy habits in my 20's.

I'm 5'4", 44 years old, and probably weigh around 135. I try to stop weighing myself because if I've lost a few pounds it makes me think I'm wonder woman and a few extra oreos won't hurt. Lets just say my pants are tight and that's not a good thing. I'm divorced with a daughter age 12 and a son age 9. I work full time in information management. I enjoy exercising, when I can find the time to work it in. I struggle with being tired and making exercise a priority.

I'm 39 years old, married to a great guy, and a stay-at-home-mom to three kids in elementary school. I'm a happy, generally laid back and love to poke fun at myself and the absurdities in life. I've struggled with weight my whole life, but it wasn't truly a priority until now that feel myself slowing down. My desire to be an active parent, long into my grandparenting years, far outweighs (no pun intended!) anything I'm gaining from being overweight.

Professional. Stressed.

53, male

56 yr old trying to reverse the damage done by frankenfood products and doctors prescribing a myriad of pharmaceuticals over the past decade, which together put more than 100 excess lbs on me and made my original uncomfortable symptoms turn into painful and crippling disabilities.

Female single never married no kids 54 years old.

I am a new mother, before I got pregnant I was thin... but not healthy. I've always been able to hide my weight gain because of my height (I'm 5'10). I have started so many lifestyle changes, but consistency is where I fall short. I'm ready to do this, for my son. I want him to form healthy eating habits so he won't ever have to struggle with his weight.

I sit most of the time at work, but am a true weekend warrior -- every weekend -- and I'm at an age where I'm vulnerable to injuries and concerned about my future physical health.

I'm a 24 yr. old Canadian girl who started at 210lbs and lost 40lbs through a healthy diet (mostly weight watchers) and exercise. I have about 10 pounds left to lose and it's all on my thighs. It's going to be tough but I'm going to try my hardest to shed what my mama gave me.

I'm 56, 5'6" about 140 lbs. I have lost some weight but still need to lose more. I am trying to cook healthier and eat leaner.

Just looked down at the scale at my mom's a month or more ago, and saw I was 205lbs. That was scary.

I am a breastfeeding mommy who works full time and also is going full time to school getting her PhD. (I'm a PhD Candidate right now...yay!) I want to find balance and end my bad relationship with food! I am a mother to a 7-month old son. I recently tried dieting but did it too quickly with too low calories and ended up almost drying up within a week. Wow! So I'm hoping I can do the cheat system and still lose weight, keep a healthy diet for me and my son, and have enough calories that my breastfeeding does stop.

64,male,Married I want to Change from "Live to eat" to "eat to live"

46 years old. Mom of two. Single parent. Heaviest was 187 lbs. We made a video at work and seeing myself (even at 178 lbs) was so shocking and upsetting I made up my mind to make the changes I can and get back at the helm of my own ship. I am liking this intelligent approach to health and self-actualization. In it for the long run.

,I'm going to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday, which will put me at 170 pounds---not my final goal, but a reasonable weight for my 5'9" frame. I have 6 kids, and am about to move for the third time in 5 years.

40 years old. Army wife. Mother of 2. "Today is a great day to be awesome!"

I'm a wife and mother of two kids (6 and 8 in 2011). I have a full time job. I'm a homebody but love to be social. I often lack energy (which vitaminD supplements have improved...I do live in Canada after all :) and use being tired as my excuse to sit on the couch.

I'm a senior and glad of it. My "career life' started when I was in the 7th grade and was a mother's helper six days a week for 2 little boys. I graduated from nsg. school, worked full-time while I got my Bachelor's degree and the same for my Master's degree in Business. My dh is the love of my life and always has been. I worked until I retired at 62. We have traveled a lot and lived in 16 places, including outside the country. Now, I'm loving retirement, but unhappy about the 15 lbs. that I've "worked hard" to accumulate. lol.

I'm a stay at home mom with six children. We are just completing our 1st year of homeschooling.

My name is Tracey and I'm 35 with a (almost) 3 year old daughter. I'm married to Brian and work as an architect in Columbus, Ohio. I'm 5'-9" and have always been chubby. I weigh less now than I did in high school. I blew through my goal weight last summer but took lots of liberties over the winter months thinking 'hey this will come off easily in the spring!' and guess what? Not so much.

Mommy of 2 kids, stuggling to loose weight!

I am 26 year old and married. I am a creative professional and love my job but is trying to learn to balance my work life with my personal life. I have struggled with losing about 30 pounds for several years and have seen several trainers and nutritionists but have finally found out I need to deal with the emotional side of weight loss too and I'm very excited to do the Point of No Return program and go at my own pace.

I'm 59 , married, 2 grown kids of my own and 4 grown stepkids. An attorney with a lot of stress in my work life, as well as long hours. I lost down to my goal weight through Weight Watchers when I was 40 and have gradually regained it all. I know the program works and need to get back to it. As to that last sentence -- as of 4/3/11 I'm using the PT cheat system to try to ignite more weight loss.

I'm 52. My current weight is 179.2. I'm married. I have no kids. I teach so I am busy and stressed and don't get a lot of sleep for 9 months of the year. I like to do things like bike, walk, hike...but I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle inbetween walking, riding etc. Essentially I am a lazy person who likes to relax and read and surf the web more than exercise. One thing I really hate doing is "cooking". I don't eat fast food, I am a coffee addict (quad shot cappuchino or double Americano's only). My downfall is sweets (chocolate, ice cream, chocolate).

I lost 23 lbs. when I retired in 2008. Then I gained back 10 and could not seem to get that off. I kept losing and gaining the same 10-12 lbs. The Engine.2 Diet book is the one that got me started toward vegan eating. And that is what finally made a difference.

I am mom and wife of 20 years. I love life and unfortunately love to eat to ease stress. I am currently a student ( nursing ) and I am a NA at a hospital. Right now my life style is a little to busy for my liking but I know all the hard work will pay off in the end. I have a strong faith in Christ and for me when my spirit is lacking so is the rest of everything in my life including food. Working in health care, I see on a daily basis the consequences of our daily poor food choices, I feel like it must be a priority to eat and move well.

Recently graduated from college, just moved to a new city and started a job, and engaged to be married in September of 2012. I am so excited to create healthy habits in my new life. I am glad I am leaving the late night studying, the snacking, the lack of sleep, the lack of exercise, and the stress behind! Other random things: I have a twin, I love lists and planning things, and I am a completely wuss when it comes to movies and I WILL look up the plot if I am scared. :)

I'm a married mother of 5, who is in desperate need of healthy habits. I've been struggling with food addiction and binge eating for over 4 years, and I'm ready to change my life!

36 years old. Dieting for most of my adult life. Never been fat. Most I've weighed 148lb. Set point:135-140. 2 teen daughters. Struggle with strict dieting and bingeing.

I am 58 yr old female - have usually felt younger than my age - till the last 6 years when (after a failed relationship) I let myself go - eating mostly fast food, not exercising, in a slump!! Have had enough of the "pity party" and want to start living again!!

I'm 58, married, and have a beautiful daughter with a 5 month old daughter. My husband works in Costa Rica so is seldom home. I love the ocean and any outdoor activity but often get roped to the computer in my home office. Favorite activities: SCUBA, snorkel, stand up paddling, hiking, golfing. But also love to knit, cook, and read books. I'm a coordinator for a non-profit marine conservation program where I train community members, a volunteer research SCUBA diver with the state, and my little Shih-tzu/Poodle Tica and I are a volunteer therapy team at our local hospital. My biggest challenge is staying on track with my goals and weight. I can't say no and over- commit, then drop everything while trying to deliver, including staying focused on my diet goals. Last time I lost weight was with Peertrainer. Hope this will help again.

Was in top shape as a cyclist. After a pregnancy, am flabby and about 5-10 pounds overweight. Want to get back to training, need a consistent way of eating. My weakness is STRESS eating-carbs to calm down. Struggle with anxiety and some seasonal depression.

30-plus working professional...and mom. Returned to the gym end of December 2011 and trying to get back on track. Goal is to get back to eating right and stay motivated with my workouts. Need motivation (from you all) to diet/eat healthy.

40 something female no kids married

I am a college student trying to balance life, but have recently slipped into a bit of unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle. I am a vegetarian and would like to eat more healthfully (lots of veggies!) and move my body more! I am studying education (secondary) and am also interested in alternative health practices. Very excited to be part of peer trainer and be held accountable to a healthy lifestyle!

Spent all of my adult life overseas... Various locations... World-wide... Professions: counselor, psychotherapist, teacher, writer, translator, violinist, painter... Avocations: swimming, hiking, biking, foraging, gardening, fishing... Currently establishing lodge/retreat located in the middle of The Chequamagon-Nicolette National Forest in Northern Wisconsin...

I am a 32 yr old that has four handsome boys, ages 13, 8, 3, and 2 1/2 months. I have a wonderful partner is is very supportive. I am going back to school full time in two weeks and am very excited! With this excitement comes frustration and worry as well. I just started eating Vegan again and am still learning how to eat well when I always on the run. I am excited to reach my goals for this summer I would like to be allot healthier.

wife, mother, potter

46 years old. Married for 22 years, Mom of three wonderful kids, one of which has autism, full time job and crazy/busy life.

Growing up I was thin and curvey. I had a baby at 18 and though I thinned out again, my body has never been what it was before. Hormones changed I suppose and I can no longer eat anything and do no physical activity and remain a size 6. I woke up at the beginning of November and had just had enough.

love living in fl in the winter, ma in the summer. we travel extensively in our rv..a great lifestyle but hard to exercise

I love surfing on the net love helping people I'm obsessed about food I eat when emotional stressed happy and bored I love dancing and walking

I'm 43 year old mom of three teenage boys. Oh, and I'm a speech therapist and have been married to a cute cowboy for a LONG time..some days seems really long! haha. Have struggled with my weight for the past 10 years but am pretty active.

I'm 38 year old mother of two children, a son Luca 7 years and little girl, Ruby, 3 years. I am about 15 kg above my ideal weight and feel horrible. I have read all of Dr Fuhrmans books and in my heart believe that is the way to go yet I eat way too much wheat and refined carbs. I have been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years and rarely eat any animal products, except honey and free range eggs - animal rights are important to me. I'm hoping the Fresh Start cleanse will start me off on the right track.

I'm 30 yrs old and I'm trying to figure out this crazy thing called life. I know that losing weight and getting in shape is going to help me out in a lot of ways. I'm getting so close to goal and having so much fun. I love exercising now and I'm learning things about myself that I never knew. I love my PT family and owe a lot of my success to them.

UPDATE: So I stopped using PT and started grad school. Things got out of control from there. Not enough time for exercise or meal prep. I started buying convenience foods and basically just let myself go. I'm about to graduate in a few weeks and I've recenlty ogtten myself back on track. I've lost 7.8 bs in the past 17 days and I'm feeling back to myself. Exercise is really challenging at the moment due to some injuries and the fact that I'm so overweight and out of shape. It's amazing how easy it is to slide all the way back to square one, but the difference is that this time, I KNOW I can do this because I've done it before! Excited to kick this weight to the curb for good this time. I deserve it.

Here are some of my favorite quotes that have kept me going:

- Excuses or Results. You can't have both.

- I know I can do this because I AM doing it.

- When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

- You are stronger than you think you are.

- You can feel SORE tomorrow or you can feel SORRY tomorrow. You choose.

- Is this the healthiest choice I can make right now?

- Respect yourself and others will respect you. - Confucius

- Do or do not. There is no try. - Yoda

I was forced retired but thankfully I am collecting a pension and still want to work. While I was climbing the pyramids in Mexico I amost fell but caught the rope. I was told the gods were not ready for me (LOL). I gained 20 pounds and now weigh 168. I am better but I cant exercise like I use to because I broke my ankle. I am hopeful I will get lean again. I am very creative...I like to make jewerlry, cook, decorate and garden. I love the beach and enjoy going to the ruins in Mexico to learn about my ancestors. I broke my ankle last year and I am having a hard time losing the twenty pounds I gained.

Mother of 2 year old. Would like to try for second child.

I'm 31 years old and this is my second (third?) go with peertrainer having found success with it my first time. I have done a good job of maintaining the weight I lost but now want to step it up a notch and lose a little more. I've become pretty addicted to working out. I can't go more than 1 day without doing something. It makes me feel better, sane, calm, like myself.

48 year old married lawyer with two children; been on Eat to LIve since January 2012 and have lost about 12 pounds. Love to work out, especially group fitness classes at the gym where I belong such as Zumba, Pilates, and Step.

I am a first time mom to almost 2yr old. I quit full time workong when he was 11 mo old and love my new life. I do plan to go back one day. Always struggled with weight but won the battle majority of adult lfe. But with pregnancy and now being at home, finding it difficult to be disciplined enough.

Female, 44, married 25+ years, mother of 2 dogs and a cat, business owner

I'm 29, I'm a new mom of a 6 month old adorable baby girl. It's been a challenge to cook healthy meals and spending time in the kitchen has not been my priority. But i recently looked at myself in mirror and realize i'm letting myself go. I'm a few pounds away from the weight i was during my last month of pregnancy. Pretty much i feel heavy, drained, extremely tired and my RA is worse by the day and with every pound i keep getting> I feel at my worse stage in life (bodywise) I want to improve my eating habits for my own health benefit, to cure my rheumatism and to enjoy the day around my new baby girl. I also stop nursing my daughter for lack of milk supply and i bounce back to drinking for any reason and every excuse i could find is becoming a huge problem because i drink to feel happy somehow i know i'm feeling unhappy about my body and i'm only making my problem worse. Plus my husband has talked to me about stopping and is getting concerned.

I'm a 48 year old mother of a sophomore son and 7th grade daughter. I have struggled with my weight since I was 15. I workout 5-6 days a week doing spin and Pilates. I have a very tough time losing weight. I can follow a plan and lose nothing. I get discourages when I don't get results and I eat.

I'm 48 and suffer from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. I'm 6'3 and weigh 312 lbs. I just want to become healthy so that I can enjoy my wife and two beautiful daughters for years to come.

50+ Christain, husband, and father... recently diagnosed with diabetes loving somewhat artistic...willing to do whatever I can to cure this dreadful disease..

I am 23 years old. I work at a hospital as a nursing assistant and at a home health agency as an aid. I am 5'2 and 240 lbs. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in late 2011. I am ready to shed with help.

I'm in my mid-20's and frustrated with repeated attempts to get in shape and lose weight.

22 years old. just graduated from college. my eating habits were terrible in college and i definitely need some motivation to start eating better.

I am a 60+ year old, Middle School Orchestra teacher, who received an Ed D in May 2016. I have 2 "millennial" children and a husband that works in another city.

I am a 58 year old woman. I have 3 adult children. I live in Torrington CT with my son Matt. I eat a plant based diet. I came from a place of constant heartburn and gastric distress as well as decreased mobility and pain. Now I am distress free. The pain and mobility is still a work in progress.

Psychotherapist always interested in W8 issues, mom of three sons, married since 1988

Constantly struggling with the ups and downs of my weight. My bingeing and food addiction has gotten out of control. Want to get involved in PT again to keep up my motivation and work on logging every single bite. Recently discovered a sugar allergy and have taken it out of my diet 100% (besides fruit). Wanting to eliminate flour as well to get rid of the urge to eat chips, bread, etc.

I am 27 years old and until I turned 21, the only time I got over 130 lbs was when I was pregnant (at 19) and even after that I went back down to 125 lbs. Now I am 27 and weight 210 lbs. I have tried every weight loss "trick", diet, and quite a few different pills and nothing has worked. I for the past 3 weeks (August 1st) have kept myself to a 1500 calorie diet and do a 45 min cardio workout about 3 times a week. I have only fluctuated the same 5 lbs. I am hoping with this website I can shed some fat and start to feel better =]

Almost 45 year old, married with 3 teens (17 yr DD, 16 yr DS, 12 yr DS). Have been on Atkins with a primal leaning for over a year. Have binging issues big time. I sort of sabbotage my diet every few weeks and get very frustrated. Love to exercise and try to do so at least 5 days a week. Can stay for weeks off "bad" foods but then go and eat 10000 cals without hesitation of all the foods that make me sick.

Male, 52 years old, married, live in San Francisco Bay area

I'm 52 years old and a substitute teacher; I like it better this year for some reason.

43 years old women trying hard to live a balanced healthy life. I am a Christian, married and have to beautiful girls ages 17 and 20. I am currentlly employed on a rehab unit at a hospital as a UA and going to school to become an RN. Faith, family, school, and work all things I am thankful for but really trying to make it all work along with healthful choices that become habit.

I'm 40, recently quit smoking and ready to release my inner health freak! I'm a writer and editor for nonprofits. My husband is a PhD scientist working in infectious disease. I used to teach yoga and do triathlons but secretly thought healthy people were boring. Now I know better!

I have inflammation in my body from my food addictions. The food addictions caused food allergies which gave me RA. I have lost 100 lbs and take supplements that reduce my inflammation and get rid of the RA.

45 year old loves my shar pei, yoga meditation and the beach

60 yr old female trying to overcome chronic conditions of hashimotos, fibromyalgia and severe arthritis. 100lbs to lose. I have added smoothies, more greens and veggies in the last 3 months. I take a 20 min walk each day, but this seems to be my max re pain tolerence.

I've always been interested in outdoor activities, but over the last few years, I've let my weight hold me back. I'm tired of letting my self-image and weight hold me back from enjoying life! I want to get out there and go tubing, paddle boarding, sky diving, parasailing, you name it! I want to learn to dance. I want to start running again and participating in races.

A mom of two (7 & 3), nearing 40, I never had a problem with weight. I could always eat what I wanted. My weight would fluctuate--5 pounds here and there, and it was fine. But the past two years have been a challenge. The weight has never gone down, and just keeps adding up. So now I'm a good 15 pounds overweight--I cannot believe the scale! And I have a major sweet tooth.

I'm a 51 year old New Zealander. I am married with two grown girls. I'm on meds for depression anxiety Hoping to start working again doing massage therapy in the new year.

I am 31 and I have a toddler and a baby (both girls), two dogs, a cat, a husband and a full time job.

Living in the Great Wet North, attempting to heal my gut, get active and gain healthy weight. Knitter/spinner/weaver, eclectically religious, Abe-Hicks fan, "Flybaby," wannabe gourmet nutritarian, fitbit user, mildly cat obsessed, recovering sugar addict & screen addict... I am new and still trying to figure out how this works!

African American, mid fifties, working mom of two, one husband.

Age: 41 Height: 5'7 Start Weight:196 Lbs Current weight: 196 lbs Goal: 150 Lbs

35 year old single momma. Striving to improve my health by improving nutrition and getting active. Enjoy rollerskating, walking and volunteering with youth!

I had my first baby in September, 2011. I am basically at the weight I was before I got pregnant, but that was not a healthy weight for me. I was in grad school, and not taking very good care of my body and gained about 30 pounds within a year and a half. Prior to that I had lose 20 lbs using weight watchers, but that had been a slow and painful process! Not to mention it didn't last very long (I gained all the weight back and then some after I got married). I am so tired of feeling bad about myself, and feeling self conscious. I also want to have baby #2 soon, but want to get really healthy before I get pregnant again so that I am at a better starting point than I was last time.

I'm a 45 yr old mother of 2. My girls are 7 and 3. I had them late in life. I want to be healthy so I can keep up with them ( ha) and be around to watch them grow up and start families of their own.

I am about to turn 58 and my weight gain came about after menopause and a very stressful couple of years. I am married and have three sons.

I'm 60, divorced, 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren and work a full time job.

I am a 61 year old man who has battled weight most of my life. I've never been thin but have been thinner than now at times. I enjoy traveling and walking and need to lose some weight to eliminate knee soreness.

I'm 48; married for 17 years; have a 27 year old son and 3 Chihuahas that fill the nest again! I knit (socks, lace, garments, etc) and I sew bags of all kings and am a beginner quilter. I love to read and swim and be outside as much as possible.

I am pretty much a straightforward type of person and I only have myself to blame for my current weight. I have been overindulgent I have been making unhealthy food/drink choices and have gained in the past few years. I want to reverse this trend now in my 30's .

I am following a habit building process developed by Charles Duhigg in his book titled "The Power of Habit". You can read about this process and my progress log on the Progress, Not Perfection community tab.

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