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Team Name: Komando's Commandos
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Goals: I want to loose 20 lbs. this spring

Profile: This is a weight loss and fitness support group for all the subscribers and listeners to- Kim Komando. We are going to make this a fun and vibrant group!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:04 AM

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I am a young senior citizen and hope I am not out of place here. I worked as a computer aide in a middle school and for the past five years have been a chiropractic assistant. Please tell me that there will be others my age, too!!

a school nurse, not as active as I used to be

I'm an active senior citizen who has let the pounds creep on and have to reverse this.

I'm a family physician - not a particularly physically strenuous job. I need to exercise to stay in shape but have had trouble making it a priority. I have arthritis and bunions that also hamper my exercise. I don't always eat healthy. I work too much at the computer also, but this can't be avoided.

Age 59 and have a sedentary job. There are parts about my job that I don't like, which promotes me to eat before I'm hungary.

Heavy most of my life, very difficult to lose

I'm 49 but I tell everyone I am 33. :) I was a thin size 8 until I got pregnant with my youngest boy--I gained 100 lbs. with him. I can't seem to stick on a diet anymore. They last about 2 hours no matter how good my intentions are. I have three boys. I am now doing Mother's Day Out at my church 2 days a week.

I am 76 yrs old and the weight has crept on each year because I have continued to eat the same amount. I had 4 kids and always finished their plates because my parents always stressed "Do not waste Food" and made us eat every morsel on our plates. I wish I could leave some food on my plate without feeling guilty all day.

I am married, for eight years, and I have 3 daughters. I work part-time and volunteer whenever I can. I am a "Big Sister," I help a friend with her exotic animal ranch whenever I can, participate in whatever I can at my daughters school, and recently signed up to be part of my county Repulican Women's Coalition. Currently, we have a dog, 3 cats and 17 bunnies that I deal with daily. I am always, always, always tired......24/7! I have been for over a decade now.

i lost 40 lbs 2 years ago only to gain back 25 of it! Yikes! I did a severe protein only diet, so needless to say it came back with eating anything, even fruit& veg's. This time I really want to focus on healthy eating and portions.

Stay at home mom. 44 years old. Married with 2 kids whom I home school. Spend a lot of my day at the computer: looking up recipes; researching school curriculum; managing finances; reading my email; working on school group newsletter, etc..... I tell myself I don't have the time to exercise but in reality it's just not a priority to me. I hope to change that.

I am 53. I started gaining weight three years ago. I moved to Dayton and married the love of my life, I found a wonderful job We bought a beautiful home, life was good! Then I fell, long story short I now have a L-5/6 FUSION. And at the same time MENOPAUSE started to take over my body!!!!!!! I am 5'2 did weigh 127 now weigh 185.5. I lost my job,have lost my confidence, I hate to go out of the house and seldom do. But, I am not giving up! I want to get the old me back and hope I can find help here.

I am a 50 year old married mother of two. I have struggled most of my life with a weight problem. I have lost and gained so many pounds over the years. I guess I'm what you call the stereotypical yo-yo dieter. A few years ago I lost over 60 lbs and have managed to keep "most" of it off, but it has been creeping back up over the past year. We started a "biggest loser" teams at work and this has motivated me to get back on track. I lost 5 lbs. in the first two weeks.

Only have to prepare food for myself.

Althletic Trainer by profession and I do mainly administrative duties now. 52 y/o male, 3 girls, (All on there own) a supportive wife. We have a bad habit of eating out all the time and I tend to eat large portions and also eat too many unhealthy snacks. 5'10 229 lbs

66 years old....retired........surgeries/heart/cancer

I just turned 50. Have lead a sedentary life..did not start putting on weight until I had my child at age 20...since that time I've put on about 5 lbs a year..Use to call it baby fat...but he is almost 20 now..Got to lose for health reasons..need health should be enough...but it's not.

Ii'm a 76 yr old male and weigh 255 lbs I am in fair health I suffer with co pd an abdominale aorta anueryrism.and prostrate problems. I am happly married. I enjoy fishing reading and life in general.

I am 57 and got married two years ago and gained 20 lbs during that time. I do all the cooking and work at home. Don't drink soda, I take high blood pressure medicine (not a heavy dose) and take a diuretic medicine. We eat out occasionally and try to avoid fried foods.

I am 53 years old, married with a 10yo and a 14 yo daughter. I am a nurse practitioner and a professor at a local university. I was always active and thin until I had kids (and I had my first at 39!). Am just beginning to get back in shape but have about 25-30 lbs to loose!

I am a recently divorced mother of 2 awesome little boys who are getting too old to be called "little"much longer. I work at an office where I sit all day and have gained back the weight I lost at my last job where I was on me feet at a greenhouse all day. I was my smallest and healthiest ever before I got pregnant with my first son and haven't been able to regain that since. I lost quite a bit of wieght about 2 years ago, but with the divorce and the more sedintary job I have gained a lot back. I haven't re-gained it all thank goodness!

I am 74 years old, and have let myself just sit and get fat. I was a thin child and adult, but as I grew older, I developed arthritis, and have had spinal fusion surgery, which didn't help much. I am limited as to what I can do physically, so am sedentary as far as my lifestyle goes. I just need encouragement to stay on my diet that my doctor has given me. Hope there are other seniors on here...............

I am 63 years young, granny to 6 grandkids and married for 45 years. I never had a weight problem until I quit smoking 9 years ago, which is the same time I started a sedentary job. I know I need to exercise more and eat more vegetables. Getting started and changing the lifestyle has been a challenge for me.

My husband and I moved into my mom's home to help her. She is 88 and has dementia. Our home has steps, and we felt it is safer and familiar for mom to be in her own home. I work full-time, and take care of time for me is important and I plan on making my 'free time', 'me time'. Walking 3 days a week is my goal.

I am a professor of sociology, so I spend WAY too much time sitting at a computer. I never used to worry about weight since I was a member of a flatfooting/clogging troupe for 15 years. But I tore three ligaments in my ankle when I fell on some ice, and my ankle has never been the same. I love to read, crochet, sew, and laugh.

53 year old registered nurse

48 year-old female who used to be pretty active, but was never into fitness.

I'm a 54 year old lady. I work 40 hours a week at a desk job. I have two boxers that I would love to be able to exercise with for more than a few minutes a day.

57 year old part time teacher. Looking for the motivation to stick with a healthy eating and excercize plan.

I am 52 and have always been thin but it is becoming increasingly hard to keep the pounds off. I have three daughters - 30, 29, and 27. One is married with three little boys 4,3 & 1. She lives about 15 minutes from me. About 10 years ago, I left my husband of 25 years and struck out on my own. The divorce has been LONG and hard but I found a new husband on E-Harmony and I'm a true believer. I could make a commercial! We have known each other for 4 1/2 years and got married last August. We travel alot and it is so hard to stay on a diet while you are out of your element. I'm finally happy though and I want to enjoy life to the fullest and that includes staying thin. I feel so good when I look at myself in the mirror and I like what I see. It also turns me on to know that my husband feels the same way. I feel like I it is a gift to him to stay thin and he is so good to me.

67 year old male. atrophied right leg from polio. left leg displaying post-polio syndrome symptoms. Can't seem to get started.

70 year old female, mother of 5, grandmother of 8. retired. recently was diagnosed with cardia myopathy and pulmonary hypertension. pinched nerve in lower back. I have always been active and now have had to stop many of the things I enjoy.

73 yrs old, golfed 68 full rounds of golf last year, work 3-4 days per week in reasonable active job

Semi retired, live in a rural area. Active except in winter, and tend to gain in winter, lose in spring & summer when golf course is open.

Computer teacher, grades PreK through 8th Grandmother to a 6 month old, 21 month old and 6 year old

I am 67, cancer survivor, stroke survivor, age related health problems, cardiovascular disease. Wish to find someone that is on either the Weight Watchers at home program or Weight Watchers online.


I am a SAHM to my two children.

I am a 61 year old male. Semi-retired who used to be an avid runner. Also played racquetball three times a week for about 10 years.

I am a mother of 3 ages 12, 10 and 4. I have been married 16 years to a wonderful man. We have a cleaning business that we are trying to expand. I also babyset during the day for a school teacher so I get summers off. I enjoy doing crafts and chocolate is my down fall.

I am 67 year old female with virtually no significant health problems; who lost 39 lbs on Weight Watchers and made life time 18 months ago. Since then I have put back about 10 and don't wish to keep going up. I still feel great having lost weight, but I know it is just a matter of time before I put it all back on if I don't get back on "program."

I am 54 years old and have finally reached the point where I am making the most effort to get the weight off, but it is a lot of work. Last January I started a diet of eating healthy foods the majority of the time and exercising. I lost 20 lbs, only to gain 10 back by this January! Now I am ready to start again and this time keep it off!

I am a 55 year old,married for over 30 years to a real sweetie of a guy. My children and their children are a constant reminder of grace in my life. I challenge myself with creative outlets(gardening, quilting, and reading). I am blessed.

I'm a 58 year female with a desk job that I love, but I don't move around much. I try to walk on as many days as weather will permit. I've gained and lost about 50 pounds over the years. I would like to take off 30 pounds and develop good habits so it stays off. As I grow older I see changes in my stamina and strength that I would like to reverse.

Lost 45 lbs last year and have since put 15lbs back on.

I'm a 67 year old male.Had a triple bypass a year ago.I get to the gym and do a 1hour cardio workout at least four times a week,but I cant seem to stay on a diet for more than a week

I'm an LPN. I work with Developmentally delayed, medically fragile children. I just completed my Bachelor's degree and am going on for a MA in Counseling.

My household consists of myself, my husband and a FurBaby Lhasa Apso dog named Pogo. My husband and I have a 28 year old son living in Santa Monica, CA. I have a few medical conditions that I am getting help with. I am off work, because of these conditions, from a very demanding job as a retail Store Manager. My obesity has exacerbated my medical problems. For a hobby, I like to make felted purses/bags from knitted wool yarn. I also have a sewing machine that can make very cool embroidered designs. I have not used my machine for a long time because my work was exhausting and I had no time for it. I want to get back into my hobbies once again. My life needs to be rounded out in so many ways except my waistline. LOL

65 years old, married

Turning 48 in a few weeks, getting divorced in a few months (more or less) - well, at least moving out, and have been going up and down on the same 10-15 pounds for years. I have a middle-school age son. Hmmm, what else. Well, more info will come out as the logs continue. If the logs continue...okay, AS the logs continue....

I'm a stay at home mom but none of my 3 children are living at home. My oldest son is a Missionary in South Africa. My middle daughter is a senior at Crown College in Minnesota and will be getting married this June. My youngest son is also at Crown as a freshman. I have a video business that is basically a hobby, not a huge money maker, but I love it. You can check out my videos at Oh, Yeah, my husband is the love of my life.

I am a full time college student and I enjoy it! I love simple things in life- and right now I feel alone with this losing weight thing!

I am in my early 50's - professional- grown kids but dogs that feel like kids now- married- I love to cook and realize creating foods is an outlet for me. So trying to step up the exercise and cook more the way I should is my goal now.

Im 51 years young,5' 10" 277lbs.I don't mind exercising,its just getting to it,is a anouther story.I have a few aches and pains,but not enough to keep me from trying.

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