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April Detox / Cleanse
2 Local group in Mansfield, Texas with common goal; to successfully complete t... Mansfield, TX 76063 Wed, Apr 23 7:03AM
Hormone Balance
1 This group has the goal of using healthy nutrition and exercise to achieve h... Alta, UT 84092
Pacific Beauty
1 Big & beautiful Pacific Islanders who need to lose a LOT of weight and get h... Ocean
Fitbit Fanatics
3 We are people who track our activity with Fitbit, and log daily at PeerTrain... global Thu, Apr 24 2:56PM
Making it work for working moms
3 Support for working moms trying to lose weight while maintaining sanity. 07450 Thu, Apr 24 11:42AM
3 I am doing Fast-5 and it is working for great me, but my other group members... 10000 Thu, Apr 24 10:28AM
The Cheat System Diet
2 For people wanting not only to lose weight, but to maintain it and change th... 13219 Thu, Apr 24 2:32PM
Nutrarian Athlete
1 Focus on nutrient dense eating and regular, exercise to reduce chance of dis... CA 92679
Fit girl in progress...
3 My goal is to lose 15 pounds more or less. I like to walk for exercise and a... Graham, TX 76450 Thu, Apr 24 11:39AM
Fit and Healthy, Again..
1 For anyone getting back into a fit and healthy lifestyle after a hiatus, tha... 90210 Thu, Apr 10 2:39PM
Pre-Pregnancy Change
1 Pre-preggers preparation! Looking for first-time mothers needing to drop som... 65807 Tue, Feb 18 2:51PM
January Reboot
1 This year, I will really, really do it and get fit. Irvine, CA 92618 Mon, Apr 7 1:23PM
Harcombe Method
1 Anyone who is following Zoe Harcombe's methods toward weight loss and wants ... 98225
3 fitness, exercise, good diet. Gladstone, PA 97027 Sat, Apr 19 11:25PM
Science Based Approach II
1 There is no perfectly one size fits all diet. However, we can each figure ou... V3T 4L8 Tue, Feb 4 5:20PM