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What Is PEERtrainer?

PEERtrainer is a website and company dedicated to helping people improve their lives. It was launched in 2005 by Habib and Jackie Wicks.

At its core PEERtrainer is a conversation. Over a million people a month visit the site to learn how to improve their eating, their movement and their health. Some come to read our articles and some come to talk to other people and get support from them.

PEERtrainer also offers a variety of coaching programs for people who want to be led in their pursuit of fitness and health. We seek out the best ideas and information out there and present them to people. We pay close attention to doctors, researchers and businesspeople who are discovering new ways of helping people take control of their health.

To Potential Partners: PEERtrainer Has A Very Open Model

Unlike most other companies who seek to help you lose weight, PEERtrainer is not wedded to a single idea or set of approaches. We embrace any good idea. As a result we are always very open to partnerships and idea exchanges. If you have a product, a book or an idea that you believe to be best in class, we want to hear from you. We do joint ventures and cross promotions if we see that the promotion will help people.

We are big believers in the idea that "there is no such thing as my customer." If you look at the market and the statistics about weight and health in the US and globally, you see hundreds of millions of people who need help. There is no one company that will serve them all. Zero sum approaches will not help the problem. By working together, those of us who seek to transform people on a more permanent basis will have a greater impact. And it is smart business as well.

PEERtrainer Site Statistics

During the last month 969,128 different people came to PEERtrainer
During the last year 9,339,909 different people came to PEERtrainer
During the last two years 16,045,820 different people came to PEERtrainer
Since Oct 1st 2007 18,594,189 different people came to PEERtrainer
Since Oct 1st 2007 6,141,831 people came to PEERtrainer more than once.

We look forward to hearing from you. (Facebook is a great way to connect with either of us. Please also check out the new PEERtrainer Facebook Page.)

Call us at 917 512 Three eight zero one.

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