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Finding and Creating Active Groups

A List Of Helpful Suggestions

1) Make Your Profile Public
When you are logged in, click on the "My Info" tab and then "Preferences". You will see "Please check this box if you wish to be listed in the member search". Check the box and your profile will show up Here! When you update your log, your profile shows up at the top of the list. This is a great way for others to see that you are active and if you have an open slot in your group.

2) Look At Other Public Profiles
Check the public profiles list often. If you are looking for great, active members, there they are! If the are part of a group with an opening, there will be a green "Join" button beneath their user name.

3) Start A Group And Advertise It In The Community
Active PEERtrainer members often visit the community each day. When you start a new group, post a thread about it in the community. Go into some detail about what you are looking to accomplish, what kinds of members or personalities might be a great fit. When you start a new group, make sure to write something in the comments section. It will then show up in the list of active groups with openings.

4) Email PEERtrainer!
customercare at peertrainer dot com. Send us your username, your goal, and how long you have been a member, and you will be placed in a group or two.

5) Look At The "Find A Group" Page
Click here to see the most recently active groups with openings. Inactive users are removed from public groups after 7 days. When a user is removed and an active member takes the new place, the group becomes better.

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