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morning athlete, desk-jockey remainder of the day, high-energy, living my life to its fullest...more > Wed, Apr 1 4:05PM - ...more >
I am a 71 year old college teacher, with a wonderful husband who is a great cook. I have been weight conscious since I was 13, but managed to stay between the top edge of normal and below obese range until my 50's. I am a fallen-away lifetime weightwatcher and a relapsed Carbyhydrate Addict. The past three years have been a steady climb in weight, and now I am at the edge of obese. I am afraid to get on the scale! It seems I just began to doubt that I was meant to be slimmer, perhaps...more > Wed, Apr 1 12:22PM - ...more >
Well I'm 55 now, but being Fifty Something and Fabulous is still the goal :) But more important I want to be healthly. We have a lot of health problems in our family and the one main factor is weight, so it's time for me to do something about it. I'm happy to report....that I've been here since May 2007, and I've dropped over a 100 lbs. I'm 55 now and I'm healthier and fitter than I'm been in years. As of Aug 19, 2009, I feel my final goal weigh for myself is around 140, I'm close but...more > Wed, Apr 1 10:22AM - Happy Hump Day...more >
click to see larger image molined's daily log...more > Wed, Apr 1 10:17AM - "It's a very odd thing -- As odd as can be -- That whatever Miss T. eats Turns into Miss T." -- Walter De La Mare...more >
I am a professional living in Greater Vancouver, BC. I am 4' 11.5"(151 cm) and small framed, so my RMR is very low and I burn far fewer calories in exercise. I might mention here that the bit of brain which controls appetite strongly believes that I am a 6'8" lumberjack. Other important tidbits about me: - I stay in groups in which we mutually support each other. - I am completely open to new ideas if evidence based ("woo-woo" is not cool) - see below "what I need help with" section....more > Wed, Apr 1 9:57AM - Daily required cal without exercise = 1145 DAILY THIS WEEK: yymmdd = weight (food - xrz) = cal balance 150401 = 115.6 150331 = 116.2 (1269-109) = +15 150330 = 117.8 (1101-109) = -153 150329 = 117.0 (1245-454) = -354 WEEKLY THIS MONTH y-m-d = weight = week caloric balance 150404 = away MONTHLY 150401 = 115.6 150301 = 117.0 (Feb = +2033) 150201 = 118.0 (Jan = -3265) 150101 = 117.4 141201 = 118.0 ...more >
click to see larger image lynneta6's daily log...more > Tue, Mar 31 10:54PM - today is day 2 get with it! tomorrow stars a new month.. march i worked on moving.. april im working on my eating.. developing some kh that will last a life time i do not need exercise to release weight, but exercise keeps me motivated, it keeps me focused and keeps me steering my ship in the right direction. we may go back to OC nj tomorrow so will get in lots of walking.. i love the shore.. the boardwalk was alot of fun. sharing time with bry is...more >
I am 51 yrs old. Married & have three kids (19, 21 & 34). And my beautiful grandbaby. I started my first diet in 5th grade and other than a few years, I have been overweight to one degree or another and have tried too many diets to count ruining my thyroid in the process but was always very physical & active till a move 10 yrs ago. I am concentrating on healthy foods and cutting out processed as much as is realistic for my life. Trying for 80% or more raw foods I want to do the things I...more > Tue, Mar 31 10:44PM - on second thought... 1 tbs coconut oil is my goal for 4DW ... with a reward ... ?? Decide later...more >
click to see larger image sarah1234's daily log...more > Tue, Mar 31 5:01PM - Holy Hell Week Holy Hell Week Holy Hell Week So frustrated that we have this incompetent priest! I am getting more and more convinced that maybe I should get out of the business. I added up my income, and was actually disappointed to find out that I'm making more than I would make at one full-time job that pays on the low side, but I don't have benefits, and I don't have boundaries around the work. I need to think about my future. This particular...more >
click to see larger image tweaknee's daily log...more > Tue, Mar 31 2:54PM - ...more >
That is the prime reason that folks are coming to be much more as well as much more aware concerning their facebook standing and looking for means to boost their facebook ID....more > Mon, Mar 30 9:54AM - ...more >


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