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click to see larger image sandykay's daily log...more > Fri, Nov 28 2:06AM - ...more >
click to see larger image lynneta6's daily log...more > Thu, Nov 27 10:12PM - ...more >
I am a professional living in Greater Vancouver, BC. I am 5' 0" (152 cm) and small framed, so my RMR is very low and I burn far fewer calories in exercise. I might mention here that the bit of brain which controls appetite strongly believes that I am a 6'8" lumberjack. Other important tidbits about me: - I stay in groups in which we mutually support each other. - I am a skeptic, which means I am completely open to new ideas and suggestions with evidence (see below "what I need help...more > Thu, Nov 27 8:53AM - This is an unusually busy (90h) work week. I will not be logging this week. 36 more hours of this ... looking forward to a long sleep Friday night....more >
I am a 53yo mom with a 27 yo son and 23 yo daughter. I have been married for 30 years. I work full time in a Library and I love books. I joined a gym and have used the treadmill, elliptical and cardio wave. I also love rebounding on my small trampoline. We live north of Boston near the ocean which is a great place to walk....more > Wed, Nov 26 4:39PM - day 3 of challenge.... weighed myself this am and was up a little but I am not going to let that stop me :) Rain and snow here...more >
click to see larger image eharvo's daily log...more > Wed, Nov 26 10:23AM - Bah did a pre holiday weigh in, sails adjusting. ....more >
click to see larger image sarah1234's daily log...more > Wed, Nov 26 10:19AM - I have felt like crap, more and more. I'm going to the Minute Clinic this morning to make sure I don't have something I need medication for. I'm almost certain I will not be going to Mississippi for the marathon -- I would need to feel much better, to do the 26 miles followed by 13 hours of driving. I think I'll stay home and play the harp. Because if I got in an accident from tired driving, I'd be playing the harp soon anyway. ;-)...more >
Well I'm 55 now, but being Fifty Something and Fabulous is still the goal :) But more important I want to be healthly. We have a lot of health problems in our family and the one main factor is weight, so it's time for me to do something about it. I'm happy to report....that I've been here since May 2007, and I've dropped over a 100 lbs. I'm 55 now and I'm healthier and fitter than I'm been in years. As of Aug 19, 2009, I feel my final goal weigh for myself is around 140, I'm close but...more > Wed, Nov 26 10:02AM - Rainy Hump Day!!...more >
click to see larger image molined's daily log...more > Wed, Nov 26 9:56AM - "We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people." ­­ Schopenhauer...more >
I'm 19 yrs old. 5 5.5" I weigh 150. Ultimate goal weight is 135....more > Tue, Nov 25 7:01PM - ...more >
click to see larger image tweaknee's daily log...more > Tue, Nov 25 4:52PM - ...more >


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