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PEERtrainer Is Easy To Use

Daily Journaling Does Not Need To Be Difficult and Time Intensive

PEERtrainer logPEERtrainer is easy to use and easy to get started. Unlike other logging formats, PEERtrainer employs a free form log that allows you to add as much or as little as you like each day. No pull down menus, no intensive process. Nobody is telling you to jump in and do a difficult "Phase 1". We do tell you to take small steps at first, because those first few steps will give you a lot of confidence and motivation to keep going.

Step 1 is simply to sign up. You need a user name, a password and an email address. That's it. And if you have not taken any concrete steps to a doable, long term weight loss program, once you sign up-- you have! Simply signing up and having created an account can be considered your first win. Because PEERtrainer is very easy to use and allows you to go at your own pace, you can feel great about this first step.

Step 2 is to start a private group or find groups and teams. If you want to log on your own for a little bit, start a private group once you sign up. Maybe add a goal, write down your meals, maybe what you did to be active that day. Other logging formats are much more structured. PEERtrainer makes it easy by allowing you the space to move at your own speed.

PEERtrainer group Step 3 is to get active in groups and teams. That means simply saying hi and introducing yourself. Remember that this is an anonymous format, so you can be very comfortable in the online social setting. You will see other members. If you are in a group, each user has their own tab. You can click on their tab and see their log. And they can see yours. You get great ideas every day about what to eat at home, on the go, in a restaurant just by looking at other people's logs. And your tips and ideas inspire them as well! It's the essence of "peer-training".

The core of PEERtrainer is the easy logging and group interaction format. In spite of it being easy to use, it can deliver powerful results. The logging helps you really see what you are doing. It is hard to explain until you try it, but when your food and exercise is down there on the screen, it allows your mind to really get a grasp on what it going on better than before. The groups are very helpful. Sometimes you might have a bad day and someone just says something nice and cheerful. Maybe you did really well one day and you will hear some congratulations. The smallest thing might make you feel great. And you get to return the favor to others. It can become a very postive and supportive environment.

Two tips for the first day on PEERtrainer:

-Read As Many Success Stories As Possible. These are not stories of chiseled and airbrushed models. They are real people like Morgan160, or kayak57 who did some simple things for a period of time using PEERtrainer. They are very motivating and fun to read. You will feel like PEERtrainer is a doable thing.

-Scroll through the PEERtrainer Weight Loss Framework. You won't absorb everything in one day, but you will get an idea of the kind of help and advice that is available. Most of the pages have links to live resources like discussion threads and very active teams where you can jump right in and ask questions.

That is enough for day 1. One of the biggest draws of PEERtrainer is that you can really do this very quickly each day. You can get more involved and absorbed over time, but it is important to note that many people who are very busy find it easy to make logging on PT part of their day.

Next: Start Slow and Aim For Small, Quick Wins

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If you are like most people, you know how to lose weight and get fit, but simply have a hard time following through. PEERtrainer was built to help you follow through, via daily logging and peer support. It is easy to get started--you log your food, exercise, thoughts each day. This takes about 5 minutes, and is a great habit to develop. You do this in small weight loss groups of 4 and larger "teams". The logging makes you much more aware of your habits. The group members read your logs and keep you motivated and supported. This tight integration of logging with free online weight loss support groups is very effective. It is also a unique and patent-pending process.

It is easy to get started:

1. You Sign Up. It is free.
2. Join Groups and Teams. If you don't find ones you like- Start One. Active Groups Fill Up Quickly, You Might Want To Start A Couple To Get The Perfect Mix of People.

Here Are Some Other Tips To Help You Be Successful