What Is The Best Way To Do A Cleanse?

Sticking To Fundamentals And Avoiding Fads Will Increase Your Energy And Improve Your Health

(And Why You Want To Avoid Juice Cleanses...)

By PEERtrainer Founder

What Is A Cleanse?

A cleanse is simply when you increase the ability of your body to detoxify itself.

The most important thing to understand is that the best cleanse is not a product you buy. Rather, it is a series of steps you take, over time, that get you to a place where you feel much better. It is a process that you take that cleans and detoxifies your body. At its best a cleanse is a sustained period of focus which will help to lead you to a place of better long term balance and improved habits.

Of course there are products which will help support this process, and we will outline what we have seen to be "best in class" in this area. But first we need to outline some fundamentals of cleansing and detoxification that many different leading health experts are in agreement on.

Fundamentals of a "Cleanse"

1. The most important fundamental of a cleanse is something that members of the PEERtrainer community are very familiar with: a nutrient dense or nutrient rich diet. If you are like most people, you eat on the run and eat a diet rich in processed foods. You also get fewer than 10% of your total calories from plants. This diet is highly toxic and is the main reason people turn to "cleanses" for relief. A growing number of people are now choosing to dramatically increase the vegetable content of their diet, which has the opposite effect.

When you increase the vegetable content of your diet, you take a lot of stress off your body. People can argue that meat, dairy and processed foods are healthy or not healthy, but you cannot argue that they are easier to digest than plants. More importantly, vegetables are rich in micronutrients which are calorie free vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. There is a massive body of evidence that links micronutrient intake to better health, improved energy, and weight loss. Your body simply works better with high micronutrient intake.

Macronutrients are carbs, protein and fat- which contain calories. Most people get plenty (usually too many!) of these macronutrients. When you make a real effort to invert your micro and macronutrient intake, good things happen, if you are out of balance. This is the absolute #1 fundamental principle of cleaning and detoxifying your body.

At PEERtrainer, we have put together a free webinar with cleanse expert JJ Virgin, (PhD) where we go over the exact things you need to know to do a cleanse the right way. We go into the fundamentals outlined on this page, and then discuss the exact foods you really need to remove in order to do a cleanse the right way.

We also teach you why you never want to do a juice only cleanse, or any cleanse that is high in sugar. We also go into the science of how detoxification works, and the role that proteins and amino acids play in the process. It is very interesting. If you have about 15 minutes, you'll learn something you may use for the rest of your life:


2. The second fundamental of a cleanse protocol is making sure your gut and digestive system is functioning optimally. This is an area of emerging research and understanding, but almost every digestive health expert agrees that some level of probiotic intake and digestive enzyme intake can help improve gut function. When your insides are functioning properly, you will absorb your needed micronutrients at a better rate!

Probiotics are widely available, though they vary widely in quality. Clinical research states that probiotics have a "variety of proposed beneficial effects, including promotion of gut health." New studies have been published in 2011 that even show a link between probiotics and lower risk of colorectal cancers and inflammatory bowel disease.

L-Glutamine is another supplement which is widely thought to help improve digestive function. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center: "Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (building block of protein) in the body. The body can make enough glutamine for its regular needs, but extreme stress (the kind you would experience after very heavy exercise or an injury), your body may need more glutamine than it can make....Glutamine helps to protect the lining of the gastrointestinal tract known as the mucosa."

Many of us suffer from chronic stress, but if you eat a standard diet high in macronutrients and low in micronutrients, it is very likely that you are suffering from "nutritional stress."

3. Physical Rest and Stress Reduction. Even though the science is not yet crystal clear, many researchers believe that stress "may trigger allergic reactions in the gut and other organs, and depression or anxiety may worsen symptoms in inflammatory disorders of the intestine." Rest and stress reduction are an essential part of a cleanse protocol. As you increase the supplements to support your gut, you want to also make sure that you rest as much as possible, and generally remain aware about the negative role that stress plays in harming your health. Most people are simply unaware of this link, and find a level of relief when they start to take a supplement regemin that includes probiotics, L-Glutamine and Omega-3's.

Digestive rest is an important part of this cleanse equation. Blended drinks and soups, rich in foods that contain micronutrients will give you body what it wants and also give your digestive system a break.

4. Support The Liver. The protocol to make sure the liver is functioning as well as possible is fairly straightforward. You want to take the pressure off the liver, and make sure the liver is getting the nutritional support it needs. I don't think that anyone would argue that reducing or eliminating alcohol for a period of time will help the liver do a better job of detoxifying the body. Additionally, a micronutrient rich diet will provide the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that the liver needs to do its job.

5. Exercise. You need to move as much as you can each day for optimal health. This you know and have heard before. What you probably struggle with is figuring out what kind of exercise is valuable, and how intense your workouts need to be. At PEERtrainer we have become strong advocates of the "Slow Burn" philosophy of exercise which focuses more on movement as a goal rather than intensity. For the purposes of a cleanse, increased circulation is the goal.

Strength training and load bearing exercise is helpful to increase bone density and muscle mass, but in the context of simply feeling better and detoxifying your body, you want to focus on movement not intensity. If you are successful at increasing your micronutrient intake (and especially green vegetables) your blood will become "nutrient rich" and the movement will help these nutrients flow through your entire body.

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6. Hydration and Elimination. As you do all the things suggested above, you'll also want to make sure you have plenty of water so that the toxins released will be able to quickly exit your body. If you are eating plenty of fresh vegetables and some fruit, you will already be in pretty good shape because of the high water content in your food. Drink plenty of fresh water of course, and also work to get as much hydration as you can from vegetables. This combination should result in very regular elimination.


As you read this article hopefully most of the ideas are fairly common sense. If there is anything new, we hope that we have provided adequate evidence or support for the suggestion. Over the years we have seen that members of the PEERtrainer community have been drawn to the appeal and promise of a "cleanse." It is our hope that this article will help guide people toward the relief they are looking for, in a common sense way that helps to build upon the work they are already doing.

Obviously it is easy for most people to fall into the behavior patterns that lead to systemic stress. And much harder to permanently adopt behavior patterns that lead to less stress, more energy and a cleaner body. If the suggestions presented in this article sound familiar or even repetitive, that is our intention. Everything we do at PEERtrainer is designed to help you lean into negative inertia. There is no quick fix for anything. But there is massive benefit to a sustained commitment over a period of many years.

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Video Presentation: How To Do A Cleanse The Right Way

PEERtrainer's 14-day Fresh Start Cleanse includes the option of a plant-based protein powder that supports phase 1 and 2 detoxification. It offers all essential amino acids without creating potential burdens and reactions that sugar-loaded protein powders and animal protein can create. You get a professional fiber formula that mixes well without being harsh on your system like many commercial fibers do, as well as a world class detoxification supplement package.

Update: We have just recorded a one hour call with cleanse and detox expert, JJ Virgin. We have also created a transcript of the call if you can't listen. But try and listen if you can. Get The Cleanse Call Here.

Read The Edited Transcript Here:

Jackie: Why Should We Detox?

JJ: Detox can mean so many different things. So for the sake of this call, when we're looking at detox it's really to detoxify yourself from all of the stuff out there in our environment.

If you went and traveled to some of the most pristine areas in the world-it wouldn't matter at this point. Because there are just toxins, we're overrun with them--the different chemicals, the cleansers, the pesticides, the hormones that are added into the food supply, the water. And actually, even worse than that are the things that we can even create ourselves, like gut bacterial overgrowth and some of the toxic responses from our metabolism.

Toxins come from everyday things like air fresheners, dry cleaners, laundry detergent, the pesticides on fruits and vegetables. Hair coloring and nail polish and lipstick are other examples.

The challenge with that is when you start to think of toxicity, our body's kind of a "toxin history book." We just start to store all of this stuff up. It's why I got interested in it. Because I focus on something called weight loss resistance, when your body doesn't lose weight well.

Our body is trying to get rid of these toxins every day. But if you're getting more in than you can get out, they've got to go somewhere and they tend to store in your fat.

These toxins are not benign. I don't want to scare people, but this is serious business. They play a role in all of the major health conditions. Heart disease, hypertension, cancer, weight loss resistance, psych disorders, neurological conditions, Parkinsons, dementia and diabetes.

An interesting study came out which showed that people who are obese are only at a higher risk of diabetes if they had a higher toxic overload.

Toxins effect less serious health conditions like joint pain, headaches, skin disorders, poor focus, faster aging, fatigue and hormone imbalance.

Gluten is also a toxin for many people. Some people watch their diet like crazy, exercise like crazy- but can't lose weight until they pull the gluten from the diet.

This is why we want to detoxify every day.

Jackie: What Is A Cleanse Or Detox?

In previous conversations I've heard you say that detox is a continuum. What do you mean by that?

JJ: When we think about a cleanse or a detoxification program, there some crazy things out there. I want to bust some of those myths. Detoxification as simple as, if you're someone who drinks sodas, switching over to sparkling water with some fresh lime squeezed in.

If you are drinking juice, switching over to whole fruit. All of those things to me are detoxification. Simple things like adding in more exercise, sweating more. So it's really about this continuum.

We tend to think of cleanses and detox as an extreme. Where you drink master cleanser and don't eat for a week. Which, by the way, is one of the most terrible things you can possibly do.

I look at detoxification is any shift that can either do one of two things. Help you release more toxins or stop you from putting more toxins in your body. And so you've got to look at that equation. It is not just one sided.

First thing we should always look at is identify where are all these different toxins coming from? Where are we getting them? And what could we change? And I will be honest with you, I'm not going to stop getting my nails done. But I can use a totally organic skin care line. Right? I pick my shots on things.

So that's the first part is reduce your toxic exposure where ever you possibly can.

The second part of it is increase your release of these toxins every single day. Because everyday you're getting hit with them, so everyday you've got to be getting them out. Because you don't want that buildup. That buildup is what causes all these health problems.

Jackie: How does your body detoxify? How does that work?

JJ: I think when people understand the science, they'll never, ever, ever do one of these master cleanser fasty things again. That makes me crazy.

This is where if you're going to pull out the work sheet, we're going to start going through this. Click PEERtrainer.com/worksheet to download.

First let's talk about how we detoxify, because it's actually a two-phase approach. Our bodies were designed a ways back. It wasn't designed to handle things like aspartame or Splenda or BHT or phthalates.

These are things that don't occur in nature. Our body says, "What are we supposed to do with these things?" So, we detoxify in two phases. The first thing is to make them able to get out of the body. We have to free them up and make them water soluble, because they tend to store in our fat and not be water soluble.

Once we get them ready to get them out, we've got to escort them out. First you've got to get them out of the tissues, then you've got to get them out of the body. In order to get toxins out of the body you must have amino acids. You get amino acids primarily from protein.

Pea and rice shakes are also great. I love pea-rice protein shakes are my favorite. (They are great for vegans, vegetarians, nutritarians.) Without the amino acids you can't get the toxins out of the body. Think about that, you see these cleanses that people are doing where they do something called The Master Cleanser Drink where they do that and get some maple syrup and cayenne.

I'm trying to figure out how sugar ever could possibly be a benefit in a cleanse. Usually you start the day with lemon water. This will speed up the phase one, the release of the toxins into the body and shut off phase two, the release of the toxins out of the body. So you get more toxins coming out inside the body with no way to get out.

It leaves your body worse off. Leave them where they're going to be. If you're not going to take it all the way through it is way worse to free them up and not get them out.

Those toxins aren't benign. That's why your body's stored them in the first place. They create a lot of oxidative stress. It's very aging and inflammatory to let them out. That's why you'll hear from people when they're going through these things, they go, "I feel awful."

I always love that, "I feel awful. It must be working." I'm like, "No."

Jackie: You're explaining the science of it and it's so good to understand that because if you have that in your head then you say, "OK. I get that." But now I want to know, "OK. What do I have to do? What do I have to eat? What do I have to drink?"

JJ: Yeah, so what do I do? As you know, I've taken thousands of people through cleanses. I've taught doctors how to do cleanses. I've designed a cleanse specifically for PEERtrainer, the 14-day Fresh Start Cleanse. We're going to talk more about that at the end of the call.

But there are five things that are built into that cleanse that you need to be doing. These are things you really want to do. Again, you want to be detoxifying daily, so these are things that you want to be doing every day. But they have to be part of a successful cleanse.

1. Number one, you want to make sure you're drinking lots of water. This seems very obvious, but let's say when you look at how you detoxify you're going to poo it out, pee it out, sweat it out, you must have water to do those things.

So get up in the morning, have a glass of water before you do anything else. Before each meal, about 30 minutes before each meal - not with your meal. . . With your meal I like to limit fluids to about eight ounces, but before your meal have another glass of what, 16 ounces.

Here is something interesting about night eating. What they've found with people who get hungry at night is - you never see this in a study - that 100 percent of the people in this study who drank an eight ounce glass of water before bed shut down their evening hunger pangs.

2. Now number two is going to be Fill Up with Fiber. You might be thinking, "Well, these are just things I should be doing anyway." You're right. You're right. But sometimes we really just need to take some time, habits kind of go sideways, and focus again.

Fiber, to me, is weight loss' number one secret weapon because it's going to help you not be so hungry. But in terms of detoxification it is key because one of the most important things you can do to detoxify is have poops you can be proud of. If you're not pooping well you're not going to detoxify well. I'm sorry, I had to say it, honey.

At least one a day is minimum people. So if you're saying, "Well, I poop three times a week whether I need to or not." No. N-O. Every day and it should be one substantial like, "Wow. Look at that," poop a day and then a couple more would be good, but not urgently.

Jackie: That's a wake-up call because I don't think that when you're thinking about weight loss resistance that you're actually focused on that and that's just such a clear marker.

JJ: Well, it can be a marker for toxicity. You know who I find are toxic? People who don't poop well and people who don't sweat well.

But also it can be a marker for poor thyroid function. I like to think of fiber, and I have, every single day, every day, I have a shake, I do a P-Rice vegan shake and I add in fiber, this Medibulk fiber, every single day, without fail. Some days I do it twice a day.

Sometimes if I'm home for a while I like to do a twofer for a couple days just to get things going. It works great. What we know with people who replace a meal a day with a shake see great results, besides the fact that you save money and it's fast.

That's the way I like to cook, like assemble things. But we know for weight loss - I know everybody's not about weight loss, but just so you never have to worry about it later on - it helps you lose more weight and keep it off. So who doesn't want to not have to worry about weight down the road if you're not worrying a Jackie: Yeah, you don't have to think about it. It's the ease. You don't have to plan.

JJ: Exactly. So the fiber things that I love, I use a fiber product called Medibulk. I tell people that 50 or more grams of fiber a day. So I find that for most of us that means if we could add a little extra with a supplement then it's sort of like your insurance policy.

But in addition to that I love chia seeds and freshly-ground flax seed meal. I love berries, lentils. Non-starchy vegetables are great, but you have to eat a lot of them to get a lot of fiber. But raw nuts and seeds and lentils and legumes and berries and apples are just rockstars here.

3. Number three is "Get Stinky" (and I don't mean poop!) Get stinky refers to vegetables. One of the key things that's going to help you detoxify well, our body needs us to detoxify, is sulfur. (Sulfur is also a powerful anti-cancer weapon according the research.)

So broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and onions. Cabbage is just incredible here. One of the things people don't think about doing, shred up some cabbage and throw it into your salad with your arugula, fabulous.

Jackie: So all the cruciferous is what you're suggesting?

JJ: Not all of them. Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, onions, garlic, those are really the big key sulfur rich ones. Those are phenomenal. Let me just take a total side and I'll share a little recipe that I've put together that is just - here's how we know this one's good, my teenage boys think it's amazing.

Jackie: That's the ultimate arbiter.

JJ: Yes, there you go. So cauliflower mixed with coconut oil and sea salt roasted.

Jackie: Oh, that sounds great. I love roasted vegetables.

JJ: So good. It is so - you're going to flip out. We'll keep going though. Jackie and I have a tendency to go totally off subject so we're staying focused today!

4. The next one is Sweat and Circulate. That's number four, Sweat and Circulate. A couple ways you can do that. Obviously I'm going to say exercise. But you can also get a dry brush and you can brush your body and that's really going to help get the blood flood going and exfoliate. Also massage is a good one here. Saunas are great here.

5. Then finally, Go Green. All of those green vegetables like you sort of alluded to already. Especially things like cilantro, parsley, these help pull out some of the heavy metals. This is where I love to add in a green drink. You can make, if you've got a juicer throw in some kale and celery and spinach and broccoli and cilantro in there, and cucumber. Yum.

But get those greens up. First of all they're rich in antioxidants, but they help to pull those heavy metals out. We're getting those every single day, by the way. I'm sorry, if you're breathing you're getting them, hate to break it to you.

JJ: Now, what should you never, ever, ever, ever do? I think if I was going to say, "Everybody guess," I bet you probably are guessing that fasting would be a big no-no.

Let's think about it, we need protein multiple times during the day because we really don't have a good place to store it. We need it for all of our body's processes, detoxification, rebuilding, collagen, hair, skin, and nails, bones, carrying hormones. So your three meals, you want to eat some clean, lean, protein so that you make sure you've got what you need to detoxify well.

Fasting, we fast every day, actually, when you think about it because we stop eating after dinner, we shut the kitchen off. Honestly, we should have a big padlock. I wish that I had a big padlock on mine. Don't you sometimes, or is it just me?

Jackie: No question.

JJ: Yeah, there should be a big alarm that sounds when someone wanders in there, intruder alert. But after dinner, shut the kitchen. You're not hungry, you're just bored, get out of there. Then get in the bathtub, because if you're in the bathtub you're not in the kitchen.

I'm in the bath with a good book and a glass of wine. But see, that's why I then can't go back in the kitchen because one glass of wine gets to be another glass of wine and then you're in trouble.

JJ: Again, I wish I could just padlock that side of the house after dinner. But that's what you really should think of, "That kitchen is closed." So that's two to three hours before bed. We shouldn't be eating and going to sleep because when you sleep you're supposed to raise growth hormone and repair and you can't do that if you have a full belly.

So you're getting seven to nine hours of quality sleep. You stopped eating two to three hours before bed. You're going to wake up and eat within about an hour of waking up. So when you think about it, we should naturally be fasting 10 to 12 hours a day anyway. So you don't need to do more of it. OK? OK.

I don't know about you but I feel like absolutely crap if I fast.

Jackie: I actually can't do it. Well, you never say the word can't, but I just can't function so what's the point?

JJ: Right. I'm just cranky. Not fit for a mom.

Jackie: Then I feel like I'm doubly hungry. I don't even get one thing. I want to stuff my face with food that I hadn't even thought about prior. So it just does not work.

JJ: Well it's very clear, people who start the day with a substantial, balanced protein-rich breakfast eat less and lose more weight, by the way. That has been proven over and over again. I know that whenever - the only time I get in trouble is if I miss meals. Then it's like all hell breaks loose.

JJ: Now what you must include for optimal detoxification is protein. I'm going to say it and say it and say it because every time I look out there there's yet another one of these silly fasts where someone is drinking fruit juice all day long or just water and it's just rotten, don't do it.

You've got to have protein. I hope you understand now, it's just science, follow the science. The science says without amino acids you can't get those toxins out of your body. No point freeing them up if you're not getting them out.

That's why you feel crappy. And you know what? You shouldn't feel crappy when you're doing something healthy for yourself.

Now, granted, if you've been living on sugar and caffeine and all of a sudden - I don't think we need to cut caffeine out altogether, so yay for that. I think that one cup of coffee a day is totally fine and some green tea.

But if you're someone who has been living on a lot of refined carbohydrates and sugar and you pull that down, yeah, you might not feel so great for a couple days.

But that's very different than being on a fast and having all these toxins building up in your system and just feeling horrible. That's a different feeling.

The secret weapon for appetite and cravings control - I've really hinted at that. Again, this is fiber. This is why I always have people add in the extra because I want to make sure. I like to bring people up, and I don't bring them up over night on this one, Jackie, because that can make you mad. I bring them up over time. Because your body needs to adjust to that.

But you start getting used to having 50 grams or more of fiber a day, you will not be hungry. You will poop well. You'll have a good gut function because it feeds the good bacteria.

Remember, one of the things I mentioned that can give you a toxic burden is this stuff called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. That's when your gut's not healthy. It extracts more calories from the food you eat and stores fat and good, healthy fiber actually fights that. How cool is that? So do probiotics.

Now, let's talk about - this is a big deal, because what I see are some of the foods that we're eating every day to be healthy. Isn't that perfect? The foods that we're eating every, single day to be healthy can actually be the very foods that are hurting us. How sad is that?

So when I do a focused cleanse this is when I pull these out so that we can then test at the end to see, "Hey, are these working for you or not?" Because sometimes if you start eating the same food day in, day out, especially ones that have a higher allergenicity ratio, they can make you hold onto false fat, they can make you have more cravings, they can make you tired, bloated, joint pain.

So the foods that have the highest tendency towards doing this - don't get mad at me. I did not make these up. If I was going to make it up it wouldn't have been these. But I can just tell you. I've tested hundreds of clients and I've taken thousands of people off these foods and I'm blown away all the time by what I see.

If you don't handle these foods well they create a toxic response in your body. Key ones: dairy, eggs, gluten, and soy. So when you're doing a cleanse yank these suckers. Yank them out for a couple weeks, completely, 100 percent, and see what happens. Because if you are one of those 70 percent or more people who react to them, you're going to see changes in a matter of days.

The first couple days you're going, "I want my cheese. I want my cheese. I want my cheese." Then, once it's gone, three, four, five days later you go, "I just lost five pounds. Oh my gosh, my knees don't hurt anymore. Wow, my skin's clearing up." Literally, these are the things I hear.

Someone just posted on my Facebook page, Jackie. They go, "I read another article." I'm like, "Yet another article I wrote about food sensitivities and their toxic response." She goes, "I decided to do that and I lost nine pounds the first week." I'm like, "Yes!"

Jackie: Wow.

JJ: I know. So darn cool.

Jackie: And this should become daily habits. But I almost think when you take a focused approach to it, like your focused cleanse, and you get jump started in that way then it becomes something that can become a daily habit. I know we've been asked for this a lot because so many people at PEERtrainer want to do this but they say, "OK. I almost need a jump start. I need something that's going to guide me to finally make this a daily habit."

JJ: Yeah, because come on, we have so many distractions. Just like we started talking at the beginning. It's like you go, "OK. Tomorrow." It's always like, "Tomorrow I'm going to do this." But you need that commitment. So when I look at what is essential.

This is the final thing on the worksheet. What is essential to ensure your overall success? But we're going to assume that you're doing the right program, that these things I've shared with you now are things that you're going to embrace because they are backed, not only by science, but by results.

It's one thing to say, "OK. I've got the research," but it's another thing to say, "I've got thousands of people." Both, I've got both.

Jackie: Right.

JJ: But even with all that, I can tell you that what is going to ensure someone's success, you've got to have that accountability and support, coaching. It changes everything. I have a coach, my goodness, because it's too easy to go, "Well, I'll start tomorrow."

Jackie: So do I. I'm the same way. It's accountability.

JJ: Oh, it's huge. It changes everything. So I know that so many people - you've got a very sophisticated community here with people who know what to do. But it's really beyond that. It's not about - it's not enough to know what to do.

Jackie: It's the action.

JJ: Yes, you go "OK. We're all going to grab hands and do it." I've found, boy, first of all it's fun to do it together.

Jackie: It's also creating a new environment.

JJ: Right now I'm going to stop and I'm going to guide everybody over to this because I'm kind of talking vague and there's no reason to because we've put this all up so that you can see it. Then we'll just get concrete about it. But if you go over to peertrainer.com/freshstart you'll see what Jackie and I cooked up. It's so funny, Jackie, when you look at it. You always kind of create things you want yourself.

Jackie: Right, exactly. Why wouldn't you? Because if you know that this is going to help you, it's going to help.

JJ: Exactly. When I look at doing something - here are the things that I always have to have. I have to know that it's something that I can do no matter what kind of crazy schedule I have going on, because I travel so much. Sometimes I'll be at home for a week, but sometimes I'll be on the road.

If I am at home I'm going to be cooking for my family. So it can't be some weird, tweaky thing that I'm going to go, "Guys, tonight you're having Tofurkey. It's OK. You'll like it."


JJ: They're not going to go along with it. So it has to be just... It's funny because I was going to go to the culinary institute, but honestly, I'm a meal assembler and you know it. So to me, things need to be simple. You can't have strange food. I don't want to go having to shell out a bunch of cash in order to do something.

When you really look at a program like this it shouldn't really - in fact, I've found that when I'm on a cleanse it actually saves me money and time because I'm doing more shakes and they're more cost-effective and I'm getting in really good nutrition. Yesterday I was on Facebook and I go, "Lazy lunch today," which meant I did a shake.

Jackie: And it's because it's just so much easier and you know that you're getting what you want. I was talking to you previously saying, "I need something. I know I need to do this. I know I need to do this." But there's always some party.

There's always something you have to go to and, "Oh, OK." But if I know that there's a reason, there's something structured, I'm like, "OK. I'm going to do this. I'm starting now."

JJ: Yeah, like sail through the party. I actually was working with someone and I was putting on a cleanse. She goes, "I'm going on a cruise," I go, "Perfect time to do it." The best time to do these things is when you think, "Oh, this is not a good time." I'm like, "This is the time."

JJ: So peertrainer.com/freshstart Let me take you through it because on this program that Jackie and I will be guiding you through, we're basically going to take you through exactly what to do. Again, it's cost-effective. It's time-effective. Because that's what we need. So there's really no excuse not to do it unless you want to be tired and bloated, et cetera.

If you were going, "Hey, I want to break some of these habits. I want to debloat." I call it deaging, I don't want to slow down the aging process, I want to turn it around. Really look like people will turn around and go, "Did you get some work done? Have you been to the spa for the last three weeks?"

If that sounds good to you then you need to join us on this. Let me share with you what happens when you raise your hand and say, "Yes, this is going to be fun." It will, honestly, it will be fun. You might be mad at us the first couple days if you have to give up your cheese but you'll get over it.

Jackie: Yeah, and the results even after the first few days, you'll say, "OK. I'm so glad I did that."

JJ: You know it's so interesting to me because I'll take people through a program and they go, "OK. I can do this for two weeks. I can do it. But then I'm going back over there." And at the end of two weeks they're like, "Well, I think I'm going to stick with this. I feel so much better."

Jackie: Exactly.

JJ: I'm going to say, "Give us two weeks, that's what we need here." But we'll talk at the end of those two weeks and we'll see how you feel. Actually, it's a two week program which ends up with three classes. So the minute you sign up, and again, if you go to peertrainer.com/freshstart you're going to see this in detail. You're going to see what we're going to take you through.

I'm going to just keep emphasizing where you're going to end up. And where you're going to end up is some of these habits that have crept up, we're going to kick them to the curb and you're going to end up going, "I have more energy than I have had forever. I'm energetic. I'm debloated. I feel great. I'm focused."

So when you sign up, and I always want to do this, it's like when the buzz is on I want to get things moving.

JJ: So the minute you sign up you get in the forum where we will all be hanging out and connecting with each other. You'll connect with all your peers and you will get your Getting Started audio and download. So you'll have things that you can start doing right away, even before the actual class starts and you'll know what you need to stock up on in terms of groceries, meal plans.

But I'm going to tell you again, this is not like you are now going to become a master chef. This is very simple, easy stuff that the whole family will like. You can buy it at any grocery store. There's nothing freaky deaky.

Jackie: Which is key, because that is what stops people. They say, "Well this would be nice, but I don't really have the time. I have to always take care of everybody."

JJ: Right, "I cook for my family." Or, "I can't spend another $300 on groceries."

Jackie: That's what I'm like. If it's not easy and if I can't get my whole family involved it sounds nice and I'll do it when I can, eventually.

JJ: Yeah, which is never.

Jackie: When the kids are out of the home.

JJ: Right. Yeah, when I'm 70. We'll give you grocery shopping lists, very simple in your meal plans. Literally everything is done for you here, except I'm not coming over to cook. All right? So that aren't happening.

But everything except for you blending up your shake and whipping up the meals, which should take you under 15 minutes, is done for you. We've thought it all through and you've got two busy women who want to break their own little bad habits on board setting this up.

We're going to give you three training calls. This is where we walk you through exactly what you need to do to get those amazing results I keep talking about, what you're going to be eating, what you're going to be drinking, what you're doing for exercise.

Then we'll also have to question and answer calls. We'll open it up and you guys can fire away with your questions to us. Generally what I tend to do there is have you send in your questions ahead of time, that way we know that you get them answered; some people get shy on the phone.

Jackie: Yes.

JJ: And they'll go, "I had this question."

JJ: I always get those emails afterwards, "Well I had a question." I'm like, "But speak up!" So we have you email them all in as you're thinking of them and then we just run down the line and we get them all answered. So you don't have to worry about, "I don't know, can I have arugula?" Then I also built in some really cool bonuses.

I have my four by four workout. It's, I tell people, fast, fun, and you're done in 15 minutes or less. People argue with the fun, but the thing is you're done in 15 minutes. So if you're not having fun, who cares? Right? 15 minutes.

JJ: Exactly. What I did was I built in resistance training and burst training all into a 15 minute workout. So literally you jam through it. You can do it at home. All you need are a couple of dumbbells and you've got it. So if you've got that time excuse for not working out or the, "I don't want to go to the gym," excuse, those pieces just got handled.

Then, I have interviewed some of the coolest people out there in the world of health and toxicity. Because I go out and I spend so much time in the doctor world I have access to people that most people don't get to hang out with. So I have Dr. Kaayla Daniel talking about soy. She wrote The Whole Soy Story, the scary stuff on soy.

I have Jeffrey Smith talking about genetically modified foods that will really just scare the pants off you. I have Dr. Tom O'Bryan talking about gluten. Then I have Jama Russano talking about organic skin care and what you can do there.

Then also another gal, Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis. I had to practice that name. I met her when I was moderating a big forum and I had to introduce her. I'm like, "Michelle Naccarait-Chapkis." She is the head of a big environmental group. So she really gives the down low on toxins.

By the way, all those bonuses, that's very cool stuff right there.

Jackie: Yeah and it's an expert's library. So many resources about so many different specialized things.

JJ: Yeah, it's all the stuff. So that, by the way, is more than the cost of - because we're doing a special price on the program - the program is what you're getting in bonuses. How do you like that? Again, all these training calls, you will get the links to the calls. You'll also get handouts, quizzes. There are all sorts of extra cool stuff that comes along with this. Again, look at peertrainer.com/freshstart to see it.

Jackie: This is something I convinced JJ to do because she has done this. She has been doing this weight loss resistance stuff for over 20 years.

JJ: A long time, but I look so young because I do it.

Jackie: But the biggest thing here is that she's the one that's teaching the physicians. This is what she's teaching the physicians to recommend for people that are going into the practice. I said, "Wow. Imagine being able to offer this to Peer Trainer." So we worked together to do this.

I do have to say, we put together these product bundles - and, of course, they're available through the site - but everyone knows when we talk about things at PEERtrainer, this is stuff that we personally use ourselves. And the products that we put together are things that JJ uses, not just recommends, things that we do.

So I'm definitely highly recommending that you grab yours. Because we're having you replace one to two meals a day with a shake. We went around and looked at all the shakes and we decided to put our preferred label on this. It's vegan. It's plant-based. The most important thing is that this is - there are so many different products out there and this is what we decided to put our stamp on.

JJ: Yeah, this was a lot of research.

Jackie: Yeah, it was. JJ, how many times do I say, "What about this? What about this? What about this?"

JJ: I know. A lot of discussions on this. But the bottom line is this is what I've been using. This is how I started my day today. What I love the most about replacing a meal a day with the shake, a high-quality shake. If you don't just go use any shake, that could then turn into a noodle milkshake because you actually save time and money.

But part of what we've done to support your success is we put together two product kit options for you. Again, we've got the program. We made it crazy cost-effective. But part of what we're going to teach you during the program is replace two meals a day with a shake, during the program.

After that I'm going to tell you, "Hey, this is a great habit, one a day with a shake forever, by the way." So we wanted to also make this easy for you and give you options should you choose to take these right here.

I'm going to tell you, honestly, with the amount of time I've spent on it and what you and Habib have put me through, Jackie, these are by far - and they've been using them - the best products. Also at the best price; that's another cool thing. It think the value here is unbelievable, crazy.

So, you'll see two different options there, the basic cleanse kit which is two shakes, you can do chocolate or vanilla, two fibers, and a detox packet you're going to be using the minute you get it. I want you to get on it. Then you'll also see a plus kit that's got some more GI support.

So if you are one of those gassy, bloaty types - you don't have to raise your hand, you know who you are.

JJ: By the way, most people seem to be. This is the stuff that I use, Berbercap which is an anti-microbial. It helps kill off those gut bugs that can extract more calories from the food you eat and stores fat. A really good probiotic. Then these digestive enzymes, Bio-Gest, I do not go anywhere without those. So we have a basic kit and then a plus kit if you're one of those people that would like some more GI support.

Again, we recommend these as great success kits to go along with the program. You'll see those at peertrainer.com/freshstart as what you can do to support the program.

Again, we've made this program crazy affordable. You're going to be the premier group going through this. That's why we've done all this extra stuff for you to get started. Then we've put these two product kits together, really so you can decide what's best for you, what do you need to do to support your success? We've kind of shown you what are the two options, but they're easy to use.

I will tell you when you replace, again, one to two meals a day with a shake you're going to find that you save money and time. We love that. The detox packet that we have in the programs - I actually, I don't know if you're aware of this Jackie, but I put that one together with the company.

Jackie: When you were going through all of this though, I just have to reiterate for our community. You were going through this and you structure this so well. It's something that I can do.

I don't have those automatic things that go off in my head and say, "Yeah but that doesn't really make sense." It makes sense and I'm excited to do it and I'm excited to feel good; because it's been a while, I have to say.

JJ: Well, let's change that. I think that changes quick. By the way, we will be having three classes. They will be replayed. So if you're looking at the page and you go, "I can't make the class," it doesn't matter because we play you back the replay. So you can do this on your schedule. But we'll be all in it together on the forum.

So whenever you can join into the forum, you can go at 3:00 in the morning - although I'm going to tell you, "Get your sleep." But other than that don't worry if you can't make it right at the class time, you can just replay it later and then send us in your questions.

So peertrainer.com/freshstart, you will be hanging with us two as we break through some of our little bad habits we have accumulated and we will all rise up to have more energy; debloat, deage, and fabulous together.

Jackie: Yeah, we'll see you there.

JJ: All right, bye.


How Do You Do A Cleanse? Remove These 7 Foods!

7 foods to remove on a cleanse

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