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Diversify Your Sources Of Calcium

Getting Calcium From Green Vegetables Can Help You Lose Weight

For most people, getting high amounts of dairy in the diet is not a problem. Unless one is a vegan, we consume high amounts of milk, cheese and yogurt. This is usually enough to get the recommended 1000-1300 mg of calcium per day. Given the high fat levels and low overall nutrient density of dairy, it can make sense to try and mix up your calcium sources as an added incentive to eat more green vegetables each day. The logic here is simple. It is generally easy for us to consume dairy, and much harder for us to consume lots of vegetables. It makes sense to use every reason you can to consume more greens.

This is not to suggest that you follow a specific set of rules concerning dairy and vegetables. Everyone is different, with different weights, cultures, beliefs and genetic backgrounds. Your personal physician should be the ultimate arbiter of specific diet and health advice because they know you best. The idea here is simply to suggest another way to keep increasing the overall vegetable level in your diet. Remember that most people, especially in the US, get less than 10% of their daily calories from plant sources. As you increase your percentage, your overall health will improve, especially if you are overweight.

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